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  1. When we flew into El Paso ayear ago. My hubby weighed over 300#'s and we didn't have to buy 2 seats for him. But...him being a stubbron man I had to ask for a seat belt expender. Be sure to ask for a wheelchair on your return, the airport is huge!!! The best thing about this is you get to board first. The wheelchair helped him so much. He was kind of weak and tired. They wont let you take your water bottles or your protein drinks when you go thru Customs. I had to throw out the protein that I had brought due to us both needing them. I think you could talk to them and explain that you need both of these now. I had to pay like 4.50 for 1 bottle of water. Hyway robbery to say the least. Be sure to bring slippers that have grip those hospital floors are so slippery. Good Luck on your Journey. Have a safe trip.
  2. Sherrie Scharbrough

    It's Coming Off! 😃😃😃

    YAY!!! Your doing great!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!
  3. Sherrie Scharbrough

    if my a1c is high will my doc still operate?

    My hubby had to get his A1C down to a 7 before they would do surgery on him. But with his 1st surgery, his Lap Band removed and a failed surgery to a RNY. That Surgeon never said anything about his Blood Sugars. So it really depends on who you are going to. They also wanted him to lose 15#'s. Which when he did get his BS under control his weigfht would go up and then when he had his weight going his BS went up. The poor guy couldn't win. He finally went to Mexico. This was in 2013 to 2016, Finally he had the Sleeve. It wasn't what he wanted but that is the one they could do.
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    Is Belite Weight still in business??

    Thank you so much!! That is exactly what I said to him. Also, I am sure that he talks about his journey too. He made it out to be that I was stealing another guys thunder without being asked too. When I was only trying to relay that my hubby had kept trying to get WLS and he weighed over 500#'s when he started way back when!! Oh well, water under the bridge!! Again Thank you!!
  5. Sherrie Scharbrough

    Is Belite Weight still in business??

    I AGREE whoe Heartily!! My hubby had his Sleeve done June of 2016. They are about the money all the way!! Plus the hospital we were at left tons to be desired!! They didn't use gloves, or hand santizer!! We had to bring our own wash clothes!! The $50.00 we paid for his pain meds were a joke!! I could go on and on but...I just got told yesterday that I talk to much about my husbands surgery and my own!! Far be it from me I better shut up. Good Luck
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    Weight loss AFTER removal of excess skin

    I had my Panni done Sept 2016. my PS removed 10plus #'s. I had been at my goal weight. I am now 4 years I had my RNY July 2, 2013. The Panni removal is a pretty easy surgery. I spent the night in the Hospital because my bladder wouldn't wake up after surgery. I did come home with 3 drains. I only had them for 1 week. If at all possible I would get a muscle repair. I now need Lipo. My upper stomach never did go as he had promised. He told me that he would give me a good deal, he would do a breast lift and Lipo on my upper stomach I ask him right after surgery, why is my upper stomach looking like that? He said it was swelling. It never went down. Lol I didn't get compression wear. I even ask the nurse to call him and ask him if I needed it. As you can see I am not that happy. The Panni is still flat and that part I love I just wish he would have been honest with me, I would have gladly payed the extra $$ that it would have taken to gewt the LIPO done a the same time. Good Luck just make sure to ask lots of ??'s!!!
  7. Sherrie Scharbrough

    1 year post op (and several days)

    WOW!!! Now that is one great TRANSFORMATION!! Thank you for sharing. What a difference. KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!
  8. Sherrie Scharbrough

    Thomas' Journey

    I am sharing our trials is all. If have offended you with my posts then I am sorry that you feel that way. They both had a higher weight and I was sharing that my husband had pure determination to get WLS. Nothing to offend anyone. But with that beng said isn't this site for sharing and learning? I wasn't trying to under mind Thomas's sucess in any way. So you don't tell about what and where you are in your Journey?
  9. Sherrie Scharbrough

    MY intro & 8 days away from surgery !!!

    I know you are getting so excited as you should be!! Your life is going to change ina BIG way!! As was said above it is normal to be nervous. The fear of theunknown. But you have already got a jump on things and you seem to be leaning the new way of your life. Hang on HON, you are going on one heck of a journey!! I look forward to following your journey. One thing that I didn't do and I am so sad about is: TAKE your measurments before your surgery. There may come a time that your weight oss slows down but you will still be losing inches. Good Luckand one last thing, KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!
  10. Sherrie Scharbrough

    Thomas' Journey

    If you notice noone else commented!!
  11. Sherrie Scharbrough

    Thomas' Journey

    WOW!!!! What bur climbed under your big boys undies? Have a good day!! I'm sure you don't have much to do but sit around looking for something to put your opinion on.
  12. Sherrie Scharbrough

    Breast Reduction-Help Please Bra Problems

    I know of a great bra but they don't come cheap. But they put the tatas where they are syupposed to be and hide back fat and some arm fat!! The nae is SHAPEEZZ. They have a short Tankee and a Long Tankee. I love them. The long one helps with tummy's helps to hold the tummy in. I look far and wide and to me this is the very best one out there. I always wore Playtex comfort straps since I was in High School and these are so much better for the support. Check them out. They have a chart to help with the measurements. First let me tell you I went to JC PENNY'S for a professiona bra itting. It was a joke!! That lady didn't know any more than I did!! Good Luck. You are more than likely in shock over your new TATA'S. So sorry but check these out.
  13. Sherrie Scharbrough


    May I ask who is doing your surgery in Juarez, Mexico? We have some experience with them if you are interested. Are you going thru a program called BELITE WEIGHT LOSS SITE?
  14. I think this book was very helpful. IT is called "The first aid book for Bariatric Surgery" I beleive that was what the nane of the book was. I would'nt recomened the one that DR> NOWsander wrote he does a lot of repeating the same stuff over and over. I will look at my vast colectiions of books and see what else there is. Take care and keep us posted about your journey.
  15. Sherrie Scharbrough

    Defeat and Despair

    First off, you are already ahead of the game!! You know what it takes to be successful!! Go back tothe basic's. If you can drink your protein it will give you a jump start in the amount you are supposed to have everyday!! You know exactly what it takes. Because you already did it once!! So pull up your big girl pants and kick some weight loss in the butt!! One other thing: KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!! Never give up!!
  16. It sounds like you are doing wonderful!! Congratulations on beginning your journey!!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!
  17. Sherrie Scharbrough

    First post-op meal didn't go too good...

    You just need to try things out. Each of us are different. There are a few things I can't eat to this day. I am 4 years out. Sometimes you won't be able to handle something and then when you try it again you can handle it. It's a guess and by golly. Take very small bites and chew chew and chew some more. You might get a small plate like a baby's plate and a baby spoon. This will help you slow down even more. Good Luck and keep us posted.
  18. Sherrie Scharbrough

    Day after surgery

    YAY!!! You are starting one of the best JOURNY of your life. Congratulations!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!
  19. Sherrie Scharbrough

    What is everyone taking to stay regular?

    Also nuts. If I eat mixed nuts and it always make me go.
  20. Sherrie Scharbrough

    What is everyone taking to stay regular?

    Take some dried prunes, cover them with water simmer them and drink some of the juice and eat a few of the prunes. They will cause you to get gas but as a WL person we all know to "Never trust a fart" RIGHT
  21. Sherrie Scharbrough

    So Many Questions About My Eating Habits At Work

    Yes I do!! I never thought it could be something to do with my RNY!! I actually have scratch marks on my back because I scratch it all of the time. I just thought it was dry skin and never even thought it could be reated to my WLS. If you find out anything please post it so I can read all about it. Have a great day.
  22. Sherrie Scharbrough

    What are your favorite workouts???

    I walk!!! Free and I really like it once I get out there!! I call it my ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!! I can be in a bad mood and just not want to go. But after I get syarted I LOVE IT!!! Everyone has to find their own nook!! Whatever floats our boat!!
  23. Sherrie Scharbrough

    Gastric Bypass Surgery 07/19/2017

    Congratulations on your surgery!! And welcome. If you follow your Dr's guidelines and do what you are doing you will kick some B***. You can do this!! Please feel free to ask any kind of questons I am sure someone will have an anwser to help you on the way!! Have a good one!!
  24. Sherrie Scharbrough

    Gained 2 pounds!

    Well said PAstudent!! I wonder if your Surgeon or Nutronist has given you any guidelines? It is a work in progress, you HAVE too do the work. If you want to be successful track your food. Did your Dr say you can eat solid foods? Yu are just 1 month out, I had the RNY and I had to do Protein Drinks for 4 weeks after surgery. Then I went to soft blended foods. But to tell you the truth I was to scared to eat at all. I still use my GENEPRO protein with my espresso everyday to help me get my protein in. Hon, protein helps ud heal. Please work on getting the amount that you were told to do, also drink lots of fluids because with surgery our pouches can't hold much at a time and you don't want to become dehydrated. That is a whole another dilemma. Take care and keep us posted. If I can help in anyy way just ask.
  25. WOW!!! You look so cute!! I love the smiles on your face it made me smile too. You are dfoing great!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!