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  1. Steph,

    Your best bet is just quit worrying about what people at work are thinking about you. I understand how hard it is. I was thinking about when my worries changed and I think it's something that's just happend as I've lost weight. I've got so much support from SO MANY people. Some of them know about the surgery and some of them don't. You'll probably become more comfortable as you start shrinking!!! :thumbdown: I'd recommend focusing on that and it'll get you A LOT further and probably be more healthy for you.

    I understand that losing weight with the band is a slow process and people always are wondering if you're going to keep the weight off or if you're still really losing etc...but it's taken you a lifetime to put the weight on, just enjoy it as it comes off. (Even if it's slow) Many people on this site get frustrated by so many things regarding the band, and I've been one of them, but basically it doesn't help. The best thing I've found is to take a breath and enjoy where you're at and make changes as you need to. I LOVE my band and I hope you will too!

    Mostly, head up, be proud of making yourself a better you! :seeya:

  2. If I were you, I'd just ignore it. You told her once that you didn't want her to say anything and she apparently doesn't care. If the people that do care about you hear about it, they will come to you and talk to you about it. If you go talk to her about it again, it's only going to let her know it's bothering you. Let's be honest, she seems like a bitch anyway, it might only make things worse.

    Who cares if you got the surgery or not. Everyone that knows what the band is like KNOWS it's not the easy way out. It just makes losing weight possible. Everyone has an addiction of some sort, this girl's just isn't food. No big deal, but I KNOW there is something she's dealing with.

    That's how I try and look at it.

    Once I told my dad that I didn't want anyone to know I got this surgery and he asked why. I told him that I felt stupid for being so weak as to not be able to lose the weight myself. And he said, if the surgery works for you then there is nothing to be ashamed of. You made the correct choice. If you don't lose any weight, then you made the wrong choice and I can see how you don't want people to know. From then on out, I tell everyone and it helps motivate me to keep working the band to help me stay skinny!

    I love my band and would tell anyone that it might help about it. There's no need to be embarassed by it!!

    Good luck!

  3. I think 62 lbs is great!! I've only lost 78 lbs and I have a lot more to lose than you. I've been stuck for the last two months and i'm totally frustrated as well. However, I'm running 25-30 miles a week and I feel better than i ever have in my life. I'm just trying to look at it that way. I need a fill. I just hate being so tight and throwing up. I'd rather have a little chub on me and not need to pay for another surgery. LoL

    You should talk to your doctor about it and what you should do.

    Mostly don't feel bad about your loss...you've done great!!! I'm at 190 and I'd trade you for 160 any day!! heeh

  4. NOBPJ

    Everyone has told you from the beginning that this is a tool and you need to use it to HELP you. It won't do it for you. The fact that you are not exercising says a lot to me. You're gonna have to do your part. I'm not convinced you are.

    I had a really really hard time learning to eat with the band as well. It sounds like you are eating WAY too fast and probably to big of bites. I used to get stuck on everything and I blamed how stupid the band was. In reality, it was my fault and after changing my eating style I don't get stuck nearly as often. I used to be addicted to food and the addiction would eat for me. Now, I'm not so addicted to food and it's a lot easier to not get stuck. I dunno if that makes sense.

    I do not get full with the band. Either I’m in pain for eating too much, or I have to tell myself, “Okay, enough food”. I agree that we were mislead on this fact, but there’s no way, on God’s green earth, I would have be able to say “Okay, enough food” with out my band. So, I give that credit to the band.

    You should make a food journal. You will see that you are eating more calories than you are burning. If you weren't, you would be losing. It's IMPOSSIBLE to eat less and stay the same weight. Here are some free sites that will help you keep track of your food. Sparkpeople.com, myfitnesspal.com, myfood guidepyramid.gov or something like that.

    Next, get your ass moving!!! What the hell? You paid a shit load of money to get this surgery to what, get online and bitch to us? LoL You can hate me for that comment, but really, get with it. You must have been tired enough of being fat that you’d risk you life in surgery. Sweat a little bit and put some effort into changing your body. I was stuck for a LONG time when I had lost 60lbs. I got very bitter and mad at the band. I had to start running to get over my plateau. I easily run 3, 5, 7 miles a day and I’ve never been more proud of myself!! The more work you put into this process the prouder of yourself you’ll be.

    I think you need to stop thinking that magically this band is gonna make you skinny. Maybe you did make the wrong choice of getting the band instead of gastric. Even that surgery you have to follow the rules or you’d gain the weight back. There is no simple answer. We are addicted to food or we wouldn’t have to make any of these choices.

    I really hope you can get yourself to let your band work for you. You’ll LOVE it. It’s the most amazing ride I’ve ever been on. And when I say ride, I mean it. This band is a freaking rollercoaster ride, but the results of it are WAY cool.

    Best of luck,

    PS For those of you that don't agree with me and want to send me some angry comment..DON'T, just stop reading my posts. :cursing:

  5. I HATE dating with the band!! When ever I'm nervous about ANYTHING I get so tight I can't eat. And what do you do on first dates? GET NERVOUS!! And what do you do when you meet someone's family for the first time? GET NERVOUS!! I mean really anything big that comes up, I stress about it and get stuck.

    I haven't actually told anyone that I've been out with that I've had the band. I don't think it's any of their business, but it sure is awkward having a full plate infront of you and you only pushed your food around for 45 minutes!!! HAHAHAH

    This stuff happens on a regular basis to me. It sucks a lot. :tt2: Oh well, I wouldn't be on the date if it weren't for the band...I guess it's a toss up! LoL

  6. SuzanneG,

    Whatever! You're 14 lbs from my DREAM goal. I've just listed my first goal. That'll put me at 185, but I'm still freaking excited!! I'm gonna buy myself some new diamond earrings when I reach it!! Whaaaahooo!!

    Fantastic job on your weight loss!! I'm a little jealous I'll be honest with ya. :)

    GO LAPBANDERZ!! We are gonna be skinny! *woot woot* :)

  7. Crazycatlady,

    I understand you have no restriction and I'm sorry for that, but you have to see where your doctor is coming from. I mean read HALF of the "problem losing" posts and it's all because they are lazy and eating a bunch of slider foods that are HORRIBLE to eat.

    If you make a journal of what you are able to eat, your doctor will see that you are eating correctly, but you're eating too much food and should be happy to give you a fill.

    There are so many people with the band that don't do what they are supposed to and just whine the whole time. I bet your doctor is just worried you are one of those. If you have concrete proof that's not the case, I bet he'll ease up on the fills. :)

    Best of luck!!

  8. Nikki,

    I have no idea about the weird taste in your mouth. I have never experienced that. Except when I chew my Vitamins..but that's just because they taste funny. *shrug*

    I can eat more on some occations as well. It all depends on what I'm eating how much i can eat. Soft foods I can eat a lot more of than say some chicken. That's why they tell us to start with Proteins first. They fill you up the most and the quickest. :wink_smile:

    I've never plates. I don' tknow why you wouldn't be able to do it, unless you some how dig into your port or something. I've heard plates are a fantastic work out tho.

    Best of luck.

  9. Joi,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>


    You are right. I have no idea of your situation. I was just commenting on what you had posted. I know from my own personal struggles there is NO way possible to not be losing if you are doing exactly what your doctor tells you and you are using your band correctly. <o:p></o:p>

    <o:p> </o:p>

    I didn’t have to lose any weight to have my surgery. Thank the lord, because I had been trying really hard for 6 months to lose weight before I was banded.<o:p></o:p>


    I guess, I'm just tired of people on this site complain because their band isn't working, when it seems that they aren't working their band. Even with the band doing its job, losing weight is a STRUGGLE. People act like just because the weight isn't falling off from them, it's a failure. It bothers me a lot. I guess I feel it cheapens the work I have done to lose my weight. I don’t attempt to eat as much as you tried to eat yesterday and I’m running 3-5 miles a day. Even when I was young, I could not eat more than 1000 calories or I would gain weight. I love my band and with out it I would not be at the weight I am today. The best part of it is I know that I can keep it off this time, all because of the band. <o:p></o:p>


    It’s great that you have some restriction now. I wouldn't dare THINK about eating a cheeseburger. LoL It would try and kill me!<o:p></o:p>


    It seems I was just taking my posting frustrations out on you. <o:p></o:p>

    <o:p> </o:p>

    I really hope you can figure your band out.<o:p></o:p>

  10. Wait...Joiful...you've had the band for 5 months and you've lost 24 lbs? You are getting the exact results you should be getting. They tell us 1 to 2 lbs a week. Are you telling me that if you hadn't had the band you could have lost the weight? I think it's helping you, but you are cheating to much. I never feel FULL. I either decided I've eaten enough or I feel sick because I"ve eaten too much. I think you need to suck it up a little bit and use the band as a tool and not depend on it to do all the work for you. It sounds like you are just cheating and it's pissing you off that you're not losing faster.

    Call me a bitch if you want to, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at 25 lbs in 5 months. I couldn't lose anything before my band, so I would be satisfied with the weight loss you have. (it is exactly what they told you it would be.)

    Sure you have had 8 fills, but why are you counting??? It doesn't matter in the least. If you think you can eat too much get another fill. I've had countless fills and unfills. It's part of the game.

    This whole band is like a big game and you have ot figure out what works for you. It's different for everyone.

    Anyway, I think you are doing fantastic, it sounds like you're just frustrated...which I'm not sure why. This band isn't an easy button, it just makes weight loss possible.

    Best of luck.

  11. Yeah, it's hard waiting for the surgery and to be honest it's hard while the weight comes off as well. You will ALWAYS want it to be faster and it seems it comes off SooOooO slowly.

    The best thing you can do is just tell yourself not to worry about it. Know that you are making all the right choices and try not to obsess about things you can't control. This is easier said than done, but it helps! :drool:

    Then awhile after you are banded, you will begin to hardly recognize yourself in pictures. When you get a glimps of yourself in windows, you kinda think "who's that?" It's a lot of fun!

    It really is an amazing trip, but you need to slow down or it will make it a much LONGER trip than it needs to be. :w00t:

    That's my advice for you.

    Best of luck!

  12. Random thought...maybe it's stress that is making you so tight?

    If I'm worried about being stuck, I know that I'll get stuck. I've started to do a little meditation whenever I think I might be getting stuck and I know I've chewed well enough. I started doing this on advice of a friend and it's worked great.

    At work, if it's busy and I'm worried about anything...I don't even try to eat until I'm at home home for a few hours and relaxed from the day.

    Also when I get a fill. I can not go with out someone to talk to or I worry about the fill and every single time I end up going back up the next day for an unfill.

    It's just odd that at one time you could handle 5 or 6 cc's and now you're down to 3.

    If you're a worry wart like me, this might be your problem.

    Best of luck!

  13. I've always wondered about this as well. I don't feel full until I'm overly stuffed and it makes my stomach hurt. LoL However, I've never ate so much I've thrown up.

    With that said, I don't usually get hungry unless it's mental hunger. (This has been a really really hard one for me to work on. Puting food in my mouth seems like something I'll always have issues with)

    Anyway, I think that's what people mean when they say they are full...they mean they aren't hungry??

    That's the best I can come up with. It will be interesting to see what other people say in responce to your question.

    Good luck! :D

  14. I'm not sure what a gastric balloon is. I would ask my doctor. It sounds like you need a fill. I personally would try everything I could with the band before I tried anything else. You did it once, you can surely do it again! :thumbup: A baby will just keep you on your feet and moving. If you can get the portions you are eating down, you should be able to get back to where you were.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  15. Here's what I would do. I would make a new goal to not eat anything while with friends. If they go out to eat, just get a Water and drink it and enjoy their company. Sneaking food in is so easily done, so just quitting the snacking, I find is the easiest way to address it. Also be sure to stick to the band rules! I called my Dr Office and got a list for ya (your Dr's list might be different)

    1.Eat only 3 small meals a day

    2.Eat slowly and chew throughly (15-20 times a bite)

    3.Stope eating as soon as you feel full.

    4.Do not drink while eating

    5.Do not eat between meals

    6.Eat only good quality food. solid food is more important than liquid foods. Infact, the band will have no effect if you only consume liquids

    7.Avoid fibrous foods.

    8.Drink at least 6-8 glasses of Water per day

    9.Drink only low cal liquids

    10. Exercise Daily

    Next, GIRL, you need to get your ass off the couch! LoL Think about when you do start losing the weight. Do you want your body to look all nasty and hangy? NO! you wanna look freakin hot and exercise is a MUST for that. Thinking about that usually helps me. :) Another thing I do is when a freind is telling me about their weight issues (which happens often) I say to them, "Hey let's work out once or twice a week together. Nothing hard, just walking for 20-30 minutes." I have three work out partners I meet up with once a week. It provides me motivation, that I don't have to come up with myself, and I get to enjoy some one on one time with my friends. :thumbup: In fact, one of the gals I work with is losing weight and we have decided to run a marathon in April and three other co-workers have joined in. We work out indivudually during the week then on Sat we run together. I strongly encourage you to find work out buddies. (I even found a gal in my area from this site to work out with)

    You can also journal what you are eating on a few websites. Here are a few that I like and my trainer gave me. sparkpeople.com myfitnesspal.com and MyPyramid.gov - United States Department of Agriculture - Home If you start looking at exactly what you are putting in your mouth it will be come apparent that you either need a fill or you are slacking.

    Not to be harsh, but I'm trying to be honest with you. It sounds like you are slacking in a major way. (also you do NOT have enough restriction) I think if you could find some ways to motivate yourself you'll have more sucess. This band is not an "easy button" it's just to help you. Look at what you think would motivate you and try it out. You are learning a new lifestyle with this band! You should work hard to make sure it's full of the right choices.

    Anyway, best of luck! God knows I still have a lot to work on with my diet, I really didn't mean to get on a soap box! I'm just trying to help with some ideas for you.

    Keep us posted on how it works out for ya.

  16. I've been stuck at 60lbs for two months now. It's driving me crazy!! Then I see your post, find out you're stuck at exactly 60lbs, AND you stole my signature! HAHAHA I thought it was my own post for a second, even went though my mind to see if I had posted it and forgot. HAHAH

    I have no idea why we are stuck...looks like it's a common thing tho. No need to fear!! :sad_smile:

    Keep up the good work!! :D

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