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  1. Have a consult Jan 3rd. Looking for info on what his process is and did you like him? Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  2. They do always say to watch the website videos and they have support groups onsite if you want to join in but they didnt require it - at least last year when I had mine
  3. I wasnt required to take any classes. Only a psych exam
  4. I had my surgery in Haymarket. No issues at all. I was in the hospital for 2 days.
  5. You can do it! I had to lose 3 lbs lol you will have a great nap while he is working his magic! Just remember he sends you home with NO pain meds. Walk walk walk and sip sip sip. The first week is rough but well worth the outcome. Its a wonderful journey!
  6. I only had a 3 day clear liquid pre op diet. He will tell you what weight he wants you at that you have to meet by your surgery date. Dont play into it. Trust me after the surgery you wont want to eat. Follow the 7 week post op diet, take your vitamins and you will do fine. And - no more diabetis!! Im 💯 healthy
  7. You wont be sorry! Best decision ever!
  8. I decided on bypass because I had Type 2 diabetis. Dr F wouldnt tell me either way. Other then I would be a good candidate for either. My goal weight was 150 which I have passed. I feel great and have never been sick not once. My labs are perfect. Follow what they say and you will do great!
  9. I had gastric bypass 11 months ago. Dr. Fitzer is awesome! Started at 240 and today I am 138 best decision ever!
  10. I have Carefirst BCBS my consult was Jan 2017 and my surgery was March 2017
  11. Awesome. Im sure you will do great! good luck
  12. No she will only send u home with a green piece of paper that is a 7 week post op diet that you have to follow. the first 2 weeks ur gonna be drinking protein shakes. Remember to take your vitimans and B12 everday! And calcium! its very important
  13. I was in for 2 days. I picked Haymarket Hospital because its closer to home. Jenny will do all of your post op stuff. You wont see Dr Fitzer after surgery... LOL
  14. I work from home so it wasnt bad for me but I think you will be fine with a week off. Not having pain meds is actually better. Keep moving and follow the green sheet and you will recover faster!
  15. Nope. I have insurance. My insurance co only required a psych exam. Dr Fitzer required an EKG. I had a 3 day pre op liquid diet and you have a 7 week post op diet to follow. Dr Fitzer will send u home with NO pain meds so be prepared. But after the 1st 10 days it gets better. Just walk walk walk and sip sip sip!! My stats: 240lbs 5’3 surgery was 3/21 - 6 mos ago. Im down 85 lbs and at my goal weight of 150lbs
  16. He only requested me to have an EKG
  17. Oh my gosh any time!! I'd love to help
  18. Thanks so much! When people say this is the "easy way out" it is not in the least. You still have to eat right and exercise. Make sure you take those vitamins everyday. Your labs will show if your not. I've never missed a day. Its a part of healing I truly believe. They will also have you on 3 months of stomach meds to insure you don't get an ulcer. Finish all that. It's important. I'm happy to stay in touch and help with whatever. my email is: obxshell89@gmail.com
  19. I am sure you will do just fine just remember to walk but also rest when you need it . A lot of being uncomfortable is just from the gas that they fill you up with . The incisions really don't her but she will be bruised I had six incisions. Here is a before and after picture as well
  20. I feel like I was lucky on that aspect. My insurance only required a psych exam. Dr. Fitzer required am EKG. My consult with him was January 4, 2017. I busted my butt to get the few things done I had to do in order to have surgery 2 months later. It was worth it. Keep it up. Your day will come soon.
  21. Sure. I was 240lbs - Had type 2 diabetes. High blood pressure. High Cholesterol. Today, I am 157lbs. I work out, eat right, diabetes is gone. High blood pressure is gone. High cholesterol is gone. Only pills I take each day are my vitamins. :)-
  22. Yes I see Suzanne as well. She is amazing and so is Jenny the PA. Pain level the first 2 days was not so good but your in the hospital and they give you pain meds. The KEY TO SUCCESS IS WALK WALK WALK WALK!! I walked in circles just in my room as early as 4 hours after surgery. Sip Sip that water too. You all will do great and I am here to help any of you be successful! Listen to what they tell you and you will do fine. I have NOT been sick one time. (Trust me you will know when your full) Once you get home, keep moving. The first 10 days are uncomfortable but you will do fine. Good luck to ALL of you!
  23. Dr Fitzer did my gastric bypass 3/21/17 Best decision ever! Im down 83 lbs in 5 months. You will do great as long as you listen to what they tell you to do . Keep in mind when you are released from the hospital he does not send home pain medication so you're going to need to take it easy for about the first 10 days
  24. Anyone have this? What were your requirements? Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  25. Insurance approved me. Only have to pay my deductible! Consultation is Jan 3rd. So nervous and excited! I called my ins co and she said VA doesnt require 6 months of classes. I am hoping that is true. Any others in Northen VA? Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App

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