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    Spaghetti Squash

    I love spaghetti squash! In a few weeks I'll have loads fresh from the garden. I cook it a few different ways. Baked (or microwaved) and topped with butter and pepper is good. Or be fancy and top with things like bacon, grilled chicken, parmesan cheese... It's also a great replacement for spaghetti noodles (or other pasta). Just top with sauce
  2. 1poundatatime


    Congrats! It's the little things that make me smile every day!
  3. 1poundatatime


    Salad with protein is my favourite lunch. I'm 4 months out and know how much I can eat at a sitting, so I measure out my protein and veggies and eat them together.
  4. I had a doctors note stating I needed 3 weeks off for medical reasons, but didn't say why and they aren't allowed to ask. After surgery though, I've told everyone!
  5. 1poundatatime

    Take measurement!

    Definitely! There are so many ways to track your progress! Use them all! Scale, body fat %, measurements, photos, NSV
  6. Lots of good points have been made... better sleep, more energy, increased ability to play with kids, new wardrobe... But for me that biggest realization lately is that I feel like myself again. I didn't even know how encumbered I was by my weight, but being free from it is amazing. I am more outgoing, stand taller, and feel like ME. It's hard to explain. Somehow, over the years I lost myself and eventually I hardly even recognized myself if I caught a glimpse of my reflection. Doing this was an important exercise in making myself, my needs, my wants, my health a priority. As a mom (of 5) it's easy to put everyone else's needs first.
  7. I've always loved a relaxing bath with a good book and can soak for ages... However, I did that less and less over the years as the tub had to hold more of me and less water! As I sat in the bath today, I noticed I don't fill the width of the tub! By the time I reach goal weight, there will be room for two
  8. 1poundatatime

    opinions on fruit?

    I eat a little fruit daily. Carbs aren't a huge problem for me. I only have fresh fruit, small portions (track every bite) and combine with protein. Don't add fruit until you are consistently reaching protein goals is the advice I received from my nutritionist. Peanut butter and apple slices are delicous! And so are fresh berries with yogurt
  9. 1poundatatime

    How long did it take to shower after surgery?

    Your surgeon should have given you instructions stating when you're good to shower. I was allowed the day after surgery.
  10. 1poundatatime


    Congratulations! Glad it went so well! Trying on your clothes will be a whole new experience with such a different shape overnight!
  11. 1poundatatime

    Dumb move.

    Glad you're ok (and I bet you won't eat a bagel again!) and congrats on the new job. I've learned the hard way too that I need to really plan out each day - what I'll eat and when. I always have a snack in my purse. Nuts or a protein bar travel well. And I keep a water bottle in the car.
  12. 1poundatatime

    What's on your bucket list?

    Kayaking! I've never tried because I was mortified by the thought of not fitting in the seat!
  13. 1poundatatime


    Definitely go see your doctor. Meanwhile, bumping up your fluids is a good place to start to rule out chronic dehydration.
  14. I had loose stools until I was got back to eat more solid food, then things settled down.
  15. 1poundatatime

    Pics 6 months post-op VSG

    Huge congratulations on your progress and for being able to see yourself through new eyes! You have every reason to be proud!!
  16. 1poundatatime

    Success stories, please.

    Hi! I started this journey weighing 258 lbs and in the 6 weeks pre-op I lost 23 lbs, which put me at 235 on surgery day. The surgical experience couldn't have been any better. I was up walking the halls 1 1/2 hours post-op. Minimal pain. It just felt like I had done a TON of sit ups. I know some people have a horrible time with gas pain, but I had none. I spent one night in hospital and was discharged first thing in the morning. The best things you can do is move - walk, walk, walk, get some sleep, and keep sipping your water! Post-op things have gone well. Track your fluid and protein intake and aim for getting in a little more each day. I'm 10 weeks post-op now and just entered "onederland". I now weigh 198.6 So 36 lbs since surgery! I feel amazing and am so happy with my decision to have surgery as well as how things have gone! I couldn't have dreamed of a better experience. My best advice is to take good "before" pictures of yourself - face and full body - and take measurements! That way when the scale seems to be stuck, you can track progress in other ways. Pulling on jeans that I couldn't get over my hips a couple months ago is the greatest feeling! Good luck with your surgery!! Keep us all posted on how things go!
  17. 1poundatatime

    Need dating advice after weight loss

    Ahhh, this I understand and do see where your coming from. Disregard previous posts I'm sorry you've had such terrible dating experiences. Those guys who said they prefer someone thinner, but would settle for you are losers. As for the coffee date guy... if you enjoyed meeting with him and he seemed like a nice guy, then meeting up again! It isn't fair to judge him based on those other guys and the only way to really get to know him is to spend time with him. Meanwhile, I think you have to trust that he is genuinely interested in you unless he doesn't something that indicates otherwise!
  18. I'm just over 2 months post-op and the mom of 5. I hear you on the exhaustion! For me the biggest help was increasing my intake to the point where I'm getting approx 1000 calories/day. Once I reached that, I started feeling more energetic. How many calories are you getting in?
  19. 1poundatatime

    Need dating advice after weight loss

    It makes me sad to think anyone would feel that someone who has lost a substantial amount of weight isn't a good catch... In a genuine loving relationship that doesn't matter. I gained 60 lbs since getting married. My husband loved me the whole time and he loves me the same now that I'm losing. Finding out someone lost a bunch of weight shouldn't be a deal breaker and the fact that it is would be a giant relationship red flag for me.
  20. 1poundatatime

    Need dating advice after weight loss

    This is a good point too about possible regain.
  21. 1poundatatime

    Mom or Dad sleevers?

    I've got 5 kids (ages 11, 10, 8, 6, and 4). I told them a few days before surgery because I didn't want them to worry OR to blab it to everyone. I explained the surgery itself and that I was doing it to be healthier. The 4 year old didn't really "get" that, so I also said it was make me run faster I also told them that health information is private and it's my news to share. Other than a preschool prayer request for "Mama's operation on her tummy" I think they've kept fairly quiet about it. lol The kids have been awesome supporters! They cheered me on when I graduated from full fluids to purees to soft foods and to regular textures and comment on my now too loose clothes. The other day my 8 year old said, "Mama, even your FACE is getting skinny!"
  22. 1poundatatime

    Need dating advice after weight loss

    What the heck is this about?? And coming from someone who understands what it's like to struggle with their weight, this is incredibly hypocritical! Sounds like you're looking for a trophy not a relationship.
  23. 1poundatatime

    Need dating advice after weight loss

    I don't see any need to mention anything about your weight - past, present and definitely not in the future! Get to know this guy, have fun, and if thing develop further then cross that bridge when you come to it.
  24. I'm in Canada and the brands are different, but definitely try a few types. There is only one brand I like, the rest turn my stomach and seem to have a weird taste. (go for full fat! So much tastier!)
  25. 1poundatatime

    Mud Run 2w3d Post-op? Crazy?

    I definitely could have walk something like that at two weeks out. Just don't push yourself and skip the obstacles. Have fun! And wishing you a smooth recovery

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