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  1. Hey all, this is a very long overdue post. My 1-year surgiversary was 5/23/18. I am down a total of 90lbs, so I'm still on my journey to my goal weight. Things are going well. I had a horrible plateau right around my surgerversary, but I have been steadily plugging away. I may not be losing as quickly as I'd hoped, but I am thrilled to be where I am now. 10lbs away from exiting obesity, which is something I didn't think I'd ever see again before having this surgery.

    My sleeve still functions and provides restriction. Not as much as the first few months, but I feel it's only a slight difference. I still have to stick to high protein foods for the most satiety. 

    My eating plan is pretty routine: 

    fage yogurt for breakfast

    cereal with fairlife milk for "second breakfast"

    1oz almonds as a snack

    1 protein bar

    Dinner is usually 4oz meat with a side of veggies cooked in butter

    Evening snack is a half bar of Lily's chocolate. 

    I exercise on my spin bike 4x/week. 

    Drink 2L of water every day.


    The name of the game for me is routine, routine, routine. I don't feel good when I veer off my eating or exercise plan. Even though I'm not losing as quickly as I've seen others on this board, I am losing steadily which was not happening prior to surgery. I still feel reduced hunger compared to preop.  The sleeve absolutely helps me every day. Even on days I fall off the wagon, I don't eat nearly as much as I used to, and then I just get right back on the wagon.

    Some changes I'm still feeling since my surgery is that I still get nauseous when I drink plain water so I have to flavor it. I always drank plain water pre-op. It's not as bad as before, but if I push it and try to drink more than one glass of plan water I start getting queasy and need to add flavor. I still have difficulty tolerating vanilla. It tastes super sweet so I stay away from anything vanilla flavored. I still have to be careful with chicken breast - making sure I chew slowly and pace myself. 

    Plans on the horizon is to get to 100lbs lost which is also when I am officially not obese anymore. I would also like to start running when I get down to 220 as I've been having joint pain when I tried to start running at a higher weight. I am also in the middle of a cross-country move that I am excited about. Hopefully, all the activity next month with packing and running around will give me a bump in weight loss for the month. 


    Anyway, I thought I would drop a line with some progress. I've also noticed some wonderful progress from other members since I was last on. Congrats to you all!



  2. My losses have been slower than what I've seen with most other people, and it has not been consistent. I lost 17lbs the first month and every month after that has been 4-8lbs/month. It's frustrating, but I decided I'm just going to work past the frustration and celebrate anything that isn't a gain, because it's a step towards better health. It's not easy, but every lb counts and they do add up. Stay focused on your journey and celebrate the small wins!
  3. MSinger

    Never Feel Satisfied

    Feeling full is different post op and it definitely takes some getting used to. The nerves in your stomach are also cut and regenerating, so you don't feel the same fullness you did pre op. I realized I was full when I felt pressure everywhere AROUND my stomach. I would feel pressure around my upper chest, my left shoulder, my lower abdomen, and the sides. It's subtle compared to how fullness used to feel. Also, as far as satisfying head hunger, that was a huge challenge for me for the first month or so since I wasn't eating solid foods. Liquids and soft foods are not as satisfying mentally as dense meat. Unfortunately, it's something we all have to learn is different from physical hunger and learn how to cope with it. As you go further, your food choices will expand to more solid and satisfying foods which should help more. Hang in there!
  4. One month in I started feeling hungry again. At 4 months I started feeling tiny little stomach grumbles. I can feel how small my sleeve is because I can physically feel the size of it when it grumbles. Granted, my hunger is nowhere near where it was pre-op, but it's just enough to keep me from gaining weight. I have to fight against my hunger to actually lose weight.
  5. MSinger

    New driver's license?

    Yes I've heard of people needing to get their ID's updated, and personally I'm looking forward to it. I just got my DL and HATE the pic they took of me. It's now a strange source of weight loss motivation. Whatever works, right?
  6. MSinger


    Yes, absolutely! I did not have this requirement, but I see so many people posting frustration, impatience, disappointment because of their 6mo requirements. I think they are incredibly useful as you get to learn more about your post-op diet, gives time to practice and learn how to eat before "showtime", and start your weight loss journey before surgery. You have proven how essential it is to use that time to your advantage. Congratulations on meeting goal. As another poster stated I hope to continue seeing you around as I learn so much from your posts.
  7. MSinger

    GOAL! (B&A pictures)

    Damn girl, congrats! I am so happy to see ladies with a similar body to mine (I usually have to compare to men because of our height). You look so fantastic!
  8. Deep fried foods. I may have to switch to air frying.
  9. This may not qualify as natural, but buy a bunch of rubbing alcohol pads and sniff them when you feel nauseous. I was severely nauseous after surgery and those puppies helped. It doesn't last long, but it helps.
  10. Don't weigh yourself for the first month post-op. Too much water retention/fluid shifting going on to get an accurate read. If you do weigh, don't take the number on the scale too seriously. Just focus on meeting your protein and fluid goals. The scale should normalize a bit by the end of the month.
  11. MSinger

    Calories at 3 months

    I'm eating around 1000 cals per day give or take 50. I bumped it up to 1200cals for some time when I was 2 months post op, but I switched back to a low-carb diet 2 weeks ago and find that I don't need 1200. Right now I'm satisfied with 1000.
  12. MSinger

    Berry78's 6 month photos

    You look fantastic!!!
  13. First of all, welcome to the boards here. I'm 4 months out now but surgery still feels like yesterday. It must be difficult to do this on your own, but when you get to the other side of the difficulties you are currently experiencing you will be all the stronger for it. The first week is so rough, and many people have said they started feeling better around day 5. Hang in there! Focus on the small improvements as they build up day by day, take this one day at a time, and have your surgeon's office # on speed dial if you are experiencing any symptoms you want to run by them. The boards here are a great source of support and information. Sometimes there's some friction and negativity, but the best thing to do is ignore those moments and focus on your journey. There are plenty of kind and knowledgeable people willing to help
  14. I take a 250mg magnesium supplement every day. It keeps me regular without going overboard, but be warned - if you take too much it will give you diarrhea.
  15. MSinger

    Cranky pants is cranky.

    I'm currently going through the preop process. I met with a nutritionist at the beginning of last week, and she wanted me to practice the post op diet.. pretty much what I'll be eating from 3 months out of surgery and for the rest of my life. The plan is to meet next Monday and hopefully, I'll be done with all my pre-op requirements. I'm trying. I started gradually decreasing my fat and sugar intake, threw out massive amounts of food that I will not be eating, stocked up on Protein shakes. It's going ok, but I am SO cranky. I get that detoxing off sugar can make a person snippy, I just think it's a combination of sugar detox, having to change my eating pattern, reflecting on my history of poor food choices, and mourning. I gotta say, I am not a fun person to be around right now. I'm determined to get through it, but for now I feel like I need to warn people.
  16. I'm 3+ months post op and don't like to eat breakfast first thing. I've never been a big breakfast person and I still feel a little icky when I wake up first thing. I start my days with a premier protein shake, then eat some eggs at about 10am.
  17. That makes me feel better as I've only been losing roughly 5lbs a month. I was hoping for more so it's a bit frustrating, but on the plus side my losses have been consistent and I am very satisfied with my food plan right now. At this point, I'm just happy to see the scale moving in the right direction
  18. Chicken is the food that gives me the most restriction and I have to eat it much slower than any other food. My first time eating a grilled chicken breast I threw it back up because I was eating it as quickly as the other meats I've been eating. Didn't go well. That's pretty much the only food I have to still be careful with. But once it's in my belly I'm satisfied with it. Other foods that give me restriction: tuna cottage cheese yogurt - some people say yogurt is a slider food for them, but it keeps me very full lean cuts of meat
  19. MSinger


    I'm wishing the both of you the best and a speedy recovery
  20. MSinger


    I have issues with constipation as well and try to eat fiber one cereal, prunes, and oatmeal. At least one of these foods every day. It's helped me quite a bit. Also, I'm not sure if yogurt helps, but I eat yogurt every day.
  21. Midol would usually help me. Also, I noticed when I had a car with seat warmers they helped my period cramps amazingly well, so if you have that I'd say go for a drive, lol! I have a Mirena IUD now which decreased my periods to only occasional spotting, but the first couple of weeks were hard. I had lots of cramping as my girly parts adjusted. Also, I got a full-blown period after my sleeve surgery. HTH!
  22. MSinger

    Daily Headaches

    Are you diabetic or pre diabetic? I was prediabetic preop and had headaches before my meals which went away once I started eating. I this sounds familiar, it could possibly be your blood sugar dropping. If you have other symptoms like dizziness, weakness, moodiness, sweating, it may be worth checking out.
  23. MSinger

    Canker sores

    I typically get them from drinking coffee or eating acidic foods like tomatoes. Are you possibly eating foods that would irritate your gums/mouth?
  24. MSinger

    Having trouble drinking

    I agree with @Berry78's advice. Try drinking right up to the minute you eat. I do this per my surgeon's instructions and feel fine when eating. However, if I have even a sip of water after I've eaten I feel it. I typically have to wait about 45mins after eating to start drinking again.
  25. MSinger

    Foods you no longer enjoy

    I used to love ice cream and would at times eat 2 pints of hagen das in a day. Now I can only have a spoonful of ice cream, and only certain flavors at that. I stick to Halo Top now, again only certain flavors, but I bought a couple of the single serving hagen das cups post op and it tasted completely gross - like a pile of sugar and the fattiness of it made me feel sick. Could only take a spoonful and threw the rest out. I can't tell you how happy I am that I don't like ice cream post op. It was a real problem food for me preop. I also dislike caramel flavored anything now, which I used to love. Ah, well... I'd rather be thin.

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