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    Losers bench

    Congrats The Losers Bench
  2. ThinJenne


    Just wanted to pus up some numbers since i went to the Dr this morning HW: 450 SW:430 CW: 375 moving out of the 3's !!! The Losers Bench
  3. I knew i was feeling better but i wasnt ready to take body shots what i see in the pics the mirror never showed me The Losers Bench
  4. ThinJenne

    The mirror lies

    Omg that was so me steady gaining weigh looking in the mirror comparing myself to other big ppl saying its ok im not that big The Losers Bench
  5. I did not realized i was living my life in bondage. My body was/is my cage. My fat is a leash. Once i started losing my little walks are like freedom. My body screams get up move dance it craves it my mind say no remember walking hurts dancing causes pain. I fight my sub conscious everyday and each time its a sweet surprise I can move i can walk. I never knew how much i missed it. Mentally i wait for the pain and i approch each movement timidly. But the pain never comes so i do more but my leash hold me back still i realize im not ready my journey is still not complete but i reached a new level. So tomorrow i will fight to walk again enjoy the surprise of no pain again and walk a few steps futher. My body is my canvas it is no longer my cage my fat is my clay each movement shaping and twisting it to chisel a better me. My movement is my freedom. I played a game of football catch with my son today we even had a jogging contest. He knows my goal is to play a real game of basketball with him and his father. The Losers Bench
  6. ThinJenne

    I did't realize

    Amen! Amen! To God be the glory I can do all things through christ Jesus The Losers Bench
  7. How long so you have to wait before you can swallow pill again?? Taking antibotics and crushing them is disgusting The Losers Bench
  8. ThinJenne

    How long

    Thank you guys for your input ill speak with my surgeon but i did try spliting them this morning because my taste buds could not take the crushing without throwing them up this morning The Losers Bench
  9. if they say its the easy way out tell them to jump off the bridge this is anything but easy. I not only have to work as hard as the person doing exercise but im doing it on less fuel. If they say it happens quicker that might be true but i put my body and soul through trauma to better my circumstances if im a "cheater" for that then so be it but i make cheating look good. Hello beautiful people. I refuse to be ashame for doing this i say it proudly cause the results are speaking for themselves The Losers Bench
  10. ThinJenne


    Today i want to take the time to say good bye to a friend that hung around my neck like anchor. I want to say we had many bad times togather and i truly will not miss you. I will not miss being scared to take a nap for fear the whole house will hear me snoring. I will not miss the pain that came from walking out my house to my car (the less then a 1 minute Walk ) I say dear friend you did not do me well at all so i bid farewell to the 400s and i say to the 300s don't get comfortable i've started the eviction paperwork on you for you must leave me soon as well!!!! Surgery date 12/8/16 Hw 450 Sw 430 Cw 397 The Losers Bench
  11. You already made the first steps your time will come but i will say what most people wont enjoy some of those foods while you still can but dont over indulge i miss some of the flavors. But i wouldnt take the surgery back for anything The Losers Bench
  12. I say it took a lot of hard work because its the truth many people fail after WLS it takes hard work to go through this process be successful and stay successful The Losers Bench
  13. Most Dr. Dont have a problem with refering you if you are morbidly obese i hate that word. But my dr did want me to try and lose the weigh before she referred me but some surgeon offices does it all mine didnt but i didnt need a dr referrel to go to them i needed my dr to refer me to everyone else like for my lungs and heart and such. So i say go to your sergon office and find out what they need from you but i would still get a PCP because it good to have The Losers Bench
  14. ThinJenne

    When did you start loving your sleeve?

    I dont really have regrets but i do wish i could really eat lol. I mean im 3 weeks post op and i can tolerate soft foods but i had to because i could do absolutly no Protein shakes all of them made me vomit and so did Water. Me and all liquids are not friends except warme tea with lemon and honey and gatorade go figure. But i started exercizing early since these are not the idea foods and drinks its working. And im able to eat a littlw more depending on what i eat. But im now 63lbs doqn so i gueas i started loving it the day i found out i lost 29lbs 2 weeks after surgery. I mean its not my beat friend but i appereciate it. The Losers Bench
  15. At 450lb i could understand what put them in a position of not wanting to move or leave the house. I also could understand not having enough money to see a dr when they noticed how bad it bad getting. I can also understand being in an unhealthy relationship when you feel no one else will love you. Ive been through all these things at some point of my life. Hell i can even understand eatting to fill the void im sure we all can underatand that. But i hate their dr he is an a*****e. I could NEVER eat as much as they do. And how the hell did they make it pass 600lbs when i thought i was going to die at 450. But i watch it while i excercize because i feel like i can relate to alot of their issues and i know what im fighting for. I started this because of that show. I am fighting to not be them. Because i can understand them. The Losers Bench
  16. ThinJenne

    The beginning

    July 7th two days before my birthday I am at work having a pretty ok day. Then out of no where it hit me I could not breathe I was on the phone with a customer and could barely talk. I really thought I was going to die. Thank God it was not a heart attack it was an anxiety attack it was God getting my attention to stop talking about change and make it happen. So here I am tomorrow makes exactly two weeks until surgery. I start my pre op diet on thankgiving and Ibe never been so happy to not be eatting I am so excited to join the WLS community. Sent from my LGMS631 using the BariatricPal App
  17. ThinJenne

    The beginning

    Hey ThinJenne, I was wondering how've you been getting on since your surgery. Are you feeling ok or still pretty sore?Not sore at all most days are pretty good just hard trying to find new full liquids to try. Today has been my first bad experience where nothing would settle on my stomach and threw up all day but al in all i think im doing ok The Losers Bench
  18. ThinJenne

    The beginning

    I am doing pretty good so far i have a full lost of 53 lb and 32 has been since surgery. i am up and walking which is really exciting for me. Because my Bf and i have taken our first moon light walk togather lol. Protein is almost impossible for me i cant sto.mach any of the shakes and Water is not much of my friend either but i am trying. So things are going slow but steady for me The Losers Bench
  19. ThinJenne

    Bad day

    I couldnt even do that today but im going to try a popicicle. Heck even my meds had me throwing up today. But thank you because i was really worried @@Seevan The Losers Bench
  20. ThinJenne

    Bad day

    2 weeks post op and my first really bad day cant keep anything down and i have the shakes really bad day The Losers Bench
  21. ThinJenne

    Check list

    Picked up post op meds Picked up Vitamins Put in leave of absence Put in short term disability Boyfriend got 2 days off Son has a place to stay I think i did everything but still feels like im missing something trying to go into this being prepared for the normal day to day stuff 5 days left and most of them will be spent with me working gotta make the most of the 2 days i have off before surgery. Did anyone else have a hard time putting things in order??? 5 days untill WLS
  22. ThinJenne

    Check list

    I dont but they did give me some meds they work ok The Losers Bench
  23. ThinJenne

    Check list

    Im doing pretty good two days ago i started getting nauseated and havent been able to shake it but other then that all is well thank you for asking how are you? The Losers Bench
  24. ThinJenne


    Thank you guys The Losers Bench
  25. ThinJenne

    Stomach Spasms- with sleeve.

    Had my surgrry on 12/8/16 I still get stomach spasms however now its usually when i try something new The Losers Bench