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  1. Sorry for taking so long to reply, I took a break from the site. It took 6 months from first visit/consultation to surgery.
  2. jmar23

    How are people losing 10lbs/month?!

    Glad to hear your stall broke! 32 lbs is really good. Congrats
  3. jmar23

    I just had my sleeve 2 days ago

    Congrats on the surgery... sorry that your pain was so bad in the beginning but trust me in a couple months you will be so happy with the progress you won't even hardly remember the pain!
  4. jmar23

    How are people losing 10lbs/month?!

    @sleevedshereen get yourself a fabric tape measure and use that. I have been measuring around the widest point of my stomach and have noticed the difference. As for the scale part just be consistent with your eating. Hit your protein goals and water goals. Stay away from the carbs as much as possible and the stall will eventually break. I know how discouraging stalls are especially the longer ones, but being consistent in my diet has broke them all eventually!
  5. jmar23

    How are people losing 10lbs/month?!

    Everyone's body is different. My weight loss has been sporadic. I had months where I lost 3-4 lbs and then I would lose like 10+ lbs. i just ended a stall that was 3 weeks long today and lost 2 lbs! Just stick to your diet plan and water goals. The weight loss will come! You may want to measure yourself if you don't already do it. During my stall I lost almost 2 inches around the fattest part of my stomach. So it is possible you are losing inches even though the scale doesn't show it with the numbers.
  6. I agree. I spent so much time trying to stay off the radar I think it just feels natural. I think it will be that way no matter what I weigh or look like. Hopefully I'm wrong but like I said it just comes natural.
  7. I'm still overweight as I need 30 lbs to hit goal but yes I still see myself that way. I guess it hasn't sunk in yet. The last 3 weeks haven't helped as I have gained and lost the same 2lbs. Feel like I'm not gonna lose anymore weight. I have tried eating more and less. Still work out 3-4 days a week. I dunno.
  8. jmar23

    Surgery 8/22

    Congrats on you surgery and welcome to the site! Keep moving around as much as you can it will help get that gas out. Hope your recovery goes well and without any troubles.
  9. @sleevedshereen don't get discouraged I had a stall early on after surgery that freaked me out as well. It was around a month out. It will pass just keep following your plan and hitting your protein and water goals! Keep your head up!
  10. I know how you feel! I've been going up and down from 199.1 to 201.7 for a little over two weeks. I too was am starting to stress about it. I was about to start a thread about it when I saw this thread and your post. I'm hoping it's just a stall which seems pretty common around 6 months out.
  11. jmar23


    The liquid diet will almost guarantee you lose 6lbs. I would bet on more if you do it for 3 weeks. Be aware that you will be moody around the 48-72 hour mark of starting this as your body goes into ketosis but otherwise you will be fine. I was required to do a liquid diet for 2 weeks before surgery. I lost 20+lbs in those 2 weeks.
  12. jmar23

    Anybody have a trainer??

    I have a trainer and he defaults to my doctor/NUT for nutrition advice. Any trainer that is decent should employ the same idea. If they can't acknowledge that they aren't educated enough to give that advice then you should be smart enough to know you need to find another trainer.
  13. jmar23


    No problem. I can say that I have used this method to break a month long stall. Hope you get things going again. Don't give up it'll happen!
  14. jmar23


    Not in your shoes but many here have spoke about how the pouch test and subsequently getting back to basics helped them kickstart weight loss again after a slip and regain or even just from a stall.
  15. Congrats! How long did it take you to reach your goal?
  16. Isopure is good stuff. I have never tried the unflavored but use the flavored variety daily.
  17. jmar23

    Loss of appetite.

    You really need the nutrition from the shakes... I know they get old fast for some people but you should really try (read force yourself lol) to drink them. My appetite did go away mostly after the first 2-3 days after my body went through ketosis an realized it was still okay. Was a jerk the first 3 days thou otherwise I was fine.
  18. I knew the second I saw the thread title someone would bring up genepro. It is impossible to cram 30 grams of anything into a tablespoon. Lol
  19. You should be a candidate. I had a BMI of 40 and was sleeved in Feb.
  20. jmar23

    Gym Anxiety!

    Well since BigViffer chimed in I think that about covers it! Lol. I have got back in the gym myself and while I have days were I have to make myself get up and go I can honestly say I look forward to it more often than not though. I do have a trainer but like BigViffer pointed out do your homework and be realistic with yourself about expectations. Understand that results take time and dedication. Oh one more thing... thanks for being an inspiration BigViffer!
  21. So I was sleeved on February 20th an all has been well. I did have a small stall (4-5 days long) around the 2-3 week mark. Now I am almost 2 and a half months out an my weight loss has slowed a lot with two decent week long stalls in the past 3 weeks. I lost 2 lbs between them but it is back now. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? I follow my diet to the T. I do struggle some days to get my protein in just because I can't eat that much. When I do manage to hit my target I seem to just end up gaining an losing the same pound. Just wondering if this is normal? I did start back to shakes today to try and break the stall since some have reported that helped. Not the full liquid diet but mostly . Anything else I can do to get past this?
  22. jmar23

    stalled at 70lbs

    Good to read that! I am in a similar spot right now and am approaching the 6 month mark. Lost a little over 70lbs so far was starting to think I was one of those people that wasn't a complete success and that this was all I would get.
  23. jmar23

    Personal Trainer?

    Been using a personal trainer 3x week for about a month. Definitely better than I have ever done in the gym since I know I am doing the excercises correctly and have a plan mapped out for me versus just going on my own and doing whatever I feel like that day. Also I now go to every session since I'm paying for it! My advice is to do it if you can swing the cost, an the small groups mentioned above are great since the trainer still does (or should) do a individual workout plan for each member of the group.
  24. jmar23

    255 Starting Weight ?

    My surgery day weight was right around 270. The first couple months (2-3) the weight loss seemed great! Now I have slowed down to where I am hardly losing (5 lbs in last month... maybe) at all. Trying to not sweat the stalls an stay focused on my goal. Not sure if this is helpful though since all of us are different!

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