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  1. It's all different after your fill. Before my fill I could force about anything down. Not now!
  2. fiveholts714

    I'm Offically 100 pounds down!!!!

    Wow! Congrats. What an accomplishment. It makes me feel like I can do it too!
  3. fiveholts714

    BEWARE!!Why did he use 11cm band on me??

    There are lots of people with the 11 cm band on this board. You will need larger fills, but it will still work fine. And as for prices, they go up and down and people have specials. Don't look at one price and make a judgement.
  4. fiveholts714

    May I have your attention, please?

    How onederful! I wish I was in your shoes (or toes!). That gives me hope.
  5. I've lost 30 pounds and the best thing is LESS PAIN. That is major for me. Plus my clothes fit better. But the pain thing is major for me.
  6. fiveholts714

    Weight Training-help Or Hindrance?

    Slow, controlled reps with less weight is what you want. Muscle burns ft and sugar just sitting around doing nothing, so you want more of it.
  7. fiveholts714

    after fill mentality

    I know just what you mean. I was acutally feeling ANGRY the other day because I was hungry for my lunch and I couldn't just pop into the local deli and get something. I really wanted to eat that sandwich, but that is not possible with my band. I can't do bread. It's called "head hunger" and it takes a while to fade.
  8. fiveholts714

    feeling discouraged

    We are just the same. I had almost no restriction after surgery and by the end of the 6 weks i could force anything down I wanted. There are quite a few people like us on this board. Just try to make good food choices, get some exercise and wait for your first fill. It all changes after that.
  9. fiveholts714

    Oh boy, tee hee

    My "back boobs" are smaller too. My husband noticed when he scratched my back. That is a hilarious term.
  10. fiveholts714

    When Can I Exercise?

    I did what i felt up to except no tummy exercises for 6 weeks.
  11. You'd better do something or you will be in a world of hurt soon. :omg:
  12. fiveholts714

    I'm new here - but have been banded four years

    Welcome. I think I've seen your website. Did your mom and dad go with you? I think it was you... Too bad about the slip but you've done so well! I am only a couple of months out.
  13. bread. any bread. It hurts every time. I'm glad to have this band, but sometimes I just want to sit down and eat and not worry about hurting or chewing so much.
  14. fiveholts714

    Gastric bypass patients

    Sometimes I do, but to be honest i am relieved not to have my insides rerouted. It's just way too permanent and there are too many complications. But I alot of people do well with it, too.
  15. fiveholts714


    I hadmy first fill not that long ago and I had no restrictions on what I ate prior. And my fill was at 10:00 am.
  16. fiveholts714

    401k to pay?.?.?.?

    No, I used $$ in my medical reimbursement account through my job. Actaully, I put $5k in mine and $5k in my dh's accounts and used that moola. I had surgery in Mexico.
  17. fiveholts714

    Please Help Nurse Needed Look at Picts

    I'm an RN and you need to call your surgeon. You are allergic to the metal in the staples and your incisions may open up if you don't get those suckers out of there. Plus you will likely get infected. That is a mess, girl! You must be going crazy.
  18. fiveholts714


    Sorry it was so rough. You may want to see a chripractor about your neck. That is from positioning for intubation.
  19. fiveholts714

    First solids/First PB!!!!

    I was eating solids 3 weeks out but you need to follow the advice of your doc. Only eat soft stuff.
  20. i don't know how to do a survey, so I'll just ask the question. Do you follow the bandster rules on drinking fluids? As in no Fluid right before, during, or 2 hours after a meal? I don't. I have to drink with meals. I'm losing weight so it doesn't seem to be a problem. Plus I drink only non-caloric beverages except milk. I was worried that fluids would cuase my tummy to empty too quickly, but I seem to be ok. If I don't drink with my meals my food won't go down.
  21. fiveholts714

    Help me back on the bandwagon!

    one "freak out" day is not going to undo all your hard work. It happens. At least you have realized it. Suffering from the slimes all day will help you do better tomorrow! No one wants to do that more than one day.
  22. fiveholts714

    Question about pee color (sorry)

    color of urine has nothing to do with whether or not fat is being burned. You can test that with Ketone strips. Clear pee means you are well hydrated. Dark pee means you are not drinking enough,
  23. fiveholts714

    Daily Vitamin Question

    I take a children's chewable and a viactiv daily
  24. fiveholts714

    Did I do the right thing?

    That's just the way I was before my fill. Eventually I could eat anything. It may have been hard to get things down, but I could get them past the band if I wanted. Now that I have a good fill My pouch stay full longer AND I can't eat certain food like bread. So it is a mixture of both. You really need a fill.
  25. OMG! What a lovely surprise! You are so fortunate.

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