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    Kelbri96 reacted to sleevenv in New to fifties group   
    Hello and welcome! I hope you find this journey life-changing. Sounds like you are doing the right thing. No matter what our age, there's always time to get healthier.
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    Kelbri96 reacted to CharlyScott in Tomorrow is the day   
    Am I nervous, no anxious yes. My surgery was scheduled for 12:30 now 11:30. I am just ready to get it done. The liquid diet phase has been rough. We had a wedding to go to and I am proud to say I did not cheat. Today my husband smoked some awesome fish and I did not cheat. Yes I am patting myself on the back and I am very happy that I know I can handle this. Keep me in your prayers
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    Kelbri96 reacted to TammyLee66 in My surgery is tomorrow   
    Well it is official my surgery is tomorrow I'm not sure of the time yet I have to call tonight at 6 PM for the time of my surgery I did receive my approval from my insurance company I received a letter today in the mail so it is happening. Getting nervous I already have my hospital bag packed.
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    Kelbri96 reacted to AmandaTherese in My surgery is tomorrow   
    Just woke up and on my way. I'm so nervous. Good luck to you! 🎉💜
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    Kelbri96 reacted to learning to fly in First Time Drinking Alcohol Post Op   
    Just wondering what everyones experience was like. How much & what did you drink? Did you feel more inebriated than you would have before surgery? How long after surgery did you have your first drink?
    I'm only 13days post op but I'd really like to have some wine at a wedding in september....I haven't asked my doc how long I have to wait before drinking yet.
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    Kelbri96 reacted to dangerous_dolly in June sleeve buddies?   
    I started my liquid last weds. And my surgery date is June 8th!

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    Kelbri96 reacted to LMF1012 in June sleeve buddies?   
    Hi!! I am having the sleeve on June 7th! I am currently on day 2 of my 10 day pre op diet... anyone else??? Would LOVE a buddy to go through this with!!!

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    Kelbri96 reacted to jlig in June sleeve buddies?   
    I'm in Niagara Falls, NY
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    Kelbri96 reacted to jlig in June sleeve buddies?   
    I am in Niagara Falls, NY
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    Kelbri96 reacted to Ahhshaqkilala in June sleeve buddies?   
    my date is June 15 too...and I feel the same way.
    Where are you doing the surgery?

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    Kelbri96 reacted to chynadoll619 in June sleeve buddies?   
    June 14th as well!!
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    Kelbri96 reacted to twinmomcd in June sleeve buddies?   
    Hi happy Easter I got the call on Thursday the surgery is set for June 1 gastric sleeve finally! it's been almost a year since I first went to my former surgeon. After having all my tests completed and right before they submitted the paperwork to the insurance company. My doctor decided he's not doing bariatric surgery anymore. I'm happy, sacred, excited, and worried all at once! What I fear most is the liquid diet for 3 weeks pre op.

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    Kelbri96 reacted to MBird in June sleeve buddies?   
    June 19th!!! It may be moved up, very excited!
    I'll do the liquid with you, they don't require it on my end but I want to!
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    Kelbri96 reacted to cherann in June sleeve buddies?   
    My date is June 19th. Terrified but excited.
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    Kelbri96 reacted to Bodybysleeve in June sleeve buddies?   
    Hiya, I'm June 7th! I will do the liquid diet for 3 weeks prior to surgery.
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    Kelbri96 reacted to JustJulie in June sleeve buddies?   
    My surgery is set for 6/5/17
    Anyone wanna be sleeve buddies?
    I'm on 25 more days of liquid diet
    Weigh in on 5/9
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    Kelbri96 got a reaction from LeahF in Surgery Date May 31st   
    You are a busy Mommy! I am on my way to the doctors to schedule my surgery whoop whoop!!!
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    Kelbri96 reacted to SunshineUnicorn in Anyone 5'3-ish and HW around 230?   
    What did your surgeon say your weight had to be before surgery? SunshineUnicorn
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    Kelbri96 reacted to hermione53 in Anyone 5'3-ish and HW around 230?   
    Hi @@SunshineUnicorn, I'm 5'4". I was sleeved almost 8 weeks ago at 235 pounds. Where are you in your journey?
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    Kelbri96 reacted to Diana_in_Philly in Anyone 5'3-ish and HW around 230?   
    April 2016 - 5'3" - 271.5 lb. Surgery August 23, 2016 - 246.5. CW 196.3. Goal weight 150 ish. I'll be six month out on Feb. 23 and I'm 55 years old with 2 teenage kids and a husband. I had a sleeve done.
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    Kelbri96 reacted to SandSandles in How To Find Peace With Your Sleeve When Over 50!   
    To set the stage, I must tell you that I am over 50. I had my stomach "stapled" way back in the early 1980's. I went from 225 to 125 and maintained for 6 years... then slowly gained it all back over the past 20 years.
    In 2011, reaching 205 and struggling, I decided to try the sleeve. I went to Mexico in July, 2011 and had it done. I had a bad infection from the drain tube a few weeks after I got home and had to be hospitalized for 10 days. The money I saved going to Mexico was spent recuperating at the hospital. I was glad my insurance covered most of my hospital stay. lol. sigh.
    Anyway, the first couple of months after the surgery I lost 30 pounds. yay.
    A couple of months after that, I gained back 10 pounds.
    I felt pretty sorry for myself. I spent all that money and all that time -- for 20 pounds. The MOST expensive diet plan to date.
    What was I eating? Anything I wanted. Somehow in my mind I had a wrong idea and because I had heard someone say, "You are eating so little that it won't matter what you eat!" There was a younger woman who had the sleeve a year prior and she was eating M&Ms and drinking cokes. She had lost 100 pounds. Wrong.
    Jumping forward ... January 1st I decided to try Low Carb eating again. It was obvious that the sleeve did not work for me and I had to at least try something. I had made it through the holidays maintaining the 20 lb loss, in spite of eating as much sugar as I wanted. Yikes.
    My history with low carb diets in the past has been a roller coaster ride that left me angry and frustrated and sad and very little weight loss to show for all the work. I would diet and diet and diet and lose 1 pound. I would eat ONE thing off plan and gain back 3 or 4. I would cook ahead and write everything down. etc etc. I would plateau every 4-5 weeks. I would shake my fist at the "diet" and yell at it... and my body & metabolism just wouldn't cooperate. I hated the scale - typical stuff, ya know?
    January 1st, with much resignation, I sucked it up, put on my big girl panties, bit the bullet and got down to brass tacks. I hit the low carb track again. I stopped ALL sugar. I stopped eating all starches. I eat grilled meat & vegetables. I eat an occasional Atkins bar if I feel like I am craving something sweet. If I get home at night and I am too tired to cook, rather than standing in front of the fridge just stuffing things in my mouth, I will cook an egg. Of course, I am eating smaller portions than before the sleeve, but it is clean eating.
    I was SO hoping that the sleeve would be a cure-all. I was hoping that just eating less would suffice. I really wanted to think that I was 25 years old again and had plenty of time ahead of me. lol.
    Yeah... I see you shaking your heads. hahahaha
    SO, I may not have the shining report about the sleeve that others seem to have. I didn't drop to 120 wearing a size 4... don't know if that is even possible... BUT I feel like there is more control. I cannot finish everything on my plate. I cannot stuff myself. I cannot. I have to chew slower. I have to restrict eating beef (it doesn't go down easily). I have to be VERY careful when I go out to eat with others because I get full before they are barely getting started with their meal.
    So, as of January 1st, 2012 and 3 weeks of eating clean low carb, I have lost 10 pounds. Wow, that was fast. The light bulb is starting to come on --> sleeve + low carb = steady loss
    I am hopeful that this trend will continue. I am calm. I am changed. I'm losing.
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    Kelbri96 reacted to LeahF in Surgery Date May 31st   
    Sent from my SM-G900P using BariatricPal mobile app

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    Kelbri96 got a reaction from LeahF in Surgery Date May 31st   
    We have the same stats but I can tell I am older than you I am 51-
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    Kelbri96 got a reaction from LeahF in Surgery Date May 31st   
    I think I will. I am meeting next week to schedule date. Office said most likely 5/31
    I am nervous how about you?
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    Kelbri96 reacted to LeahF in Surgery Date May 31st   
    Does anyone have the same date as me?

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