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  1. Hi all, I take Effexor and its a capsule full of little balls and it says do not chew or crush. I have serious mental side effects if I miss taking this pill for just ONE day. For instance if I take it today and skip tomorrow on Saturday I will be feeling the effects of missing it. So I assume I wont be able to take it on my surgery morning cuz it would be in my stomach possibly for I don't know how long so the morning after my surgery I would HAVE to get those meds back in my system Am I going to be able to swallow a pill less than 24 hours after surgery? I will ask the clinic about this but I just needed to get this current obsessive thought out of my head.
  2. amberama76

    May 2022 Surgeries

    May 11 for VSG to RNY revision. Due to reflux.
  3. Yeah, insecure maybe and he felt like I didn't care anymore, and I spent less time with him and more time by myself and doing things I wanted to do like running and sleeping and we were repairing our house after it flooded and I was tired of living in a construction site and I withdrew into myself.
  4. amberama76

    May 2022 surgery?

    May 11 for Revision from VSG to RNY for reflux. Sorry, I posted in the wrong forum.
  5. My husband cheated on me after I had my sleeve and lost 170 pounds.
  6. amberama76

    Surgey 4/17

    My date is going to be 4/19.
  7. amberama76

    April sleevers!?

    I'll be sleeved on April 19th.

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