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    Weightloss Agents - BEWARE!

    Where do I begin? My daughter received the procedure last week - January 2017. After thoroughly researching the procedure and doctors, we settled on Weightloss Agents due to cost. Plus, I was encouraged after seeing a special segment on ABC featuring the doctor's office in Tijuana. They didn't mention the facility's name, but I assumed it was the same office as Weightloss agents. Here's a summary of our experience: 1. The pre-op instructions were only available on the website. They have a nice website, but after I paid my balance in full I had no need to check it every day. As such, I totally missed the pre-op instructions which gave important information as to my daughter's diet before the procedure. Not following the diet not only complicated her recovery but prolonged the recovery period. 2. The staff at the hospital in Tijuana spoke very little English. Only one of the nurses was bilingual but she left after her shift ended. Imagine watching your daughter do through discomfort and pain and not being able to communicate with anyone in English. To make matters worse, they seemed to have forgotten that my daughter, not I, had the procedure. After 8 hours, I was starving. The neighborhood where the clinic is located appeared unsafe. And their cafeteria did not accept cash or credit cards. Needless to say, this did not improve my mood. 3. Worst of all - My daughter was discharged after being given NO paperwork and NO prescriptions. Again, I thought this was normal since it was a nonsurgical procedure. But when my daughter arrived home, she experienced extreme nausea and vomiting. I contacted Weightloss agents and was basically told that they couldn't prescribe anything because the doctor was outside the US. The only recommendation was for over-the-counter meds which didn't work. As a result, my daughter had to go to the emergency room where she was given an IV. They prescribed to her nausea medication which worked. All of this could have been prevented if they'd give her the medication before leaving. 5. I tried calling the doctor in Tijuana and left a message. And I never received a returned call. Basically, the follow-up from this procedure is non-existent. You're on your own. 5. The post-op instructions they send are not specific to the gastric balloon - they are main for the sleeve. I had to go on the Obera website to get more thorough information. So would I recommend this place? NO. I am still positive about the procedure itself, but I cannot recommend this company due to my negative experience. If I had the chance to do it again, it would definitely be with a local doctor in the US. I get that it's cheaper here, but it was not worth the unnecessary pain and frustration experienced by myself and my daughter.
  2. Cherlyn Robinson

    Weightloss Agents - BEWARE!

    Thanks for sharing. I didn't understand some of what you said, but it seems that everything turned out okay. I didn't mean to imply that people shouldn't go to Mexico. I understand that for many, this is the last resort as it relates to their health. But if you must go, PLEASE don't choose this place!
  3. Cherlyn Robinson

    Weightloss Agents - BEWARE!

    OMG, YES!!! In fact, he took a picture with my daughter in the waiting room. He said that he wanted before/after pictures and went around the room and took pictures with everyone there. Upon seeing this video, I feel sick. I WISH I would have seen this before. I would have left right then and there, regardless of paying. And I would have shared this with those poor women in the waiting room. Most of whom were getting the sleeve. The only consolation is that my daughter got the balloon which is nonsurgical. But now I fear if she has caught an infection. I am definitely following up with a specialist here and ask them to do a full exam. This video confirms my belief that this place is a complete scam. Thanks so much for sharing!
  4. Cherlyn Robinson

    Weightloss Agents - BEWARE!

    Yes, it was a risk which is why I am sharing my experience. This place is very popular, and I hope at least someone will reconsider. Thanks for replying.
  5. See my post under, "Weightloss Agents-Beware!". I just came back from Tijuana after accompanying my daughter for her balloon procedure last week - January 2017. Our procedure was scheduled through Weightloss Agents so I can only speak about my experience with them. Overall, it was horrible. I cannot recommend. The actual clinic where the procedure took place was in a very seedy looking neighborhood. None of the nurses spoke clear English. And the doctor basically forgot to send my daughter home with any written post-op instructions or a prescription. After going home, we tried calling the doctor and couldn't reach anyone there who spoke English. I then contacted Weightloss Agents and was basically told that they couldn't prescribe medication because the doctor was outside the US. Instead, they recommended over-the-counter meds which didn't work. Long story short - my daughter ended up on the ER due to dehydration. She's okay now after being given an IV and a prescription for anti-nausea. But would I do it again? Hell no!!! Although I still like the procedure, I cannot recommend having it through Weightloss Agents or in Tijuana. My advice is to go somewhere local where you have a doctor with whom you can follow-up with in-person and over the phone. Remember - you pay for what you get!

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