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  1. fiveholts714

    Where Can I buy clear protein?

    Unjury makes an unflavored protein you can add to anything. www.unjury.com
  2. fiveholts714

    Cottege Cheese...IDEAS!

    If you want it savory have it with pepper and green onions. Or just pepper. Mix with fruit to have it sweet. Mix it with a baked potato (the insdie of the potato since the skin may get stuck in your stoma) and microwave to heat it up.
  3. fiveholts714

    Have you even eaten...

    I've never PB'd, but I have had things get stuck pretty bad so I an answering based on that. Pasta with sauce? tiny tiny bits. More sauce than pasta Lasagna? tiny bits. Now that I've had a fill I'm not sure Mac n cheese? tiny bits Grits? ick Oatmeal? cream of wheat Cucumbers? no Bananas? one bite Grilled cheese sandwich? no Oysters as in fresh? ick Sushi? before I had my first fill I had a dinner of sushi. Now I couldn't Rice? no Shrimp as in cocktail? yes Celery? no French fries? 1-2 Fake crab meat? yes Corn on the cob? no Chili with Beans? are you crazy? Enchilada? I had a cheese enchilda before my fill. Now I can only eat the innards Have you ever slipped up and had champagne? What happened? What could happen? Nope, but I almost did!
  4. i had my first fill on Tuesday and was thinking that it didn't work. You guys are right when you say it takes a few days to kick in. That's weird. But true. I can't eat anythign but mushies and not a lot. The day after (I ADMIT IT!) I could eat all kinds of mushies. Not now. This morning I had scambled eggs with a little cheese and msuhrooms. It wouldn't go down no way, no how. For lunch I went out and had s chicken breast that was moist with sauce. I ate little pieces (ok a few were big) but it wasn't worth the pain. I've also had a respiratory infection for A MONTH. I have had constant post nasal drip and a yucky cough. Today at lunch I coughed so much that I had to run to the bathroom. I hadn't eaten yet but I was so nauseated I thought I would die. I stood there and prayed for the nausea to go away. I know my stomach was trying to throw up but I couldn't. How awful is that? It passed luckily. I started on the antibiotic Levaquin yesterday. I am crushing it and mising it with applesauce. It tastes like the devil mixed it himself.
  5. fiveholts714

    Preop Nurse Discouraging the Band

    I would complain about both people to your surgeon. I ama nurse and a pre-op nurse doesn't usually see post op people, so how would she know?
  6. fiveholts714

    Are you aiming for a bikini bod?

    I am 40 and have been overweight all my life. I am also almost 6 feet tall and have a large frame even without the fat. I don't think a bikini bod is realistic for me. I want to be in a normal weight range - or if that doesn't work I want to be at a weight where I can fit in a restaurant booth, airplane seat, etc comfortably. I would also like to buy clothes at a regular store, although with my frame and height that may not be possible all the time. When you are overweight for a long time like me, you body compensates by widening the hips, etc. That never goes back! Good luck to you ladies who want bikini bods. I'm sure it is very possible.
  7. fiveholts714

    Starting point for weight loss

    My surgery date. Right after surgery you lose weight even if you don't have a fill.:eek:
  8. fiveholts714

    Removing bandages

    take them off. You have an adhesive allergy and by keeping them on you are making your healing delayed.
  9. fiveholts714

    Let's talk Feet...

    Man, that is what I am hoping for too. I've read several posts about people having their feet shrink some or become more narrow - so there is hope!
  10. relax. If hard and fast diets worked in the first place you wouldn't need a band. Why stress your body before surgery - not to mention your mind and spirit?
  11. fiveholts714

    Wierd hiccup..what is it?

    You stomach is irritated. It will go away. I hiccup when I have something stuck. I also had terrible spams that started in my lower stomach and moved all the way up my esophagus the first 4 days.
  12. fiveholts714

    I'm pregnant

    congrats. Eat healthy and wise. that is the key to good weight gain with a baby. Many lose weight in the beginning. I lost weight with both my pregnancies and the second one was with twins.
  13. fiveholts714

    Are there any people in Idaho here!

    I'm your neighbor in Utah
  14. fiveholts714

    Protein Shakes

    I use the protein shakes from Costco and add the unjury unflavored powder
  15. fiveholts714

    How often do you PB?

    I've had a number of things get stuck -like bread. But I have always gotten them to go down rather than come up.
  16. I hurt a lot when I woke up. My lower back was killing me, but they give you IV meds and that worked well. I got ice chips after I was in my room, but honestly I was ready for a steak. I was up pretty quickly. And my pain was ok after that.
  17. fiveholts714

    paying for lap-band

    My dha nd I both took out medical reimbursement plans through our employers for a total of $10,000. I had the surgery in Mexico and paid $8300 for everything. Both of our employers use the debit mastercard for the medical programs so i paid in advance using those. So when I got to Mexico I had paid for 100% of everything.
  18. fiveholts714


    Make sure you have protein shakes, broth, tea, and other liquids at home ready for your post op period. You don't want to have to go to the store right after getting home. Popsicles are good. So is crystal light.
  19. fiveholts714

    I'm alive!!!

    Alive is good! Congrats on being on the other side.
  20. fiveholts714

    First Day of Solids. What is Normal?

    Yes, it's normal. Just chew, chew, chew. If it is too uncomfortable, go back to mushies. If you have a lot of pain and your mouth starts watering, you have something stuck. dry swallow and try a little liquid and it will pass.
  21. fiveholts714

    Bye bye plus size department

    What a wonderful NSV! So many people wait for that exact moment. How wonderful for you.
  22. fiveholts714

    Well, I'm banded......

    Good for you! I'm glad you could afford the COBRA payments. They can be so high! Just take it easy for a few days. The soreness at the port site will last the longest.
  23. fiveholts714

    I got my first fill today

    Dr. Green in Payson, Utah did it. He was great. He explained everything. He thinks I have an 11cc band (can you believe that I don't know!) and he ended up putting in 2.2 cc. He said it will be tighter tomorrow due to swelling. I can feel that it is tighter, but I am worried that I can still eat too much. He said to have clear liquids, but that yogurt and cottage cheese were ok. So I had some. I probably could have had more. I am just so paranoid that something will happen and this band won't work. There really wasn't much pain. He numbed it first, then put in needle. I kept swollowing barium liquid and tablets and he kept adjusting until he felt it was tight enough. I got to watch. He was so nice and said I could call him day and night with questions. So my experience was really good. I was kind of worried.

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