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    SLOW going...

    OMG! Dont be so hard on yourself! You've lost a ton of weight in a very short time! You will continue to lose, just at a slower pace. Get rid of the fat clothes, you WILL NOT go back so you don't need them. I have found a whole new cheap temporary spring wardrobe at Sams club. Capris and jeans, $15. Eventually hope to buy some quality clothing when I reach goal.
  2. Snoozy33


  3. Me too! I only told my husband. Not my adult children, not my close friends. I have some pointers for you. First of all I hate attention about my weight. I work with alot of women, so of course, everyone is weight obsessed. I started getting questions with the first 20 lbs. I tell people the truth about what I am eating..protein first, low carbs (NO RICE, BREAD, POTATOES), NO junk food(chocolate, sweets, chips) and I joined a gym. This part is true. The liquid phase was tricky...I would order the soup and then say my stomach felt "funny" when I couldn't complete it. No one noticed. Now I am asked daily "how much have you lost?". This is where I lie....I admit to half of my weight loss! I have just hit 55lbs and admit to losing 28 since Thanksgiving. If I end up losing 80 or 90 lbs and admit to 40-45 no one will suspect VSG!. So far....my secret is mine. My feeling is, this is my own struggle, I don't need or want anyone else's judgements or negativity. I got myself into this situation, I'll get my self out! Good luck!
  4. You look great! Thanks for sharing such inspiring photos! The struggle is real, but you rock!
  5. Snoozy33


    Eating OK is vague. Also, no clue where you are at, where you started and how long your stuck. Most likely, it will pass. Keep on track!
  6. Snoozy33

    What Is Your Favorite Healthy Food Discovery?

    I buy bags of frozen edaname with sea salt. It is one of my favorite snacks!
  7. totally normal. I felt obsessed with daily numbers on the scale. It will come off! I am now 2 mos out and down 43lbs from my preop weight. I stalled on day 10 for about a week. It also seems like you are not losing, but if you track your weight daily you start to see pattern. Mine went like this: 12/12 231 12/16 225 12/18 221 12/21 220 12/24 217 12/26 215 1/2 214 1/4 212 1/11 211 1/14 209 1/15 208 1/18 206 1/19 205 1/24 204 1/26 200 2/1 198 2/4 196 2/11 194 2/12 193 2/16 192! The days I didn't list there was no weight loss, so you can see, it starts and stops. Some days I swear I am going to get on the scale and see a 1 or 2 pound loss and it stays the same. Other days, not expecting it, I will lose 2! It averages out to 2-3 lbs per week which is healthy rate of loss. Good luck!
  8. Snoozy33

    Voice change?

    Okay, so I am 8 weeks out and thrilled to be 35 lbs down! Tonight my hub told me my voice has changed since the weight loss! Has anyone else had this experience?
  9. Snoozy33

    7 months later - 77 lb☑️ 18lb to go

    You look great! Can't wait to have collarbones again!
  10. Could be pre menstrual too.
  11. Me too, it was six days before I went. I did not use any pain meds when I got home, for this reason and I still got painfully constipated. I am now 5 weeks out and still having issues. Not to be gross but stool is getting to hard to pass. Taking senecot as needed, colace and miralax. Slowly getting better(I think). Im peeing alot so I don't feel as though I am dehydrated. I am in the medical profession and I must say most Docs could care less about your constipation so you are left to deal with it on your own. Other then that, I am doing great!! I have even introduced 1 8 oz cup of coffee per day to help with the BM's. New stomach handles that just fine. Good luck to you in figuring out something that works for you.
  12. Snoozy33

    2 Week Post Op Stall

    Me too, I stalled at 13 days. Weird because calories were between 600-800. But today....22 days post op, dropped 3!! Trying to just concentrate on the spring, thinking of where I will be! Good luck, keep us posted!
  13. Snoozy33

    December 13th

    December 13th sleevers!! Lets all update and see how we are doing. I am trying to get a sense of what is normal, average, ect. I am 3 weeks post op today and down 16 lbs. I thought I would be down more, but seem to have stalled at day 13, losing only 1 lb in the past 8 days. Is this normal? Is this possible? My calories are between 600-800 per day. No issues with the Protein or liquids. Soft food stage for me, fish, yogurt and soup. I know its crazy, but I was not anticipating a stall for at least a month or two. My surgeon said the first 6 months is where the weight will fall off, after that its up to me. Hoping to hit a milestone in January.
  14. Don't do it. I had a friend who did this very soon after her RNY gastric bypass. Not only was it disgusting, she stopped losing and started gaining. Its not physical hunger causing this, its mental hunger. Find another distraction. Get up and move when you feel this way (we are less likely to be eating if we are standing and walking). Good luck!
  15. I am two weeks today. I gained 10 lbs to qualify for surgery, starting with a BMI of 35 and weight of 235. Day of surgery 230. Today, 215. I should be happy, and I am, but....I am extremely anxious that weight loss is going to stop. My surgeon allowed us to start pureed phased on Saturday, 4 days shy of the 2 week mark because of the holidays! I have had no issues at all other than extreme constipation. This is not uncommon for me after anesthesia. I took maybe 3 Tylenol # 3 since discharge from hospital. I have "cheated" by drinking 1 8 oz cup of coffee per day to help with the headache and constipation. In the middle of all this my Mom died Christmas eve after an extended illness. Stress, fear, sadness fill my head. I have a house full of company that will be here thru Thursdays funeral service. No one is aware of my surgery, not even my own grown children. There have been a few times I looked longingly at the Cookies and sweets, but none have passed my lips. I have not tracked for the past 3 days but I feel as though I am getting my liquids in(urine is light in color). The minute my house clears out I can get rid of all the junk food that is currently surrounding me and get back to tracking and treadmill. I am within 10 lbs of the lowest weight for me in the last 10 years. I have been living with obesity for the past 30 years. In my head something gnaws at me and makes me feel like I am going to be the exception to WLS. I will be that person that goes through all of this and only loses 25 lbs. I am obsessed with figuring out how I compare on this journey. I really want to see it plotted out with my journey vs. everyone else so I can be sure I am on track or off track. I know I sound like a hot mess, but hoping to be able to keep it all together and get myself into 2017.
  16. Snoozy33

    Does anyone gets out of breath easily?

    I would check with your doctor. Doesn't have to be your surgeon either. Sounds like something is going on since you didn't have it preop. Were you at the same activity level?
  17. Snoozy33

    New here & one week out

    Similar stories and feelings, glad you are getting this under control while you are young. I too had the complication of extreme constipation. I just wanted to suggest that you get off any pain meds you might still be on as well as the antinausea drugs. They slow the bowels down. Keep drinking tons of water. Good luck to you.
  18. Me too, I was done one week ago. The past weekend , i was starving. Painful hunger pains that I was not expecting. Yesterday returned to work and with being busy all day, I barely noticed it. Hoping it was head hunger!
  19. Snoozy33

    Okay, I'll take it!

    Thats awesome! Can't wait to be there!
  20. Snoozy33

    Bowel movements

    Yikes me too. Getting worried, 5 days post op. Although I just started on full liquids and soft today. Yogurt was great. It is also the first day I am feeling hungry. Alot. Hope it passes.
  21. Snoozy33

    Day 2 post-op

    Yes, me too. But today I am 4 days out and it is much less. Still struggling with intense shoulder gas pains, but not doing pain meds.
  22. Snoozy33

    Does this get better?

    I hope so. Gas pain is lodged in my shoulder and neck. Gotta keep walking, it will go away., but it can take several days. The burping is intestinal gas, thats easier to get rid of. My doc prescribed zofran (an anti-emetic). I have taken one each day. I am trying to drink 1 oz every 15 mins. I have had a constant dull headache since surgery, I think it is related to caffiene withdrawal. Not taking pain meds for fear of constipation.
  23. Snoozy33

    Out of Surgery

    i was done on the 13th. home now. my belly almost feels like it is very hungry. i just took a tylenol #3. What are you taking?
  24. Snoozy33

    Duh...How to decide whom to tell?

    I had my sleeve done yesterday, my husband is the only one I told, not even my mother who is judgemental. I would have not told my hub if I could have gotten away with it! For me, one of the challanging issues is that I had to have it done where I work. Very uncomfortable because I know all the anesthesia docs personally. And within the whole hospital system (food runners, lab techs, nurse supervisors and admission clerks, I have no doubt I will be outted! I had no choice but to have it done where I work, ins would not cover any other hospital....but the bright side of that is that I wouldnot have qualified anywhere else. Starting weight 235, no comorbidities. Everyone struggles in there own way, the people here get it,
  25. Second day here. Im glad I stumbled upon this. This seems like a great support community! My day is tomorrow! Wish me luck. Slightly nervous, but only looking forward.

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