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  1. Of course it's a scary thing! It is a major life changing decision that you have to consider so of course it is scary you do have to go under your body will undergo a major change your lifestyle will change what you know now will change but if you have been struggling and if it's necessary it is all worth it in the end just to undergo a lifestyle change will be the beginning to a new life something that you always desired something that you never thought you would reach it will be in your hand and in your control surround yourself with positive people who you can share your fears and your victories throughout this journey this is a tool to help you
  2. Welcome to the beginning of new chapter. You will need to work hard.you will be sore.you will be sleepy but you will be victorious.this is YOUR JOURNEY dont look at others.focus on what YOU want and need and DESERVE. MAY GOD be your healer your counselor your strength. It will not be easy but it will be worth it!! Feel free to reach out to me and share your journey!
  3. Alva

    Puréed and soft foods

    Woot woot a new phase! Pay attention to your body sometimes the doctor will release you but your body is not ready. I didn't start puree until 4 weeks out.I stared with poached eggs. Yogurt. Chili. Get creative.
  4. Alva

    4 days post op and confused

    Oh the brain is the strongest muscle we have... It can destroy your goals or fuel them. But YES this journey is as much mental as it's physical. You are in a mourning stage. It WILL be better... YOUR brain is just realizing the change in lifestyle is serious now. Keep busy write Christmas cards write a journal... But don't sabotage yourself... Its only hurting you!!you can do this. This is what you have prepared for. The 3rd day after my surgery my dear brother decided to throw a family Barbecue because several of my loved ones wanted to visit me in the hospital and as custom we celebrate we eat we cry we eat we lose a loved one we eat so he planned a Mexican Carne Asada... I was so upset... I cried as I poured my broth. I couldn't be outside of my room the smell of the meat on the grill was too much to handle. I asked my mom...why did he do that?? I asked for strength and joined my company outside... As everyone was eating their food I was sipping on bland chicken broth...2 ounces.
  5. Alva

    Hello All...

    All worth it. Enjoy the journey! My advice... Focus ON YOUR OWN don't measure your tedious based on someone else's Take pictures..weekly Congratulations!!
  6. Alva

    Weight loss

    No No no don't do that to yourself. Don't compare your journey to someone else's Journey is my model after I tortured myself the first 6 months. Out body structures are all different. I was losing at a slower Pace than everybody else so I would sabotage myself. However with great support and encouragement of others noticing the weight loss in me, I was able to gain Focus and I realized I am not going to lose at the same pace as everybody else and sure enough I didn't. I was sleeved on May 2015 I have a total weight loss of 125 pounds I have been released by my surgeon but I have a personal goal to get to. I discuss my weight loss with whom I was comparing myself to, their weight loss is way under hundred pounds and some haven't been released by surgeon. Moral of the story... Keep eye on your own paper..lol focus on you this is for you. You will know what works best for you. Follow the doctors and guidelines. Don't feel discouraged. Slow and steady is best
  7. Alva

    I feel like a failure...

    Go back to your basics. To the start. You probably haven't broken it yet. But go back to that feeling of expectation of hopefulness the will you had to make it work. Ask for that drive that desire that motivated you in the first place. Push yourself Maintenance is the most difficult don't reward yourself. I know of a pouch reset....which is 3 days of protein shakes for each meal and water...then on the final 3rd day...a portion of chicken a d veggies for dinner It helps reset. If tried it...it cleanses you out of all the bad choices and gets your sleeve an opportunity to start fresh...again
  8. Alva

    Losers Bench!

    Welcome to the beginning of new chapter. You will need to work hard.you will be sore.you will be sleepy but you will be victorious.this is YOUR JOURNEY dont look at others.focus on what YOU want and need and DESERVE. MAY GOD be your healer your counselor your strength. It will not be easy but it will be worth it!! Feel free to reach out to me and share your journey! I was sleeved 5/13/2015...still on this journey. Down 123lbs a total of 169 from highest weight.
  9. Alva

    Swimming post surgery

    I had sleeve on May 2015. After my surgery,I went to Aruba too!! I was 2 months out. But YES Incisions have to be healed . on a separate note...with my surgeons clearance I rode on those TUBE Floating pulled by a speed boat (tubing)... And by the end of the stay my incisions were swollen, bruised and the one on the left was bleeding lightly. Enjoy it to the fullest but be cautious.
  10. Alva

    Up at bat

    The after as in general you will have to work at but you will be successful you will see and appreciate this journey. Be patient with yourself don't reward your successes with food. Don't look at others journey this is YOUR OWN.learn to ask for your help when need to. Learn to recognize your weaknesses and find ways to adjust and overpower them.don't lose focus this is the beginning. I am excited for you!! Brace yourself... You will be transformed!
  11. First of all congratulations!! I know the stalls in men are differs than in women. But what helped me was changing my workout routine and I did incorporate 3 days a week...liquid stage diet plan. You have lost a lot in short amount of time... So just shock it to remind it to keep losing. Best of luck! Very nice smile
  12. Sleeved 5/2015 123lbs loss. I don't recall my first 3 months doing anything besides sleep! Lol I also had not have any kind of surgeries. I started driving 3 weeks after surgery. Once I went to work... All I could do is get home at 530pm drink a protein sleep on the couch wake up at 8pm go to my bed and sleep until 6am. Your body has encountered a majotlr change and it need to recuperate might be slower than the skin healing. You are perfectly fine...keep drinking your vitamin your protein and don't look at no one else's weight loss...this is your journey and it will go slow or it will go fast... Do what you gotta do. Exciting!!!!!
  13. Alva

    Dating After WLS

    Good morning.. sorry for the late response. I agree with you my philosophy has been if you didn't see me when I was a hundred and 20 pounds heavier you don't deserve me right now. I guess that's why people say that one changes their ways after losing weight but as I have always struggled with weight and have seen the indifference of others at my highest weight it's easier to hold up that standard. Especially with those I got the speech " I would totally make you my girlfriend of you weren't that big" Oh..but I DO flaunt myself now ...in front of them...ok just a little...LOL I notice the way men look at me now band I don't even acknowledge them, I guess it's a stand for my old self or it could be that I was just so used to being overlooked that I don't even care if they look my way.
  14. Good afternoon... Does anyone know about dating sites or meeting people sharing the same journey? I've joined "normal" sites... But only to be disappointed. 40 single and looking... Need support
  15. Alva

    Stage 2...

    Scrambled or soft boiled eggs where my favorite. Just be careful Sent from my LG-H901 using the BariatricPal App