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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Anyone out there do CrossFit after having the sleeve? I had my surgery December of last year...and I started doing CrossFit again shortly after that. I’ve lost 80+ lbs so far and have hit a stall (about a month) anyways I feel like I’m still loosing weight be clothes fit smaller and all that but the scale says differently. I’m thinking that I’m gaining muscle but not positive. I guess my question is has anyone else had that problem?
  2. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    Protein Bars

    I’m 5 Months post op and I’m looking for a good protein bar that obviously doesn’t have a lot of carbs or sugar. Any recommendations?
  3. j.sierra05@yahoo.com


    Wondering what type of multivitamins people are taking after gastric sleeve. My surgeon said that I will need to take a b complex along with the multivitamin as well...so name brands for both would be appreciated. FYI I’ve tried the Bariatric advantage vitamins and they just don’t sit well with my stomach!
  4. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    Exercise tips

    I went back to doing CrossFit! It allows me to get my cardio and weight training.
  5. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    3rd day post op

    I had the same problem...it was annoying but it went away after a few days. Try eating some crushed ice at least that’s what worked for me!
  6. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    Fast heart rate

    I had surgery (12/17) in the last 3 weeks I have been experiencing increasing heart rate when standing up as well as feeling Short of breath and dizziness. Has anyone else had this problem?
  7. j.sierra05@yahoo.com


    How long after surgery where you able to start drinking regular coffee? I had to stop drinking before surgery...so I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to drink it again...I really miss it!
  8. j.sierra05@yahoo.com


    I’m two weeks post op (sleeved 12/14) and still on liquid diet. The dr and nutritionist said I need to be walking 30 min a day...but every time I try to I get fatigued in about 10 min. Is this normal for only be two weeks out or should I talk to my dr about it?
  9. j.sierra05@yahoo.com


    Before surgery I was very active...I would walk 4 miles a day as well as doing CrossFit. I’ll definitely try doing 3 sets of 10 min workout. Thank you guys!
  10. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    2days post op

    I’m 2 days post op and I still haven’t really eaten anything. I’ve only had a few sips of protein shakes and like 2 bites of yogurt. I have been able to drink the required amount of water needed. I guess my question is...should I be worried that I’m not really eating?
  11. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    First day out of surgery

    Last night was pretty rough...the pain wasn’t bad but the nausea was killing me! I should be able to go home today but I a little worried because what if the nauses comes back...anyone have advice for that?
  12. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    First day out of surgery

    They gave me sopolamine (still wearing it), Benadryl, valuim and something else...I thinks more gas bubble than actual nausea.
  13. It’s finally here!! Im going in for surgery tomorrow morning! Any advice on what to bring or what to expect?
  14. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    Today is the day!

    Good luck to you too then!!
  15. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    Today is the day!

    My surgery day is finally here! I’m nervous yet excited at the same time! I can’t wait to see the results!
  16. j.sierra05@yahoo.com


  17. My surgeon told me at least one week off...but I you have a job that requires you to life more than 10 pounds then you need to take 4-6 weeks off.
  18. Resistance cardio will most likely work...I also have a thyroid problem and I had the same issue as you. I gained weight instead of loosing it until I switched to resistance cardio and cut out carb. You can do it!
  19. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    Diet weight loss

    Have any of you had your surgeon tell you that you need to loose 8 pounds in one week? I’m confused I thought I had 2 weeks to loose that which seems realistic. I was informed by my surgeon today that I won’t be allowed to have surgery unless I lose four more pounds.
  20. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    Diet weight loss

    It’s good to know that I’m not the only one stressing about this! Thank you guys
  21. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    Liver shrinking diet

    Has anyone not lost weight or stalled during the diet? I lost 6lbs the first 3 days and nothing since then. I have too loose 4 more before Wednesday so I’m nervous that my Dr may cancel the surgery. I’m following the diet exactly as it says!
  22. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    1st day of diet

    I’m on my first day on the liquid diet which includes protein shakes, all the veggies that I want and sugar-free jello & popsicles. So far I have a horrible headache and I’m super hungry? I’m hoping that’ll get better! Any advice/tips??
  23. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    1st day of diet

    No I gave up caffeine about a month ago...but the headaches are just as bad as when I gave up caffeine.
  24. j.sierra05@yahoo.com

    6 month wait for BCBS IL🧐

    I have BCBS AZ and it require 6 months as well