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  1. tx_scorpio

    Protein and Gas

    I too have the same issue. I only get gas when I drink a protein shake. I bought unflavored protein powder to make my own, but the taste is disgusting. So I brought Premier shakes and instantly I get gas and of course the worst place to get it is at work. So, I take my Gas-X to work with me and hope that this will one day go away.
  2. I was sleeved on 9/5. The only pain is minor which is my left side incision. A couple of days ago I was getting hungry, my stomach was growling/talking LOUD and I was going through head hunger. As of now my stomach has settled down considerably and no head hunger. I had my moment in which I missed certain foods or just something simple to munch on like peanuts or cashews. That has now passed, each day has gotten easier. The sugar free popsicles has actually been the best things to eat. Don't really get hungry, but I eat regardless. I have one week left on full liquids which gives a few more choices than clear liquids and looking forward to soft purees, at least I can be creative with food choices. I need to start walking, but overall I am feeling good.
  3. I was sleeved on 9/05 and was given the same by my anesthesiologist. I felt no pain with my incisions for two days and thought oh that wasn't painful, but it did nothing for the gas pain. I tried to deal with the gas pain on my own, but couldn't, so I buzzed the nurses station for gas pills and pain medicine. Once I got home and the numbing injection had worn off then I felt the pain of the incisions. Luckily for me my doctor had ordered me some Lidocaine patches and prescribed Tylenol with Codeine.
  4. tx_scorpio

    Surgery yesterday

    Congrats. I was sleeved on 9/05. Nothing prepared me for the amount of pain I was in, mostly gas, it was the most excrutiating pain I have ever felt. For some reason the gas was trapped in my lower abdomen/pelvic area which made walking difficult, but I was forced to walk. I took Gas-X and stool softerner to help relieve that pain. I too had a sore throat and have been taking a cough suppressant-throat drops. For the soreness elsewhere I have Lidocaine patches that my doctor had sent to me and have been taking my Tylenol with Codeine. I feel 100% better than Tuesday and Wednesday, but only 60% better overall compared to normal. Hope you feel better.
  5. I had a similar experience. My approval was good for only 3 months. My surgery was originally scheduled for May 31st, but it got cancelled, due to other issues. I had to see a cardiologist for a couple of months in order to get clearance. My approval was due to expire on August 15th. I was told by the insurance coordinator that she could call Cigna to get an extension if necessary. But, if she can get clearance from the cardiologist she can schedule my surgery before the approval expires. Got a call on August 9th stating that I have been cleared and my surgery has been scheduled for September 5th.
  6. tx_scorpio

    insurance (cigna)

    Same here. I started my 2nd pre-op today since the first surgery was cancelled or should I say delayed. I have been educating myself as much as I can.
  7. tx_scorpio

    insurance (cigna)

    Good deal, at least you know you will be receiving your response this week. I think you will be good. Hopefully, it will be an instant approval.
  8. tx_scorpio

    insurance (cigna)

    I totally agree with you, but from reading everyone who has Cigna it has been a very smooth and painless process. When you call tomorrow and it's still pending. I would call everyday until you hear those words, your surgery has been approved.
  9. tx_scorpio

    insurance (cigna)

    It certainly won't hurt to give them a call, just to see if maybe any additional info is needed. The time from first appt in Janauary to all of the necessary appts and approval was 4 months. My surgery was scheduled for May 30th, but due to high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat I had to see a cardiologist for about 2 months to get clearance and now my surgery has been rescheduled to Sept. 5th. I was actually surprised at how quickly it all happened. But, I can certainly understand the anxiety of knowing.
  10. tx_scorpio

    insurance (cigna)

    I have Cigna as well and once everything was submitted it took only a week. I did receive a letter stating that some additional information was needed. When I called to see what information was needed I was told that my doctor's office had already responded and that I was approved.
  11. tx_scorpio

    New to this Journey

    Glad you had them to call, it's just good to know what you're facing financially. The myCigna app was my best friend, because I would check almost everyday to see what claims have been submitted and how close I was to my deductible and out of pocket max.
  12. tx_scorpio

    so excited

  13. tx_scorpio

    Surgery scheduled May 30!

    That's what I was hoping would happen, but hopefully sometime in June.
  14. tx_scorpio

    Surgery scheduled May 30!

    That was higher than usual.
  15. tx_scorpio

    Surgery scheduled May 30!

    I have been checking it and it has been in the low 120's and 130's and bottom number in the 90's.
  16. tx_scorpio

    Surgery scheduled May 30!

    Yeah, it was pretty devastating. I was at work and it just deflated me. I really appreciate you following up, it was very thoughtful of you and people like you make me work even harder to get my bp down. For whatever reason the day I had an appt to start my pre-op it was 164/108, not sure what caused that. I have been cutting my salt and sodium intake and also not stressing over things.
  17. tx_scorpio

    Surgery scheduled May 30!

    It was actually cancelled on last week, because my blood pressure was too high and the anesthesiologist wouldn't proceed. So, I am now cocentrating on getting my blood pressure down so I can get it rescheduled, hopefully towards the end of the month.
  18. Hello all, I have been on this journey since January. I did everything I needed to do, got my approval in April with surgery scheduled for May 30th. I was so excited and have been looking forward to this day. It has been a roller coaster journey with so many appointments. I just got a call from my doctor's office stating that my surgery has been cancelled due to my blood pressure. I pretended to be ok on the phone, but when I hung up, my heart just sanked. I have never been so disappointed. I know its all for my good, but I don't know why its so high and I don't know how to get it lower. I can't and I won't give up.
  19. Will do. I will make whatever sacrifice I have to make.
  20. Will do, thanks for the advice.
  21. Thanks for the tips. I will make sure to follow them.
  22. The day that I started my pre-op was the same day my doctor checked my bp, so I didn't officially start the pre-op until the next day.
  23. Thank all of you. I will avoid high sodium foods and caffeine; anything to get back on track.
  24. My doctor has referred me to a cardiologist which I will see on June 5th. It was actually the anesthesiologist who refused. I was also told that if my blood pressure was high the day of surgery then the facility would turn me away as well. Everything had been good up until Wednesday before last when I went in for my pre-op appointment. My blood pressure was always in that borderline stage, but nothing quite as high as 164/108. I am baffled why it got so high.

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