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    Weight lifting Questions ITT - do you even lift??

    1) My current lift routine is 4 days of lifting. With 1 day of HIIT and cardio added into my routines to keep the heart rate up. I have 2 days of Arms/Shoulders and 2 days of Legs/Glutes. All 5 days I work on Abs. 2) I actually started out with HIIT to gain the muscle memory, to learn the correct form and to get my strength up (I was pretty weak, especially my upper body). Then I started lifting. I was new to it but I fell in love with it and have made it a huge part of my gym time. 3) My routine was structured with moderate weights and moderate reps. So I would lift slightly heavier than I could with 5 reps. Each work out increasing the reps to 10 and then adding more weight the following week. 4) On lifting days, I aim for 140g of protein and about 80oz of water. My suggestion, start off with light weights the first week, to get your body back into it and the muscle memory going. Then the next week increase the weights to were there is some struggle towards the end of your rep. I hope this helps.
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    Finally below 250 lbs. December 2016 sleeve

    First...Congratulations on your weight loss!!! I reached a stall back in September when I started weightlifting. So I fluctuate between 190 - 195 lbs since. However, it has toned areas that were once sagging and loose. It also is helping to not have to spend that much money on reconstructive surgery.
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    I personally, focus more on macros than calories. On my workout days, I make sure to pack in protein and try to reach my protein goal of 140g. Low Carb of under 30g. Calories wise and depending on the source of protein, that is anywhere between 1000 - 1200 calories.
  4. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Pro Op Surgery Date Feb 13th

    I had sleep apnea and it did not affect my surgery. Before my surgery, I spoke with my Surgeon and Anesthesiologist. Mines advised me that it was his primary job during my procedure to ensure that my airway is open and I was breathing consistently. I was so nervous and he walked me into the room and showed me all the machines and how he would monitor me. I would suggest speaking with your surgeon about your concerns. It will give you a piece of mind.
  5. I date now. I just tend to stick with the type of guys I dated when I was heavier. I have a thing for geeks and awkward guys (I am a dork but I am an extrovert). I need balance. I did date a gym rat as I started my journey to WLS. He was awesome at first but after the surgery and weight loss, he became more and more insecure and it just caused issues for me. I did not have the patience for it. Do not be afraid to date. You have a goal and honestly, I have come to learn that many men find a female with goals, determination, and willpower more attractive than a female who has none (No matter how "skinny" she is). You will not die alone. You just have to take a risk. It's scary but when you do it once, you will have the confidence to do it again. I come home to my Rasta Scoobs every day and technically, we do not need a man because pets love us unconditionally.
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    What you doing today?

    I do whatever I want. Since I work early mornings on weekends, I just run errands and sleep.
  7. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Fear & scared

    I workout at the gym and I do weightlifting, cardio, HIIT and anything else that I like doing. Honestly, you should go to the gym by yourself if you want to. Truthfully, no one is paying attention to you as they are focusing on their workouts. I used to have that same mindset but now I don't care.
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    Just hoping I’m approved

    Do you have GERD (heartburn)? That is considered a co-morbidity as well. It may help. I had a moderate form of sleep apnea.
  9. Sleeve1stFitNext

    F U SODA

    I loved Ginger Ale like no one's business. However, since surgery, I have not had the desire to drink soda. I had it once a month ago because I was carrying the sodas into the theater and accidentally drank from the wrong drink and with a straw no less. I hated the taste and the straw made me bloated.
  10. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Protein Powders

    Isopure is a decent option. I personally did not like them. There is Premier Protein Water and Quest Protein Powder. You can use the links below to get an idea of what they look like: 1) Quest - http://www.gnc.com/mass-gainers/476414.html?mrkgcl=1098&mrkgadid=3213986015&rkg_id=h-069e5dcb54c017bdb8aa285560aa27bf_t-1518279260&product_id=476414&flagtype=nonbrand&vendor=none&channel=ppc&adpos=1o2&creative=189757865641&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIru3I-d6b2QIVhCaGCh2b1gBpEAQYAiABEgK-TfD_BwE 2) Premier Protein Water - https://www.samsclub.com/sams/premier-clear-rtd-12ct/prod21030708.ip?&source=ifpla&CAWELAID=730010300001268773&pid=_CSE_Google_PLA_1013571991&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=239353267573&wl4=pla-296145862202&wl5=9004367&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=1247713&wl11=online&wl12=3866&wl13=&wl15=55345805172&wl17=1o1&veh=sem&source=ifpla
  11. I am not skinny but the way my body looks now gets me a lot of attention. People hold doors for me, give up seats on public transportation and they flirt with me. However, it makes me unhappy. The reason is, I wonder in the back of mind, would you had spoken to me when I was heavier. Or, would you date me if you saw my loose skin out of these clothes? The hardest part of it all is getting use to the attention. When I was heavier, and I dated someone, it was like okay they like me for my personality. Now it is like, "do you like me because of how I look or is it my personality."
  12. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Becoming a Olympic Athlete after surgery

    Lol. Not all of us becomes Olympic Athletes. Many of us keep consistent goals so that we do not fall back into old habits. By keeping ourselves busy, we do not become lazy or think about food. Exercising has become our coping mechanism instead of food. It is hard to change your mindset. You have to find an exercise that you love. I enjoyed HIIT. Once I was able to get over the hurdles after the first 3 weeks, I noticed changes. I could lift the battle ropes easily, I could do box bumps without fear. That ignited a fire in me. Then I got introduced to weightlifting by my trainer. It was like starting HIIT all over again and discouraging, but I set weekly goals. Either increase the weight each week or increase the Sets per workout. My favorite right now is pull-ups. Before, I couldn't do a pull-up with assistance. Now I can do 8. Every 2 weeks, I decrease the assistance, depending more and more on my arms, shoulders, and willpower. It takes time, we all have to crawl before we walk. Start with increasing your walking. Then try jogging. Each week set a goal. That is the key. Never stop setting goals.
  13. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Vomiting & Nausea

    What are you eating and drinking? How is it being prepared? At that time, protein shakes and flavored water made me sick. I stuck with regular lukewarm water. My food had to be completely tasteless and sugarless for me to eat it. I also had to be hydrated because I had pain in my knees. Also, you may have to go back a phase on your diet until your stomach settles.
  14. Sleeve1stFitNext

    When can u drink alcohol after surgery

    My surgeon suggests that you have Alcohol about 4 - 6 months out of surgery and in smaller concentration.
  15. Eat smaller bites and chew slowly. This will help. Also, increase your water intake.
  16. I have endometriosis. This caused infertility for me as it was damaging my reproductive system. To add insult to injury I was extremely overweight for my height. I had been suffering from it since I was 14 years old and I found out I had it when I was 24. This caused damage to my ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. After the surgery, I am still having issues with my fertility. (That is a long story on its own) It sounds like the issue was present before. Have you been checked to see if you have scar tissue on your uterus, blockage in your fallopian tubes or more over, are your ovaries releasing eggs? Also, it could be that you trying too hard to conceive. I know that sounds silly but my friends who tried really hard for a baby could not get pregnant. However, one drunk night of heated passion and bam! pregnant. I will pray for you to conceive and wish you the best!!!
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    Stomach pain while sleeping

    I did not have continuous aching in my stomach after my first 1 month. I would suggest reporting this to your surgeon or PCP for further testing.
  18. I did not develop a blood clot after surgery. I walked most of the night after surgery (high off of the painkillers. I was so excited. Asked the nurses if they wanted to play cards). Then I took 250 steps every hour I was up during my post-op week.
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    As long as you are over a 40+ BMI, you qualify. The co-morbidities are for persons who are under 40 BMI.
  20. Lol we all love it when it happens. When the pressure in the abdomen is released, it is like opening the pearly gates.
  21. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Did your sex life change?

    I have become more aggressive. I mean my sex life has always been great. The problem was, I was not able to move around a lot. My sex drive has increased. I also can handle sex for longer periods of time without getting winded. lol
  22. Sleeve1stFitNext

    6 months out and only 60lbs?

    Once I started weightlifting, my weight has stayed in the 190's. However, my body has changed a lot. My surgeon and NUT tells me not to stress it. Inches matter more than the scale because that is unhealthy fat that you are burning off. Muscle also weighs more than fat and when you lift or workout. Do not lose faith and just keep going. You will break your stall soon.
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    Finished most if my requirements.

    Congrats!! Keep up the good work. I do agree with @kakatlady612, the hardest part is reaching the surgeon's weight loss goal. This is because we tend to stress out. Here are some tips that may help if you aren't already doing these: 1) Monitoring your Macros - Carbs, Fats, and Protein 2) Increase your water intake 3) Do not stress the scale and losing the weight. When you are having fun, you lose more weight.
  24. Thank you for the information!!
  25. Sleeve1stFitNext

    10-Month Post Op

    January 2018 Progress