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  1. M@E

    Weight Gain

    I could have written this post myself I’m 4 years post on but in the past year I have gained 21lb and feel so mad with myself. I to feel it’s sweets stuff that is my total downfall and would love a way to quit.
  2. M@E

    UK forum users

    Just wanted to say Hi, no experience of that hospital but I’m 3 years post op now and still 7 stone lighter and the best thing I ever did for myself. Pre op diet not to be tbh. Good luck.
  3. M@E

    UK forum users

    Hi I am nearly 3 years post op in October and don’t regret it at all I lost 7 stone in total and maintain with about a 4lb up or down either way. I eat what I want really just much less than I use to. I do still have reflux and rake omeprozol 20mg still bit that keeps on at bay.
  4. M@E

    London, UK meet up?

    Hi I am uk and 2 years post op self funded. I’m up north so not near London but always happy to chat and support x
  5. 1 year post op on 28th of last month and I’ve hit my goal weight and feel amazing [emoji171]. How’s everyone else getting on?
  6. Op 28/10/2016 start 240lb current weight 145lb
  7. Hi guys well it’s all most a year on 28th of this month and today I hit my goal, intact 1lb under [emoji1303]. My start weight was 241.5 lb and I am now 146lb and very happy. It’s not been an journey and the 1st few months I was sick A LOT and I did wonder if it would ever stop, now it’s only occasionally maybe 1xper week max. Red meat doesn’t agree with me still and snacks go down to easy! So I am still mindful of what I eat. I do attend a regular slimming club and get weighed every week which helps to keep me on track and very focused. How’s everyone else’s doing? I have my 12 month review in a couple of week but need to reschedule as we are on holiday and this week I bought 3 new swim suit. I do have a small amount of loose skin at top of thighs and tummy but nothing to major. I am very happy in cloths and love buying new things. I really wanted to add pictures but I can’t so if anyone technically minded can help that would be great [emoji1303]
  8. I actually saw the number 10 flash up on my scales this morning [emoji41] so happy. Current weight 10st 13lb ( 153lb )my goal is only 6lb away but may try for a bit more once I hit target. But these last few lb have been very slow! Really wanted to add a picture but for some reason it won't let me. Surgery 28th October 2016 240lb Current weight 153lb lost so far 87lb in just over 9 months x
  9. I was diagnosed with very sever sleep apnoea and was actually the final straw that made me decided to go ahead with surgery. I no longer use the CPAP machine and I am now classes as mild and am going for a review again in 6 months once I hit my goal weight. I am 9 months post op and have lost 84lb. Start weight 240 current weight 156 goal 146 height 5' 5
  10. I couldn't eat eggs but now 9 months out I had scrambled egg the other day and was fine which I am really pleased about as love eggs and great protein food. At this stage I can pretty much eat anything except chips which I know we shouldn't eat but if family have a fish and chip tea I always wanted a taste but each time I was ill so don't bother now.
  11. How did u get pictures to work mine won't post?
  12. 9 months post op nearly and only 10lb to goal and feeling great. Did struggle for about 5 months with vomiting and I was really worried it would never stop but 99% of time now I am fine. I can eat pretty much anything I want just a much smaller amount. Can't wait to reach my goal. Need to up my exercise now as not really done a lot TBH. Has some loose skin on thighs and tummy but nothing to bad and hope toning up and building muscle will help. Here is my log of weight loss. Weight: 18/10/16. 111k 17st 4lb 238lb 28/10/16 surgery day. 07/11/16 103kg. 16st 1.9 (day 9) -1st 2lb 226lb 03/12/16 15st0.6lb 210.6 lb 95kg - 2st 0.4lb 13/12/16. 14st 13lb 209lb. 94.8kg -2st 2lb 19/12/16 14st 10lb 206lb 93.6kg. -2st 5lb 26/12/16. 14st 8.5 204.5lb 92.5kg -2st 7.5 03/01/17. 14.5.6. 201.6 91.6 -2st 10.5 05/01/17. 14.3. 199 whoop onederland 2st 13 31/01/17 13.7.4 189.4 3 stone 10.6lb 86kg 6 inch loss from waist 5/02/17 13.4.8 186 3 stone 13lb 84kg 12/03/17 12.12 180lb 81kg 4stone 6lb 4/4/17 12..5 173lb 78.6kg 4st 12.5 30/4/17 12.00 168lb 76.3kg 5st 3.5 14/06 11.7 161lb 5st 10.5 73.1kg 24/7/17 11.3.2 157.2lb 71.45lb -6 stone Age 45 from U.K. Can't seem to add pic at moment x
  13. Hi I was like you and though it would never end. I didn't over eat but maybe ate a bit fast. Drs didn't seem bothered at all. Now 6 months out and it has finally settled down about 1 month ago. If I forget and eat to fast I do still feel ill but seem to be able to keep it down. Hope it starts to settle for you soon. Xx
  14. M@E

    mild sleep apnea - I'm pissed

    I am in the U.K and was diagnosed with very sever SA 97 per h stopped breathing so was started on CPAP this was not related to WLS but it was the reason I decided to have the op, self pay in U.K. Straight after surgery I stopped using the machine due to gas pain etc and haven't gone back on it. Now 6 months post op 71lb down and according to hubby no episodes and snoring much better. Due to go back for repeat sleep study soon so will be interesting to see results. I am definitely in R.E.M. Sleep now as my dreams have come back! Xx
  15. 6 months post op and it seems to have finally stopped. Only been sick once in past month which is a great improvement 🤞
  16. Very similar to mine SW 238 CW 176 5' 5 46 years Surgery 28/10/16
  17. Lost 2.5 this week so please with that and getting back to eating more of the right stuff, just need to get back to the gym now as well
  18. Hi Hun could I ask your stats please out of interest xx
  19. Had my 1st gain this week of 1lb [emoji18] I know why as just not been making great food choices so going back to basics this week and logging all food eaten and cutting out the crap! This is a journey and like other have said it's still hard to change bad habits and being able to eat less is not enough if you still eat crap! Lol. Stats HT 5.5 Start 238lb Current 173lb Loss 65lb Goal 26lb to loose Surgery date 28/10/16
  20. How's the October gang doing? My op was 28th/10/16 so 4 months out. Start weight 238lb now 181 so lost 57lb and down at least a dress size. Very happy. 34lb to go to my goal Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  21. M@E

    1 year anniversary

    Wow well done you look amazing. I am a similar age and start weight and 4 months post op and feel amazing. Can't wait to look as good as you xx Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App

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