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  1. 2ndSpring

    Proteinaholic by Dr Garth Davis

    me too. its definitely the combo of WF and PB together. Back when I was pescetarian and relying mostly on bread and pasta pre-surgery I was always backed up.
  2. I'm so happy for you. good luck on the 25th!
  3. Beautiful! and you look younger too - bonus
  4. 2ndSpring

    A whole meal...

    the fact that you acknowledged your feelings and came here and talked about them instead of turning to food is such a huge accomplishment. Count this as a NSV - non-scale victory!!!
  5. 2ndSpring

    Elimination diet

    my daughter suffers from this. she had some success with a FODMAP diet. It didn't get rid of the SIBO, but lessened her symptoms.
  6. I recommend that you wait. At 4 weeks, you may still be very exhausted with low energy. Some people bounce right back, but it is a big surgery and for a lot of people, it takes a while to get your energy back. Also, you'll still be very reliant on shakes and have to lug them around with you, and you'll also have to find soft foods to eat, which could be problematic in a foreign country. Have fun on your trip!!
  7. Agreed! I never had any of the horrible gas pain that everyone else described
  8. when was your surgery?
  9. 2ndSpring

    Long term vsg implications

    This is a really good question. We all get tested as part of the pre-op routine, but what about down the road? A lot of people are prescribed proton pump inhibitors and antacids long term after surgery and could encounter side effects. SIBO is a major concern. It is nearly impossible to get rid of once you have it. My daughter has it and we traced it back to PPIs she was on for about 6 months.
  10. My doctor/nut plan for the first 2 months was 3 oz protein + 1 oz vegetable. In month 3 i was allowed to add fruit. I was definitely in keto back then - I can tell by the gross bad breath!! It was in month 4 or 5 that I ate bread and pasta at a party and bam, I spent the next 3 days fighting head hunger. You have an open mind about exploring and inquiring so I know you'll do great and find what works best for you.
  11. There's been a lot of great responses already about doing what is right for you and your body...ditto that. I am definitely not trying to talk you into anything or make any type of point, I just wanted to share the benefit I get out of low carb in case you were wondering why anyone in their right mind would give up bread! I'm not in ketosis because I eat fruit and beans, but I avoid grains, sugar and potatoes. When I eat like this, I do not have any cravings and am not tempted by anything and its smooth sailing. But, boy oh boy, one piece of bread, and that dopamine high triggers all kinds of cravings for a few days and I want to eat everything in sight. I can still lose while eating carbs, it is just so hard to stay on track. Since I can lose, I guess I am not carb-sensitive as I've heard others describe - I'm just a junkie! I'm quite jealous of you. I wish I could lose while eating carbs. enjoy
  12. 2ndSpring

    Tired of the comments

    Good one!!!
  13. I'm with you Jess. I order the full meal (and sometimes even an extra side of veggies) and then take most of it home. Leftovers so I don't have to cook for 2 or 3 meals are the way to go!
  14. 2ndSpring

    NY - NYC/Long Island

    Laney - thank you for coordinating our meet-ups and keeping them going!! I'll be there - looking forward to seeing everyone.
  15. Thanks for posting this. I think you tapped into a fear most of us have. You are about a month ahead of me. I can already see how those old bad habits are trying to sneak their way back in. Open the door a crack and there they are. I know I will have to be on my guard the rest of my life and I'm ok with that. And hey, it the zombie apocalypse ever happens, my old eating habits will help me survive!!! My strategy is that every time I feel myself rationalizing or deluding myself (oh, its a holiday...oh, it's just this once...oh, i had a bad day...oh, its not fair, everyone else gets to eat), I say my mantra, "I don't do that anymore". It's been really empowering because it reminds me that this was my choice. It has stopped me in my tracks a few times.
  16. 2ndSpring

    Iron Transfusion Anyone?

    HI, I've never personally had to have a tranfusion but my daughter has due to a medical condition. She has it done in the doctors office. She gets hooked up to a IV, and then it is saline and then the Iron and then the saline again. She brings a book to read and says that it is not uncomfortable or anything. Sometimes she needs 2 or 3 sessions a week or 2 apart to get her levels up, but then she is good for a while. Hope this helps ease your mind.
  17. 2ndSpring

    NY - NYC/Long Island

    I'm in! See you on saturday.
  18. 2ndSpring

    Another Goal Completed....

    The force is strong with this one.
  19. 2ndSpring

    Lock up your Cheetos b*tches - Dr KindaFamiliar is back!

    Thanks for lightening the mood
  20. 2ndSpring

    Grazing and how to end it?!

    HI Sasharbinx, Here is how I have been handling the issue myself. Before surgery I ate whenever a thought about food popped into my mind. Given my past behavior, I decided the #1 concern for me is to use this post-surgery time to learn new behaviors and forge a new relationship with food. I chose how many meals I would eat each day and I made it a firm rule. No matter how hungry I am or what social situation pops up, I only eat my planned meals. If I am hungry between meals, I tell myself that it is not a big deal and that I can eat again in X hours. I found that hunger comes and goes. By following this rule, I have learned so much: I have the power to say no (and mean it), I don't have to eat at every opportunity out of fear of hunger, and food doesn't need to be such a big part of my life. This is what has worked for me. Its not easy, but it I'm feeling really successful. I hope it helps you too. Good luck.
  21. Hi zizi, I found a great group of people from NYC/Long Island. Hop on over to the support group subforums. Here is the link: http://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/304888-ny-nyclong-island/page-32 there is some discussion about meeting up on the 28th at a coffee house in Hempstead. Maybe you can join us.
  22. 2ndSpring

    Q,A I guess ?

    What's the go with catheter do you have one or not? I did not, or if I had one, it was gone by the time I woke up. What was your hospital stay? Went in Wednesday morning and was discharged by Thursday afternoon (dependent on passing leak test and then being able to keep some food down) What was your operation time ? Under an hour Is there much scaring involved ? I have 5 incisions: the main one is about an inch, the others are about a half inch. They are still a little red at 12 weeks. Good luck!
  23. 2ndSpring


    I hope you get some good responses. I am interested too...... There is an "i love kickboxing" place near me and it looks very interesting. workouts are with gloves and a bag,
  24. 2ndSpring

    Can I lie - hernia op?

    I have only told 4 immediate family members. It is not because I am embarrassed. It is because I don't want to hear unsolicited advice or intrusive questions. are you allowed to eat that? how much have you lost so far? I knew someone who had surgery and got sick. I knew someone who had surgery and gained it back. You can lose it on your own.

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