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  1. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Need a friend.

    I feel so alone. No true friends or family and partner...forget about that. Really would live just to talk to someone have some laughs etc. Been feeling down and out and since Nov ive been eating more. Bad habits coming back 11/29/17 VSG I haven't gained but not losing...lord help me. [emoji173] Sent from my LGMS550 using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Trying to stay positive.

    I need to learn how to put myself 1st, #1. Its hard but I need to do this for myself. My health. My life[emoji120] from: Jamica[emoji173]
  3. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Need a friend.

    Thanks o much I really appreciate all the words of encouragement[emoji4] from: Jamica[emoji173]
  4. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Trying to stay positive.

    Thanks. Woke up to a new beginning. New day. Staying positive and knowing I will get to my goal weight. Thanks 336Mike from: Jamica[emoji173]
  5. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Need to get back in it! Start fresh!

    Thank you so much from: Jamica[emoji173]
  6. Ive been eating like crap since Thanksgiving. Need to remember its never too late and right now I'm starting to take my life back! Food you will not control me![emoji35] I have not loss but also have not gained and if I don't stop the bullshitting, I will again gain. Lord give me [emoji123] strength. Yes I CAN Do THIS!! Sent from my LGMS550 using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Need to get back in it! Start fresh!

    I have no clue, but hair did grow back. Mine grew back after 4 months. from: Jamica[emoji173]
  8. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Need to get back in it! Start fresh!

    Thank you and I will def take this advice! from: Jamica[emoji173]
  9. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Need to get back in it! Start fresh!

    Omg yes!! from: Jamica[emoji173]
  10. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Need a friend.

    Vertical sleeve from: Jamica[emoji173]
  11. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Need a friend.

    Sorry what does rny stand for and I know how it feels dealing with the pain. One day at a time right[emoji106][emoji4] from: Jamica[emoji173]
  12. CW 274 HW 346 Surgery Date 11/1026 I loss 74lbs and very greatful, but only see change in face, body feels smaller but thought is look feel different by now :/ Sent from my LGMS550 using BariatricPal mobile app
  13. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Still only see small change. Feeling bummed and down.

    Haha I needed that lol[emoji16] I was thinking what? 991 years? But than I seen my typo [emoji16] oh my goodness! Sent from my LGMS550 using BariatricPal mobile app
  14. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    84 pounds down and counting!

  15. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    I say this EVERYDAY❤

    If I'm not going to do it, nobody else will do it for me! Thank you Lord, gave me strength. I am down kilns 11/14/16 Vsg. Hw 346 Cw 278[emoji123][emoji7][emoji6] so happy honey!!
  16. I'm in the same situation almost exactly! 40 day of surgery and 64 from pre op. I tell you its hard. I expected to lose more weight but grateful of what has came off so far. Not one to exercise. But starting today!! Keep up the good work![emoji106]
  17. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    3 months post op!!!

    I was feeling the same way girl! Its good to know I'm not alone in my feeling thus way. But WOW you can see the change! [emoji175] You can lose inches and not even notice, only because we read into what our weight, way too much. Good job!! You are looking so Great!! Keep up the good work [emoji4]
  18. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    5 days post op

    Why did you get the revision and how long after your first surgery was the revision made? Also thats awesome!! 15lbs gone
  19. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    3 months post op

    Congrats! This really motivates!
  20. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    8 months after sleeve

  21. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Feel like crying.

    Thanks so much Jacquelene
  22. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Feel like crying.

    I have not loss any weight in 3 1/2 weeks. Feel so down and disgusted. I feel like i try but its not good enough. I even pray for strength...11/14/2016 SW 342 CW 294.
  23. Positive vibes, putting scale away & just giving thanks I'm here! Thank you for all your help & comments, its really the motivation I needed
  24. jameeks_cheeks_vsg

    Feel like crying.

    Thank you, I will definitely drink more water & cut back on the cheese, so good to know I'm not the only one out here dealing with this. No more tears. positive vibes here on out!