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  1. Hi guys, first I'm really sorry to post this because I'm sure it's been posted many times before. Unfortunately, the website won't load on my iPad at all anymore unless I wait about half an hour, and the search function on the app won't search the whole site or returns results that aren't relevant. It's barely functional on my iPad. So if you could help a girl out, I'd be so so grateful! My RNY surgery is scheduled for May 25. I think I have a good handle on what I'll need food wise since I have a detailed manual from the surgeon's office. I've got sugar free Jello, Unjury unflavored & chicken soup flavored protein on the way. One of those big insulated cups that keeps my water ice cold. I'll be picking up a few other things too, like crystal light for the unflavored protein powder, veggie broth, that zero calorie Gatorade, etc. But other than the food stuff, I'm not sure what would be helpful. I feel like there must be other things I should have, and Im really at a loss!! Do I need a food scale? Some kind of....bariatric sized Tupperware type containers? I'm wracking my brain and just don't know!! What was helpful for you the first few months post op? What could you not live without? Thanks soooo much guys!!!
  2. I too originally chose the sleeve. Had the surgery scheduled and everything. In fact, I would have already had my surgery over & done with if I'd proceeded with the sleeve, and I think (ok, I know) my family would have felt more comfortable with that decision. They feel it's safer, easier recovery, and lower complications. But my bmi is just over 50, and I'm extremely concerned I will not lose all the weight with the sleeve. I'll be honest. I'm not going through this to lose "most" of the weight. I'm bound and determined I will get to a healthy weight for my bmi come hell or high water. I have some issues now with acid reflux, and although I've not been diagnosed with GERD, I'm afraid the sleeve would exacerbate it. And I don't want to have to have one surgery, only to have to have the RNY further down the line. I think the dumping (if I'm one of the ones who have that) will be a bonus for me given my particular issues with food. I guess my biggest reason is....my head and my heart are in agreement that i truly feel this is the best choice for ME. Please be aware I don't think one surgery is better than the other, I don't necessarily agree with my family's opinion, (insert all the other caveats and disclaimers here). All I can do, and all any of us can do, is make the best choice we can for ourselves, and be supportive of each other whatever that choice is. I wish you the absolute best with your surgery and hope everything goes well.

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