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  1. Hi everyone! So I am having my surgery tomorrow - which I am pretty excited and equally just as nervous about and I was wondering if your doc gave specific instructions on your diet for the day before surgery. I was put on a 2 week liquid diet with Protein shakes/broth/SF jello/ice pops... but I keep reading some people having to do a CLEAR liquid diet the day before. Not sure if that's any different from what I am already doing or if it rules out Protein shakes and anything with color like Jello? Please advise!
  2. DoubleG

    April sleevers!?

    Tomorrow's the day!!! April 4th and I am soooo excited/nervous
  3. DoubleG

    April sleevers!?

    April 4th sleeve buddies! I am so excited and nervous, it's just around the corner!!
  4. I felt the same way at the beginning of my pre-op diet. I was never able to lose weight before on my own. I followed the liquid diet - minimum 50g protein, water, sugar free jello, low sodium broth and with no exercise I was able to lose 11lbs in 15 days since the last time I had a weigh-in (March 15th to March 25th). I'm only on my 8th day of my 14 day pre-op liquid diet and even though the first 3 days are extremely hard, it does get better and seeing the progress on the scale was SOOOO motivational and worth all the hunger. You can do it! Just really mentally prepare yourself for the change, it'll all be worth it for a new you.
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    I am half way through my 14 day pre-op liquid diet (day#8) and scheduled for the sleeve next Tues April 4th!! I'm super excited At the beginning of my journey I was set on getting the Lap Band, and after all the research and talking to people who've done the sleeve I just thought it be a better option for me so then I changed my mind and now I am doing the sleeve.
  6. DoubleG

    My mistake...

    Thanks for sharing your success story! Congrats! That's one of my biggest worries as well, is to hit a plateau really early after my surgery and then just become bummed out about the whole thing. So thanks for the tip, def will keep that in mind to eat enough to keep metabolism going.
  7. DoubleG


    Are you just considering the sleeve, or other wls? The forum is filled with Q&A's which helped me a lot with all my doubts. So feel free to ask away!
  8. DoubleG


    Hi Sammy, welcome!
  9. DoubleG

    March 29th

    Congrats, and good luck!
  10. DoubleG

    Abnormal lab results

    I also had some abnormal results such as Vit D and B12 levels and my PCP just gave me daily supplements and did not delay the surgery. Some abnormalities are to be expected for someone who is suitable for wls, so it makes sense. I don't think you should worry!
  11. DoubleG

    Feeling great

    Woohoo congrats! So glad it all went well
  12. DoubleG

    Psychiatric Eval

    Hey, I did mine with Warren L. Huberman, below is his contact info: 20 E. 49th Street 2nd Flr New York, NY (212) 983-6225 wh@warrenhuberman.com He was really nice and when I sent him an email, contacted me a few hours later and booked me for the next day. It will take 1hr and cost $250.
  13. DoubleG

    April sleevers!?

    Welcome to the April club!
  14. DoubleG

    Day 1 of Pre-Op Diet

    Hang in there! My 1st day of pre-op diet landed on my sister's bday - I had to use my willpower not to eat anything I wasn't supposed to It was really hard. But after you come to terms with the fact that it's all a choice and you chose to do this for a better you, it does get better. Also, tons of support. Only my mom, sister, one friend and my Fiance know about my surgery and I get daily texts asking me how I am doing and pumping me for the day. Even my friend said in "solidarity" she will eat healthy and drink protein shakes for the next two weeks which was really nice of her. So getting all of that support and people rooting for you and keeping you accountable is a big part of the process.
  15. I have also been diagnosed with PCOS and my PCP assured me that WLS would help with the side effects of PCOS... so there is light at the end of the tunnel!
  16. Fingers-crossed! You should call this Wednesday since that would make it a week to check yourself. Sometimes they approve it in the system but take a few days to notify. Good luck!
  17. DoubleG

    Question/ help

    I'm with everyone else on this one. It seems you have your mind set on getting WLS, so try to change your PCP and get a second opinion. It seems your current PCP has personal feelings towards WLS and probably won't make the process any easier. You want a doctor who is going to support you and help out during this life changing process. Good luck!
  18. DoubleG

    Weight loss

    That's great news! I am half way done with my 2 week pre-op diet and I am 11lbs down - this diet is NO joke. Best of luck during your surgery, so excited for you.
  19. DoubleG

    Day 1 pre op diet

    Stay strong, it does get better! I am on my 4th day and the first three days were the worst. I was so hungry and had a massive headache. I also had to say no to one of my co-workers who always brings sweets to share with everyone. Usually I am the first one to take one and it took so much for me to say "No thanks" she even looked so shocked and asked if I was on a diet (I am not telling my co-workers I am getting weight loss surgery). Day #4 and I am not even hungry - it took me forever to finish my protein shakes and was so full from all the water and liquids I've had. You did great in staying back and avoiding temptation. That's exactly what I have been doing and it's working. Stay away from smelling or seeing anything that may be a trigger. It's only 2 weeks of struggle for a lifetime of a better you. I have a calendar by my desk with the 14 days of my pre-op diet and every day before I go home I cross out another day and it feels soooo good.
  20. DoubleG

    Today is the day

    Wohoo congrats! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  21. DoubleG


    Right here! I'm from Norwood, what about you? I'm 25yrs old getting sleeved April 4th and I am currently on my 3rd day pre-op diet
  22. DoubleG

    April sleevers!?

    Day #2 of the 2 week pre-op liquid diet and the headaches are killing me! I've been drinking plenty of water, so I don't think it's dehydration. Trying to be really strong here as it's just the beginning.
  23. DoubleG

    April sleevers!?

    Hi everyone! Starting my pre-op liquid diet today and scheduled for surgery on April 4th