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  1. Salad and fresh fruit? I’m a little over 3 weeks post op, bypass. My surgeon said we will discuss moving to lunchmeat at my next visit in 2 weeks. But all I crave is fresh fruit and I’d literally kill for a salad. I plan on asking him at my next visit, but I figured I’d run it by the professionals until then
  2. JealousMuch

    One month liquid diet

    Try fasting. I lost 17lbs during my 5 day fast.
  3. Surgery is 12 days away. I am placing one last online order to ensure everything arrives one time. Who brought what?
  4. Surgery is 12 days away. I am placing one last online order to ensure everything arrives one time. Who brought what?
  5. You shut your damn mouth like right now. After 3 weeks of waiting after insurance submittal, I just received the call that I was approved for the bypass! The[emoji1490] LONGEST[emoji1490] 11 months[emoji1490] of[emoji1490] my[emoji1490] life[emoji1490] That is all. Carry on [emoji482]
  6. JealousMuch

    Last minute bariatrics buddy

    How exciting! Congrats! Did they give you a possible time frame of a potential surgery date? Like within the next two months or by January, etc...
  7. JealousMuch

    Last minute bariatrics buddy

    How brutal! I would have been on edge the entire two times waiting to hear what they had to say. You’re absolutely right, I will def try to keep that in mind. My holy grail is lemon water. If I can’t put fresh lemon in my water after surgery I literally will die. Well, not literally but I’d still be slightly disappointed lol
  8. JealousMuch

    Last minute bariatrics buddy

    Did you bawl? I know once I get that call I’m going to lose it. Congratulations!
  9. JealousMuch

    Last minute bariatrics buddy

    How exciting! I can’t wait to get a date. I hope everything goes well for you [emoji847]
  10. My papers were submitted to insurance on Friday(11/10). My NUT says surgery will be 2-3 months from the day of submittal. So, at the very latest I should be having surgery in mid February. I had a surgery buddy. Our appointments were days apart, as we started the program within a week of each other. I found her on a Facebook bariatric page. Well, long story short, she has dropped out of the race and in turn I no longer have a surgery buddy. Or really even a bariatric friend. I never thought to make more friends than her and I should have. I no longer feel comfortable confiding in her about how my appointment went or about anything bariatrics honestly, as I feel I’m rubbing it in her face. I am keeping the surgery discrete, so to have someone else who is going through the same as me surgery wise is crucial to me. I am trying to cram over half a year worth of small talk and acquaintanceship into a few weeks. So please know before responding, that I will be moving fast. Like, we need to become best friends In 8 weeks. I’m 27, I live in the Midwest and am opting for the bypass.
  11. That's great! I'm so glad it all worked out for you :-) What 4 day cleanse did you do?
  12. Were you able to drop those pesky 8lbs in time? If not, message me. We may be in the same boat.
  13. JealousMuch

    weight loss goal before surgery?

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. My very best condolences. So even though you hadn't lost the weight they let you carry on through out the program as normal? Like it didn't halt anything?
  14. Has anyone NOT met the mandatory weight loss prior to surgery? If your surgeon or insurance requires you to lose "X" amount of weight, and you did not, what happened??
  15. I am pre op, which mcg dosage would you recommend for biotin? Also, is there anything else I could be taking for hair loss or to prevent hair loss as much as possible post op?