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  1. fiveholts714

    I'm worried

    I posted this in the general discussion too, but I am sore in my esophagus near the bottom. It hurts when i swallow and feels swollen. Any advice?
  2. fiveholts714

    Holy Cow!

    That is so great! I wish I could join you! I am struggling but it is good to see that it is possible.:clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
  3. Oh yeah. My biggest fear was to be a failure at yet another attempt to lose weight. But this was was different since I was paying a HUGE amount of money have putting myself at risk by having surgery to do it! I felt like if I failed I had let down not just myself, but especially my kids. So far...success! I was banded on 2/22 and am down 41 pounds.
  4. fiveholts714

    2 years already? Wow

    Wow. That is so great. Everyone who is struggling or thinking of the band needs to read this.
  5. fiveholts714

    I've learned the hard way

    Someone on this forum described drinking fluids when something is stuck in your pouch as putting water is a stopped up sink. The was so true. Before my first fill I could drink and wash anything through. If I do that now I get nauseated right away and up it comes! And I don't just burp up stuff either. It sends me into wretching and I throw up EVERYTHING. I follow the rules pretty closely except I do have a few sips while drinking and I have still PB'd. It just happens sometimes. You can't will it not to happen. Like yesterday I was eating and apple and talking to my husband. I swallowed a piece that was a bit too big and WAMMO! Luckily there was an empty cup in the car.
  6. fiveholts714

    What's with the BAD Breath?

    It's probably from your body burning fat and getting rid of ketones. They are a by product of fat metabolism and when you burn a lot of fat they are extreted in other ways like through the lungs. They can smell like acetone.
  7. Wow, you've really done so well! I am not at 50 pounds yet and I am was banded at the end of February! I'm trying to lose for a vacation, too. My brother is getting married in Barbados in August and I would like to feel better and not be so darned uncomfortable in the plane. So far I am down 41 pounds. I would like to be down 80, but that may not be reasonable. I'll do the best I can, though.
  8. chicken nuggets of any kind. Ick. The smell of old frying oil.
  9. fiveholts714

    Lap Band Basics

    You are 6 weeks post op and have had 2 fills??? I haven't heard of anyone having a fill until they are 6 weeks out let alone already having 2.
  10. fiveholts714

    Green Pee and Weird Dreams

    I didn't have green pee at all, but the weird dreams are from pain meds.
  11. fiveholts714

    Lap Band ladies....does this make you hate your boobs??

    Oh please let my boo boo's get smaller! If they get too small you can always get a boob job. I wouldn't worry.
  12. fiveholts714

    Send me your prayers...

    I have been struggling for about a month now. I have been eating fatty foods and a lot os sweets. I have been under a lot of pressure and have had a hard time coping. And for the first time I am having a LOT of head hunger. I'm eating chips, cookies, nachos, cookies, icecream, cookies, cakes, cookies and cookies too. And I've been PBing a lot more than ususal. I feel sick tonight from all the sugar I have eaten. And I feel guilty. I have only been able to work out once this week and now I have gained 2 pounds. I'm not doing well. I think I need another fill, but I do'nt have the $$ right now. Pray that God will give me strength to overcome my head hunger. Tomorrow is always a new day, right?? :hurt :pout: :noidea: :cake: :funscale:
  13. fiveholts714

    Haha, kinda funny NSV

    Isn't that wonderful??? What's a spencer?
  14. fiveholts714

    Itchey stitches and a rash

    Welcome to bandster land. Sorry about the rash. Sometimes when they cleanse areas of the skin at the hospital some of the cleanser runs under the band and if it isn't rinsed off you can get a rash or irritation.
  15. fiveholts714

    worried about stretching pouch

    I was that way too. I had little to no restriction. Just wait until you get a fill. Then it will be different.
  16. fiveholts714

    Swallowing Air?

    Me too! I don't know what to do about it, though.
  17. fiveholts714

    Omega 3's

    Barlean's Oil. Look them up on the internet. And fish oil that is lemon flavored.
  18. fiveholts714

    Is It Worth It??

    oh, yeah. It's worth it.
  19. fiveholts714

    I'm new here - but have been banded four years

    Welcome. I think I've seen your website. Did your mom and dad go with you? I think it was you... Too bad about the slip but you've done so well! I am only a couple of months out.
  20. i don't know how to do a survey, so I'll just ask the question. Do you follow the bandster rules on drinking fluids? As in no Fluid right before, during, or 2 hours after a meal? I don't. I have to drink with meals. I'm losing weight so it doesn't seem to be a problem. Plus I drink only non-caloric beverages except milk. I was worried that fluids would cuase my tummy to empty too quickly, but I seem to be ok. If I don't drink with my meals my food won't go down.
  21. fiveholts714

    Day after sugery

    I was up and about. I was tired and a little weak, but the day after was ok. But it's like any surgery and you should expect to rest.
  22. fiveholts714

    I'm back from Mexico....

    Good for you! iu had surgery in Mexico and it rained the whole time. And I was alone. I never left the hospital.
  23. fiveholts714

    It's finally my turn!

    That's how I felt in Febrary. It was finally me! Congrats.
  24. fiveholts714


    I am 40. Will b
  25. fiveholts714

    10 days and feeling emotional

    I know what you mean. I was banded on 2/22 and since January I worried that this would fail. Mostly because I was self pay and I knew I would have to pay for any complications. Plus it was money my family could have used for something else but didn't. I have 3 little kids and my oldest has mental health issues. He is almost 9. Nothing in this world is worse than having a child with mental health problems. Except for death. I got the lap band for a lot of reasons (health, decrease pain, comfort, blah blah blah) but I secretly got it because I am 40 and fat. My husband is 41, fat with diabetes and high blood pressure. He will die early, there's no doubt. My son will need someone all his life to help him and I HAVE to be there for him. Of course I want to live a long time and be with my twins too (they are almost 4), but my main reason was for him. So everytime I got nervous, that is what I thought of. If I don't do this I will leave him behind. So write down why you are doing this and everytime you feel like pulling out review your list. Of course being nervous is normal. I will pray for you!

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