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  1. Been a while since I last posted update.. I am still losing weight!! Today I'm at 184.6. My goal weight is 128lb. My highest was over 300lb. I had gastric bypass on July 17 2017. This surgery has been a blessing to me and will continue to be along with me eating healthy... <a href=''><img src='https://www.bariatricpal.com/tickers/312608-bgr72/bodyweight.png/?ts=1535817948'></a>
  2. My doctor(bariatric surgeon) draws my blood every 3 months to check my vitamin levels. It is a requirement not a choice. He instructs us on making sure we understand how important taking our bariatric strength vitamins everyday if not he will know when it shows up low levels in our bloodwork. Also, we have to see our primary care doctor and get our magnesium levels checked. Thats a requirement also. So basically he monitors our levels for a whole year then after the year every year we have to get our vitamin levels checked and also continue to follow up with the primary doctor. We go to monthly support classes and so its a all around great program. I was dealing with enamel erosion before my gastric bypass surgery and my doctor at that time told me to increase my calcium. I later learned that calcium citrate is highly absorbable and was told to take that form im still taking it but at bariatric strength. Its must to know your vitamin levels and regular bloodwork is tool to help guide you and the doctor when deficiencies occur.
  3. Had gastric bypass on July 2017. So its been 8 months post op. I lost over 100lbs and I am weighing in at 209 lbs. Been a battle. Weight loss has slowed down and I feel my body is battling with me to stop me from getting under 200. My hunger somewhat increased but I just eat more fruit. I have cheated a few times with nut free gingerbread cookies but really nothing that will develop into a habit. I still at times cannot satisfy my hunger because sometimes I dont like any food or this strange habit of food being disgusting to me or after I eat it. My appetite changes daily. Some days still hard to get in food so I still turn to my premier protein. I have been working out regularly and I love it and hate it! My goal is to get to my maintenance weight about 128lbs by the end of the year. Skin surgery is a reality that I am already researching. I pray that working out helps improves it but dont look like it will solve it. I think about a sarah lee turkey on whole wheat but not ready for it. Im losing about 1-2 lbs a week or sometimes the scale will go up 1-3lbs then I drop 2-3 lbs days later. I weigh myself once a week. Sometimes twice just to see how my body reacts and just to learn how it operates. I gained 2.4lbs and then dropped it last week. I always lose or stay the same but after eating those nut free gingerbread cookies I retained water and it went up 2.4 lbs then dropped it. Had my gallbladder out December 2017 and life has been much better. No attacks! I am blessed to have had this surgery and to have Dr Joyce do my bypass & gallbladder. What a blessing. So 9 lbs to go to get to onederland. The battle goes on..
  4. Had Gallbladder surgery on Dec 7 2017. Still sore but doing fine!

  5. Talked to the nurse. She stated since I had 2 surgeries back to back and that healing varies person to person not to be concerned. I had 2 ultrasounds & cat scan last month and nothing there. Doctor is not alarmed so I will continue to update him and continue to allow more time to heal
  6. I will be 4 months post op gastric bypass on Nov 17 2017. I wanted to find out if anyone experienced sore stomach muscles post op. It feels like I did 100 situps. I havent discussed this with my doctor yet because it happens about a couple times a week but it can last all day. I know that a couple of times when I had to deal with constipation and I strained myself my stomach muscles became sore but I dont have constipation anymore. So please let me know if you experienced this. I would appreciate it. I will call my doctor today and ask but I also would like to hear from anyone and their experience with this. Thank you
  7. I had my gastric bypass on July 17 had a complication while in the hospital so had a revision. So I am a little over 3 months post op and its been an on & off battle. I am glad & blessed to have the surgery & should of had it years ago. So I dont regret this blessing. I am struggling with gallbladder issues. My gallbladder has a mind of its own. Sometimes it is active and painful after drinking cold water sometimes its not. I still cannot eat solid protein like chicken,turkey or beef. I tried and tried and still either my stomach does not like it or my gallbladder doesnt like it. So I am back on premier protein,natural cheese and recently added lima beans,red kidney beans and black beans. I am also eating activia yogurt. I had a constipation problem and found that lima beans have resolved my constipation issue and so my bowel movements are so so much better. I dont even have to use suppositories or benefiber. Lima beans have taken their place! I had three ultrasounds on my stomach. Visually they only see sludge near my gallbladder. So the next test will be a hydroscan that will actually check the function of my gallbladder. I just have to wait till my next appointment(3 month followup) hopefully he will feel sorry enough for me to order it. Both my surgeon and my primary suspect that this next test will reveal more than just the visual ultrasound. So I am hanging in there with my lima beans and cheese and activia. My gallbladder wakes me up at night sometimes when my bladder is full. Weird. I have I.:'(interstitial cystitis) a bladder defect problem also inflammation. So it seems when my gallbladder is active it aggrevates my I.C. Geezz.. I am having so much fun with my gallbladder causing me problems and pain I guess that means I want more problems. Lol But still the surgery is a blessing to me and I am so happy I got it done! The problems I am having never outweigh the benefits I will continue to have from this surgery. I love the fact I can only eat so much. I love the restriction! I understand that later on in this process I may be able to eat more but I am eating healthier now... And I love it. I have gone 15 days without meat. Even though chicken,turkey and beef are good proteins I still feel great even though I cannot eat them. It is a process. It took me 2 months to understand my new stomach. I am taking my supplements everyday and set aside a monthly budget for them. Things are great. I look forward to reaching my goal even if it takes me longer than I planned. As long as you move forward in making healthy choices. God has given me strength and I will continue to lean on him for strength. God loves me God loves you. God bless you. Stay strong in him. Kisses
  8. I was thinking about soups but have not tried them. Yes the soft proteins will be better for me. Thanks! Thanks for the link too😃
  9. [emoji20]I went from doing well to doing poorly all within a few hours! All of a sudden I couldnt hold down my liquids & last night was a terrible night because of the pain. My surgeon suspected a narrowing and so gave me a ct scan and that was the problem. I had my ct scan at 1pm and a revision surgery an hour later. iamready4this
  10. July 17 is here. Wow. For everyone having surgery today how are you feeling? Just a few hours away. Wow. I cannot believe it. Good luck to you all today & keep us updated. I will keep you updated too. God Bless iamready4this
  11. 8 days in from second surgery and all is well. Down 14lbs from my surgery day. In the beginning, I was ok with pureed food. Getting it down with no problem and getting in about 2 ounces before I am full. With the premier protein(which I thought I couldnt have until 2 months post op)I can get in a little more than 2 oz. Even 4 oz the other day. Now im bored with pureed food& sometimes I dont even feel like eating it so I turn to my premier protein. More so now than the past 2 days. Changes and food aversions taking place rapidly. Overall I feel good. Its sometimes a battle to have to wait to drink water but its going well. iamready4this
  12. I had my bypass on 7-7-17 & had a complication that led to a revision on 7-19-17. I have been doing well on my post op program outside of another complication(collapsed lungs).Lately, I been talking more about food that I had in the past(good food&bad food). When I saw a pizza hut commercial I saw the cheese&tomato sauce and it kind of perked me up to where I started discussing with my father how I loved cheese pizza with extra tomato sauce. Then later my dad asked me about oatmeal and honey and I was like oh I love oatmeal&honey and that conversation continued on with me telling him that adding butter to oatmeal & even steel oats are the best. Then I sat back in my recliner and just thought about how great oatmeal is. Then peanut butter & jam came up later in the day and I was like oh yes I love it. This has been the theme in the past 2 days. Im not tempted to have them but it is refreshing to talk about them. Is that weird? Has anyone else liked to talk about food they ate in the past? Im sure its just a phase iamready4this
  13. BgR72

    First goal reached!

    GREAT. GOOD GOING iamready4this
  14. For some ignorant person to suggest that I sound high is highly offensive. Highly offensive comments like the one above makes people uneasy with sharing their story. We are on here to help one another not bring offensive comments to one another. If this is what I have to deal with from this board then I will take my experiences elsewhere!!! iamready4this
  15. Excuse me? How offensive. For you to say that to me. Why are you even commenting if you cant relate to missing food? Your comment is highly offensive and cruel. If missing food & reminiscing about food in the past warrants a comment like yours shows youre an ulcer. ! iamready4this
  16. The pulmonologist just gave me the news that I have developed a sticky lung. My lungs are not expanding like they should and is causing breathing issues. It could take up to 14 weeks to resolve it. Basically, its from me having to have surgery twice which my lungs did not have a chance to expand after the initial surgery and so the second surgery made it worse. He wants me to know that lots of energy will go toward my healing and to include this lung condition in the mix too. He wants me to do my lung exercises 8-10 times every hour! God bless him for finding out the problem iamready4this
  17. Thank you dear iamready4this
  18. Yeah I had a bad nose bleed and they took me off it. I dont know why breathing is an issue outside of maybe the anesthesia is still in my lungs causing the problem and inflammation. I dont know and they will have pulmonary & cardiac consults to come in before they discharge me iamready4this
  19. Has anyone developed any breathing issues after anesthesia? Has anyone experienced it while on lovenox or after using it? So far my doctor seems to suggest one or both are the culprit. They ruled out a blood clot. iamready4this
  20. Thank you. I been in er for hours waiting on ct test results iamready4this
  21. Have been experiencing breathing difficulties. My pulmonologist says that the anesthesia caused inflammation in my lungs which triggered my asthma. But since I had to be put under again after the initial bypass he wants to rule out any clots or if a lung collapsed. So im here to get the worse case scenario ruled out. iamready4this
  22. Thank you dear iamready4this
  23. Im having some breathing issues trying to get in to see my pulmonologist. Really concerned about it. But other than that I am doing better with my liquid intake. iamready4this
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    Surgery canceled ☹

    So happy for you! iamready4this