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  1. I'm not 100 perfect excited or static...it still feels far away. I think by mid week I will panic with curiosity.
  2. My surgery is on 3/14 at 6AM.
  3. My surgery doesn't require liquid diet but I'm going to start Monday anyway so I do t suffer with Magnesium Citrate [emoji854]
  4. Cilla220


    I'm March 13th too
  5. I'm divorced and thank goodness [emoji28] it's been 2 years
  6. Wow..impressive But I hear you on the ex...my ex is a total loss and waste
  7. Cilla220


  8. Cilla220

    Self Pay in the U.S.

    I'm doing mine at New Iberia withDr. Borland and it's 9800 dollars.
  9. Cilla220


    I'm going New Iberia, LA
  10. Cilla220

    What to tell my boss

    I'm a buyer/project coordinator for Western Refining. I purchase all equipments for shutdowns. It's busy busy and I have a shutdown on 3/28 till may 16th. It will be 7 days a week and 10 hour days. I will let you know how I do. I had my gallbladder out and in 3 days I was back in college.
  11. Cilla220

    What to tell my boss

    Only my husband and my assistant know. Just tell them you have a cold or flu...my surgery is 3/14 and I will be back at work on 3/20. People at my work are often prejudice about the surgery so...I'm ok without telling them. Sometimes you have to do what works for you...I'm very private with my relation at work. I am here to support in any way I can. [emoji12]
  12. Cilla220

    What to tell my boss

    I didn't tell anyone I just took time off. However I have a huge project at work 2 weeks after surgery. Hopefully I will be ok...my assistant is the only that knows.
  13. Need and want a buddy to support each other during this new life.
  14. Cilla220


    Where is everyone getting their surgery???
  15. Cilla220

    Got Approved!

    Just got the results finally this past Friday. I'm cleared to go. Surgery 3/14