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  1. starfishwish

    Pics 6 months post-op VSG

    Fantastic! Keep up the great work!!!!!
  2. starfishwish

    NC sleeve peeps?

    I'm in SC. Just moved here 2 months ago. Was sleeved about 31/2 months ago 🙂
  3. I didn't tell anyone except my mom and husband. I told everyone else I had a hiatal hernia repair. (Which I also had anyway) the scars, recovery and post op diet are similar. And I told everyone that I used the restrictive diet and the weight loss that followed as a springboard for further weight loss. Nobody questioned it.
  4. starfishwish

    Nose piercing and surgery

    I could've put mine in right after surgery, but was feeling so ill I didn't until I got home- and had a hard time getting them back in 😩
  5. I had the same on 6/1. I had no incision pain, took no pain meds. Gas and nausea were my biggest issues. Once the gas dissipated, I and I started drinking my shakes, I felt completely normal. I notice I get that chest pain, stuck feeling, if I take a gulp of liquid or swallow too much food at once. That's my "slow down" reminder
  6. I'm right behind you. I'm about 3.5 weeks on the same protocol, I can start soft on Friday![emoji1303]
  7. starfishwish

    Relationship changes

    We've been married for 21 years, and my husband has always been of average weight. He prefers salad and healthy foods, but also enjoys eating out and indulging on occasion, which I think is normal. We have 3 children, 14, 12, and 5, so the meals I prepare myself are different than what I prepare for them. I am 3.5 weeks post op, so I'm still on purées. I've lost 19.5 pounds! My husband was and has been super supportive of the surgery, and came with me to almost every appointment. I want us to live a long and healthy life together, and I feel like my weight loss will help us with that [emoji4]
  8. Funny, I had that with all 3 of my pregnancies, no other time ever.
  9. starfishwish


    I was a big water drinker. I'm a little over 2 weeks post op, and I drink about 34 oz a day. In addition to my protein shakes, tea, and other liquids
  10. starfishwish


    I got some in the Dollar Tree, in the aisle with the napkins and foils and ziplock bags, but a larger quantity package in target near the rubbermaid containers.
  11. starfishwish

    Protein shakes

    I like the isopure rtd also [emoji1303]
  12. starfishwish


    I can have egg whites in the purée stage. I mix the whites with water and scramble in the pan, adding more water if needed to keep it soft.
  13. starfishwish


    Yes! I cooked the ground chicken in chicken broth, adding broth a little at a time as it cooked to keep it soft. After it was cooked, I puréed it and pre-measured, so all I have to do is grab a chicken and a veg. I have to say, I wasn't looking forward to pureed meats, but the chicken is delicious when mixed. I have also been mixing the zucchini with a combo of ricotta and cottage cheese as my protein, heating it up, and that's really good too.
  14. starfishwish


    Yes! I am allowed a maximum of 4 oz meal at his point, so I have 1 oz chicken, 2 oz veg to start. Something really delicious- I mixed the potatoes with the chicken and added a little mashed avocado!
  15. starfishwish


    Yes! I am allowed a maximum of 4 oz meal at his point, so I have 1 oz chicken, 2 oz veg to start. Something really delicious- I mixed the potatoes with the chicken and added a little mashed avocado!
  16. I wish I had advice for you, but I am the opposite. I have had horrible constipation every day since surgery. I start purées today. Maybe give your doctor a call?
  17. I had gastric sleeve and hiatal hernia repair at the same time. 2 weeks ago. [emoji4]
  18. starfishwish

    Week 5

    I've been feeling weak all along. Today is the 2 week mark for me. Mid day I look to lie down, and I get tired easily when I'm walking for exercise
  19. starfishwish


    I had no pain at all, other than gas. I took no pain meds.
  20. I am 11 days post op. I lost 5 pounds in the first week and so far have gained .5 this week. What gives???? I am following my guidelines like the Bible. Water, walking, low sodium, fat free sugar free liquids. I can start purées Friday. I didn't expect to lose it all at once, but 5 pounds Is very frustrating.
  21. starfishwish

    Slow losing....

    I am actually taking in a decent amount, which my doctor is pleased with.
  22. starfishwish

    Slow losing....

    I should have my husband hide the scale. I'm obsessed.
  23. starfishwish

    Slow losing....

    I know we all have our own struggles, but I'd take your 23 pounds and run [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  24. starfishwish

    Slow losing....

    Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, after so many years of doing so, stressing over the scale is all I know. Along with new eating habits and exercise habits, that is something I guess I'll have to work out. I just look at that scale not budging and feel like things will never change. I know I can't compare myself to others, but it's difficult not to when you read about 20 pound losses in the first week

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