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  1. Just curious as to see who may be doing intermittent fasting 16:8 with or without keto or hflc?... and has had a vsg. I'm 9 months post op 3/12/16 I started IF last week but have eaten hflc for a while now...
  2. erica_ozzy73

    Intermittent Fasting

    U make it yourself.. bullet proof coffee you could have to "break" your fast depending on how long your fasting for. Other then water or herbal tea you can't have anything during your fast. It defeats the purpose
  3. I'll be following too Fat is awesome and has fantastic benefits for fullness and fat loss and won't spike your insulin I use mct oil in my coffee and maybe a salad it's too darn expensive to use elsewhere lol so I use coconut oil instead I also do intermittent fasting of 16:8 and try and eat hflc but stuff up a bit lol I can't find anyone that does it with a vsg and so I'm very limited with the exact knowledge of doing it correctly. I eat full fat everything and no added sugars although I still have sugar substitutes [emoji53] I eat avocado and cheese and all sorts I hate doing the calorie counting things so worked out my macros and it's too much for me food wise. Today for lunch was tuna and egg and cheese and I can't get through it Yesterday was 1/3 avocado tuna and 1 egg and had no problem getting that down. Lol
  4. Nearly 11 mths out and I suffer from apathetic feelings and anhedonia which are both in the same kinda group as depression. Never ever had it before my surgery and bam it was here two days after. Surgeon and gp honestly thought it would go away. Maybe it was from the anaesthetic etc or from having the surgery itself... but unfortunately looks like it's here to stay It's ****!!!!!! ....
  5. I know of two people that have.. obviously it's through going back to bad ol habits But why wouldn't we want precautions in place for this Good for others to read thanks
  6. Huh.... it's nothing remotely like the lapband. The minimiser has nothing to do with restriction like the band or how tight your sleeve is lol It had everything to do with done the track when some people will push the limits with eating and over do it.. this won't allow me to stretch my sleeve. Not saying if u don't have it you will stretch it but it's a precautionary measure. The Lapband is nothing like it at all
  7. Also you won't hear of many having the ring as well as the sleeve. I'm in Perth and I know of a few that have had it here. We are few and far between lol If u wanna know anything I'll be more then happy to answer if I can... hope your op goes well and good luck on your journey [emoji108][emoji4]
  8. Hey I'm 10mths post op and have the minimizer ring in as well. I've had no problems thus so far. I haven't heard of anyone else having any issues. Don't worry about if you've buggered up on the pre op phase, as long as u have mainly stuck to it I wouldn't worry. I had to do two weeks of opti and hated every minute lol Good luck with your journey
  9. erica_ozzy73

    2 months no Weightloss

    Do you track what your eating?.. just to give u an idea.
  10. erica_ozzy73


    I was on 75mg of Zoloft before my sleeve. Two days after my sleeve I began to feel apathetic and just not ok. It felt like no matter how funny something was I couldn't laugh or feel the happy feeling. I went to my normal gp for others reasons and I mentioned this to her .. she then decided to reduce my meds cause it felt like I was in a fog or something. She really had no clue what to do...I had never felt so strange. Seeing my surgeon and explaining this to him he wasn't sure either. My dr shouldn't of reduced my meds and he said don't worry it will get better. Nearly 10 months post op I feel no different! In fact I have taken myself of the meds and feel no different as to when i was on them. It's extremely annoying and sad that I have to force my happiness and laughter. This has only happened since just after my surgery. With no explanation as to what the hell is going on.
  11. erica_ozzy73

    1 year out-what is your eating style?

    Im a sleever with a minimiser ring .... I'm not a year out but around 9.5mths out. I eat two or three times a day with my first meal being at 1pm as I do intermittent fasting of 16:8. My meals are quite small and depending on what I eat will depend on how much I feel full. I avoid fruit unless it's berries and avoid any carbs that are breads, rices , pastas , starchy veggies , anything that's packaged with too much sugar in it (over 5gm per 100), milky stuff but I'll have cream . I eat predominantly a hflc. I would be lying if I said I don't eat some crap. I sometimes track my food but with my IF I don't have to.. I lost my weight in around 3-4 mths and have stayed the same up until 3 weeks ago where I have lost a couple more kgs. I'm a low bmier as well lol
  12. My highest weight was 85kgs or around 188lbs and my bmi was nearly 31. I had the sleeve last Dec and my weight is now around 63.5kgs - 64.5kgs or around 141 lbs.. I'm 166cm or around 5ft 6.. I eat hflc and for the last 2 weeks have started intermittent fasting or 16:8. To lose some more fat etc. I carried the majority of my weight around my waist and have high blood pressure and hypothyroidism. I have an extremely strong family history of heart issues and diabetes. Im def not too light and struggle with NOT eating food as I still have a good addiction. I'm going good apart from getting full on dense protein real fast and I get annoyed quick lol.. I don't enjoy food anymore but I still want to eat . I don't regret it though one bit.
  13. erica_ozzy73

    Stomach Stretching is a Myth

    What's dr alveraz's snap chat name ?
  14. erica_ozzy73

    Intermittent Fasting

    Ahhh ok I'm doing 16:8. 7pm to 1pm the next day ... So my first "meal" or calories which is always a keto style or hflc isn't until 1pm. I do have a cuppa tea in the morning but no milk as it would break the fast.. all good sounds interesting though.. I'll have to look it up
  15. erica_ozzy73

    Intermittent Fasting

    If u have bullet proof coffee instead you are breaking your fast... sort of defeats the purpose lol
  16. erica_ozzy73

    Intermittent Fasting

    Excuse my spelling errors .. im typing to quick lol
  17. erica_ozzy73

    Intermittent Fasting

    Oh wow ..... we are sounded very similar hahahahah.. self talk is a huge on. I can be so positive yet so negative in seconds. I tell myself I am the only one that can change the way I am then I can be making excuses lol.. it's so time consuming all this isn't it ? [emoji23]
  18. erica_ozzy73

    Pasta and Rice substitutes

    Oh kinda looks like a light coloured pumpkin. I have never seen one before . Thanks
  19. erica_ozzy73

    Intermittent Fasting

    I'm the same with the denser protein foods. I can only have so much which is great. Tonight I had a little rissole and a stalk of broccoli with a cheese sauce and I'm done .... but I could eat more I think if I really wanted to lol Chips and biscuits are he same for me too. I can't have them around me as I know they are a slippery slop for disaster and I can eat heaps . If I over eat on sugary stuff or icecream I get nauseous quick. But I don't seem to learn as the next time I do it again. Foos addiction and little self control make it a little harder. I go really well for days and then slide a bit and so on.. If I've planned my lunch for the day I seem to go well but when I get home I sometimes slip into old habits. My exercising isn't too bad . At the gym 3-4 days a week and do weights with some cardio. I also walk the dog but this can be spasmodic. Some Days I can't be bothered and find an excuse not to exercise lol.. I don't have a set finish time at work so it makes it hard having to do the cooking etc. as I said excuses !!.. [emoji52] After my op I feel Iike I've changed mentally as I have apathetic feelings and anger can be an issue. It's bizarre tbh cause it happened so quick after the op. The surgeon and my dr have no clue as to why but "depression" has come up. The ability of being able to laugh and feel the good feelings has gone unfortunately. I find things funny but have a forced laugh ( weird I know lol) Over all I feel ok. I'm still on hypothyroid meds and bp meds but lowered dose... I do like the size I am but hate my tummy area lol.. 3 c sections and being overweight will do that to u lol. You sound like your going great guns [emoji1320] ... and all the power to you. U have made some great achievements... well done It's a life time change and I do want to get it under control while I'm still in the honey moon period lol ..
  20. erica_ozzy73

    Pasta and Rice substitutes

    What's spaghetti squash?... ever heard of it
  21. erica_ozzy73

    Intermittent Fasting

    How are u feeling?.. I lost 2 kgs in the first days but we all know that's fluids lol. Has most of your hunger come back after 2.5yrs?... very curious as to what to expect for myself. How's your restriction?.. I buggered up my eating today as someone at work has a bday and I ended up eating a bloody cupcake and some slices of cheese cake.. not happy and feeling sick from doing it. But back on the horse lol
  22. erica_ozzy73

    Any Aussies here? Sleeved on 27/6/17

    Hi there.. I've never had the band I've just got the banded sleeve which is the sleeve with a minimiser ring. I lost my weight quite quick as I was considered a low BMIer to begin with. So far it's all been ok although I'm still learning how to eat slow lol My health has improved as in my bp is better and everything seems to be normal. How are you feeling?... what issues have you had if you don't mind me asking?... [emoji4]
  23. erica_ozzy73

    Any Aussies here? Sleeved on 27/6/17

    Hi there.. I've never had the band I've just got the banded sleeve which is the sleeve with a minimiser ring. I lost my weight quite quick as I was considered a low BMIer to begin with. So far it's all been ok although I'm still learning how to eat slow lol My health has improved as in my bp is better and everything seems to be normal. How are you feeling?... what issues have you had if you don't mind me asking?... [emoji4]
  24. erica_ozzy73

    Any Aussies here? Sleeved on 27/6/17

    Perth here... had a banded sleeve 5th dec 2016

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