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  1. Thank you guys. I went to the info session and was quoted fourteen thousand dollars which is not anything I can conceivably come up with unless I sell some internal organs! However, the surgeon gave me another doctor's number in case they are willing to work with my insurance. I intend to call them and get a break down of what they need from me and then I have something more practical to be comparing to what is available in Mexico. For those that went ahead and did it in Mexico, was it at all strange to mention this to your physicians in the states? Did you get things like sleep apnea tests and ekg's here in the states before you went to mexico? I obviously want to be safe...but this is not anywhere near my first time having surgery...even abdominal (I had a c-section) and I never had to do that but I see most doctors require it?
  2. I live in DC metro area. I have insurance, and it seems to cover a portion of the gastric sleeve surgery...but I would still have to pay several thousand plus 220 every time I would see the doctor. It also seems like in order for the procedure to be covered, I would need to see the doctor regularly for at least 6 months, which starts to add up. I am seriously considering going to Mexico. My family is actually pretty supportive. My mom is hispanic (and a lawyer) and would like to accompany me in case something happens and my lack of language proficiency is problematic. My husband typically gets all his medical and dental work done when he goes home to the middle east, so this doesn't phase me as much as it probably would 10 years ago. I am going to an information session tonight for bariatric surgery here in the US and will obviously find out more from that, so here I will focus my questions on Mexico. Is it advisable to take a family member with you? If so, how does that factor into the price? What kind of after care will I need once I am home? Will I need to go to doctors for follow ups? Do the doctors cooperate with things such as work notes, etc? Finally, any recommendations? I intend to do my research for several months. I am not looking to be sleeved until at least this summer. PS female, mom, married, 5 foot 4 and 280