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  1. Before and after. Couple close coaching friends getting ready to do the same thing. Very fortunate that I had good insurance. Had to do the 6 month wait (visit and class once a month) but it was worth it. I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen on Friday nights in the fall. So much energy and adrenaline go into a Friday night.
  2. Coachthex32

    First Time (even after WLS)

    A coach on my staff had his 40th birthday party at a Vegas (never been) style pool. This was the first adult pool party I have ever been invited to. NO way I would have done this prior to WLS. I had a blast and felt normal with my body. Trying to blonde out my graying hair may have been a mistake (mid life crisis) but still had a lot of fun. Even enjoyed a few Shiners. Just kept track of my calories to not over do it. This was back in July. Have lost another 8-9 lbs from this picture. Never thought this would be possible. You can do this too! Hang in there.
  3. The incredible world of thrift stores. Went from a size 46 waist to a 34. Shirt size from 3XL or 18.5 neck to 15.5 neck or L in dress shirts. Will not spend over $3-$5 per item. Having a blast finding great items that fit. Always felt guilty going to big and tall just to overpay for khaki expandable pants. Love getting my wife's attention each morning I walk out the door for work. Only regret, I did not get the sleeve sooner. Gained all my weight from 25-44. Almost made it to 300lbs. Ugh...Now back to 185. You can do this too!!!
  4. Thanks. Dealing with the Hurricane?
  5. Coachthex32

    First Time (even after WLS)

    I guess I should have posted this as a question. Once you hit or get close to goal, is there anything you are going to do for the first time? What are you looking forward too? I still have a bucket (what is the opposite of a bucket list? not dying, living for the first time in a long time) list of things I cannot wait to try.
  6. Thanks. The place I had my surgery cautioned us against high protein shakes. I’ll bring this up at the next appointment.
  7. Coachthex32

    Boobs !

    New. Favorite. Thread.
  8. I was told the body can only handle 30 g of protein per hour? Anything more is just wasted.
  9. Coachthex32

    30 second elevator interview

    46 year old dad of three, husband, and High School football coach in the great state of Texas. Love everything outdoors except camping, nothing but 5 star hotels or resorts will do. Champion of home improvement projects via DIY on YouTube.
  10. Coachthex32

    When Did Your Weight Stabalize

    Around 18 months for me.
  11. The same thing happened to me. Two different results: 1. Was able to order soup and fit in. Just sipped on it through out the meal. 2. I ordered, but did not eat anything. Just cut it up and moved stuff around on the plate. When someone noticed I just said that I was not that hungry. Saved me from having an awkward conversation about my procedure.
  12. Coachthex32

    Non Scale Victories

    Hiked up two (2) mountains this summer. 12,998' and 14,202'. Tried the first one three years ago and almost passed out within the first 20 mins.
  13. Really keep it simple. I do not like to walk outside (loved to run before I gained weight) either but I started listening to podcasts and it made the time fly by. Eventually added a weight vest. Do not have time for gym memberships, and when I am home there is no time (3 kids) to find a spot to workout. Now I look forward to my walks so I can get caught up on the "free" podcasts that I subscribe too. Almost works out to 1 episode per day.
  14. Coachthex32

    40 something sleevers?

    Sleeved at 44. Wish I would have had this done 20 years ago. At 46, I am healthier and in better shape than I was in my mid 20’s. Will say that a complete body transformation brings its own challenges.
  15. Coachthex32

    Vitamins and Supplements

    Really started out as just being lazy. I ran out and did not have time to get more. Felt like it was a “scam” that I had to pay extra for a Bariatric vitamin. (Something that dissolved faster).
  16. Coachthex32

    Vitamins and Supplements

    I stopped taking vitamins at 6 months post -op. Figured it would show up during my annual physical in my blood work. Just had another physical (18 months post op) and my doctor said everything checked out just fine. Eating very well and saved $700 in vitamin cost. Hit my goal and feel stronger and healthier than I have been in 20 years.
  17. Coachthex32

    I guess I’m regretting a little...

    Give it time and walk, walk, walk. THERE will be stalls. Hit my goal at 18 months. Just had to be patient. I wish I had done this 20+ years ago. Loving my new body. You will get there too.
  18. Scale said 185! Same weight from high school. So many ups and downs. Someone asked what the hardest part was....I am 46, married 18 years (all very heavy) and did not hand the attention very well. (Even after people said your hormones will go crazy). I’m a guy. What hormones. Oh well. Glad to finally hit my goal. Feel stronger and healthier today than at any time during the last 25 years.
  19. Not sure. Very fortunate that it was not too big of an issue. Did not do anything to prevent it.
  20. Making progress! Start running and lifting on Monday.
  21. Coachthex32

    Sleeved on 1/17

    Your on track. Just beware of the 3 week stall. It is real!
  22. Coachthex32

    5 week post op before and after

    My doctor laughed when I asked about working out. I think I first brought it up at the 12 day mark. His quote was something like this" You have not worried about working out for 15 years, you can wait three more weeks" Pretty good truth bomb. I was so big for so long that I had given up on working out.
  23. First day off of the pureed stage!!!! Going out to eat tonight and then catching a movie. I understand that I will be ordering and eating only Protein. Probably just 2 - 3 oz. Any dinner location ideas in the north Dallas area that has a pretty friendly menu? We usually end up at Houston's but I don't want to pay $25-27 for my meal and only two - three bites of food. (I'm not cheap, just trying to adjust to this new lifestyle) Really don't want to be the guy asking or explaining about a kids meal "due to weight loss surgery". Any ideas?
  24. Coachthex32

    Weigh In Question

    I had sleep apnea and high blood pressure. I was right on the edge of not qualifying eith my BMI and had to maintain (even gain a few pounds) during my 6 month required insurance class. Once I had my approval letter, I was able to start my pre-op liquid diet and start losing prior to surgery.
  25. ....why didn't I do this sooner? I am starting to really see some results in the way I look and feel. Belly starting to decrease in size.

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