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  1. I haven't posted in a while. My weight is staying the same and I need a fill but I am not going to get one until after I get back from Barbados. I've been so stressed and having major panic attacks. I cry all the time. I can't cope and can't function. I scheduled 2 weeks off of work to stay home because i need to get away so bad. I have been faking it through my life for a while now. I had a panic attack so bad today that I got up and walked away from my lunch in the cafeteria even though I was hungry and went outside and cried. It is boiling hot here and I just sat there and sweated. I called my husband for a few minutes. I am a basket case. I just can't take all the demands on me. My job is unmanageable and no one cares. It's not like I can just go get another one since it is pretty specialized and I live in a small town. I need ALL my income. My dh is in grad school and is apply for positions that will help him get licensure as a counselor, but since he isn't licensed to jobs are at a MUCH lower wage than the low wage he is already making so I am stuck where I am. I have have 4 year old twins who have a lot of needs and a special needs 9 year old. And mother in law who depends on me for everything. And a really messy house. And no money. I really think I am close to a nervous breakdown. I have an appointment with a psychiatrist but I can't get in for a while. My dh loves me but he is almost no help. He takes on few responsibilities himself and is like a kind of child rather than a partner. You have to guide him through every step of his responsibilities and he susally does things half ass or wrong. This isn't what my life was supposed to be like.:cry :think :pout:

  2. I hear you. It has been so hard fo rme lately. I ate on of those big reese's cups yesterday, but luckily it was at the same time I was developing the stomach flu so now I don't think I want chocolate for while.

    If you are really, really addicted, then you need to be like the alcoholic. Have none. Not the diet chocolate or the power bars or anything else. It is a slipperly slope that you can't afford to go down.

  3. I work in a hospital that has a weight loss surgery program and let me tell you that if they are disorganized and can't give you a package quote it usually means that there is contention between that hospital and the surgeon regarding pricing and who does what. RUN AWAY! He may be a good surgeon, but the stress you will have is not worth it. Espeically when unexpected bills start flying in. They should be able to give you a package price with no surprises unless you have unusual complications. That's standard.

  4. That's kind of like me. I have never been able to buy bracelets or women's waches. I was able to buy a silver watch and it fit! I know it was a little bigger round than some of th others on the rack, but now it is big on me and spins around my wrist. I can also wear bracelets too!

  5. I was banded on 2/22. For the last few days I have had a soreness at the bottom of my esopagus like it is irritated. Whenever I swallow anything it is painful as it passes this point and feel swollen. What are the s/s of erosion? I thought maybe liquids for a couple of days would help.

    BUT my other problem is that I am so hungry, too! I mean painful hunger pains and feeling like I would throw up from hunger. It's bad. The other day I couldn't eat fast enough (since I am now slow) to get rid of the hunger pain and someone actually had to go get me sugar and spoon!

    This week I haven't been very good, either. I am so stressed at work and last night I wished I didn't have the band so I could eat, eat, eat.

    I am scared of having complications since I was banded in Mexico and am basically on my own here. I can call the doc who does my fills - he has a lot fo experience and his scheduler has had a band for 10 years.

    What do you think?

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