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  1. Really, I don't know how much help I need versus just needing someone, anyone who knows what I'm going through to listen to me vent. I guess you can say I was in the lower "High weight" class starting this journey at 231lbs, at one point I was all the way up to 246 and at only 5'2... not good. I was sleeved on October 19, 2017 so I am just over the 2 year mark. The lowest weight I seen was 136. I sat at 138-142 for over a year (Doing awesome at maintenance). But then life happened my husband and I moved Across country for work, only to move back to the state we left 5 months later due to my youngest daughter being diagnosed with a rare bone disease that causes her to grow bone tumors all over her body! she is only 4 so you can imagine the dread I felt/feel. I let my control slip slowly , now 9 months later I find my self 15 pounds heavier and struggling to get my **** together. I started back at the gym a month ago and that is going great, but I'm back to old eating habits even if I am unable to eat much, what I've been eating is a definite no-no. I know the basics, I know what I need to do, its getting back in the right head space that I am finding difficult. I guess that is where someone else would come in... What have you done to get back on track? What motivates you? How do you get rid of negative thoughts after starting to gain again? I just want to get back on the losers bench and get back to where I was...
  2. hernandez776

    Help! Before I gain it all back...

    Thank you everyone for the kind words! I appreciate it so very much. Fluffychix- Thank you there is some awesome material, definitely looking at certain things in a new perspective. Greentealael- My daughter is doing well mostly, One of her bone tumors located on her ankle is causing her discomfort when she walks, so we have an appointment tomorrow to discuss its removal. There is no medicine that helps, so surgical removal is the only option, I just pray that she will not require many. Most of the bone tumors she has are in areas that cause no issues to her so that is a blessing.
  3. hernandez776

    Pounds lost

    I’m 19 months out and 101lbs down.
  4. hernandez776


    Day #7- Work outs are awesome haven’t missed a day No junk food well that’s another story but back on track today! What makes me truly happy is my Children with out them I would not be where I am today. Or I would not have pushed myself as hard as I have to accomplish what I have been able to. My favorite clothing item is this sweater, my fiancé chose for me.
  5. hernandez776


    I'm in 😃! Surgery 10/19/2017- Losing- 141LBS- Goal to reach 135 by March -6LBs Thanks!
  6. Hi All, I am 16 months Post op and have lost a total of 91lbs since my surgery. My body has decided that 140lbs is where it would like to sit as i've been stalled at this weight for the last FIVE months. Any tips to get the scale moving again?? I am staying around 1000-1200 Calories a day and it is primarily High protein/ Low carb. I have intensified my workouts and still the scale doesn't fluctuate, I'm at a loss. What works for you to get the scale moving again? Any one else deal with this long of a stall? Thanks!
  7. hernandez776

    16 Months Post OP

    Thank you! I have already met the goal my surgeon had for me which was to reach 140lbs. I am only 5'2 for myself I would like to reach 125-130lbs. I know that this is possible but My body isn't wanting to cooperate with me at the moment. As far as my diet its pretty basic as in a meat protein and veggies I occasionally will substitute my meat with protein bars and maybe this is where my issue is since some of the protein bars I eat are higher in sugar. I am going to cut those out and see if that helps. I think I will join your February challenge. Thanks!
  8. hernandez776


    I'm 16 months out and have just recently started seeing the scale go down again after being at a stall for 5 months! I've increased my water intake and have intensified my cardio that seems to be doing the trick for me. It's definitely slow going for me at this point my body seems to like the 140's.
  9. hernandez776

    Calling all October sleevers!!

    I was sleeved 10/19 weighed in at 220.6 lbs day of surgery 246 at my highest and i was 172.4 this morning- That is 48.2 pounds since surgery and 73.6lbs over all- I have noticed that weight loss has slowed but i'm not letting it discourage me. Congrats to everyone!
  10. hernandez776

    I hit 25lbs today!!!

    Congrats on your 1st Goal! I'm 2.4lbs away from making my first goal which is being under 200, I was stalled at 204.8 for a week and finally on Monday I seen the scale move so thats super exciting!! I was sleeved on 10/19 and have lost 18.2 pounds so far post op. HW: 246 SW:220.6 CW:202.4 GW: Undecided, just want to be Healthy
  11. Hello everyone! I'm just curious what everyone's Pre-OP diet consist of, looks like every doctor has a different system . My doctor's pre-op is up to 3 protein shakes, water, and one low calorie frozen meal like lean cuisine, that does not exceed 800 calories per day. I started my pre-op last Tuesday (10/3/17) and find it really hard to even get close to the 800 calories. I've been averaging 500-600 perday. I am down 9lbs and have 8 days to go so it will be interesting to see how much I actually lose before surgery day. The struggle is real! I suppose I got lucky not having to do straight liquids, but it is still hard, and I'm Hangry!
  12. hernandez776

    Help Me pack my bag!

    Thank you everyone! Great Ideas.
  13. Hello All, I was just wondering what are somethings I should pack for my surgery? I'm traveling from Alaska to Washington. Thanks in advance
  14. hernandez776

    Anyone else having surgery on October 19th?

    I'm scheduled for the 19th as well, good luck to you!
  15. My husband and I have a cruise booked for my 31st bday/5 year wedding anniversary and I would love to be able to wear pretty summer clothes/bathing suit and feel good. There is also lots of photos that are taken on the cruise ship and I want to be comfortable with having my photo taken.
  16. hernandez776

    Incentive dress

    I think this is a great idea, I myself purchased a pair of Miss me Jeans that I’ve wanted for years but they never came in my size. I know I’ll eventually be able to wear them.
  17. October 19th- Everette Washington
  18. Hello All, I recently within the last year have been suffering with Alopecia Areata. Luckily its only effected me in areas that are not to visible, The larger spots that I had have re-grown hair, but i'm still loosing more hair than the normal person. My question is, has anyone had VSG while dealing with Alopecia Areata and not gone completely bald? I know one of the side effects from being sleeved could be hair loss im just wondering how amplified it will be also dealing with the Alopecia areata. Thanks!
  19. hernandez776

    realistic time off work

    I have an office job, I am only taking off 2 weeks.
  20. I have Cigna, was submitted Friday and I had my approval by Tuesday.
  21. hernandez776

    Just getting started

    I am, I live in Alaska and will be traveling to Seattle WA for my surgery. When it's all said and done I will have made 3 trips down to the office.
  22. hernandez776


    Congrats! My date is October 19.
  23. hernandez776

    Surgery Date!!!

    I'm scheduled October 19!!! So excited

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