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  1. fiveholts714

    worried about stretching pouch

    I was that way too. I had little to no restriction. Just wait until you get a fill. Then it will be different.
  2. I have been throwing up everyday for a week. My dh wants me to call the doctor, but I know I have been throwing up because I have been eating things that get stuck and then drinking to try and get them down. Why do i keep doing this? It is mostly at dinner. I just seem to lose it in the evening and want to eat if i am hungry or not. Please say nice things to me....
  3. fiveholts714

    Band Hives ~ Allergic Reaction ~ NURSES??

    Tell your doc, but a reaction to the band would be weird. They need to know about the shellfish problem since it may effect other meds and skin cleansers they use on you. You can develop allergies at any time during your life. It is not unusual for adults to suddenly be allergic to shellf ish or strawberries for example.
  4. fiveholts714

    Uggh, no PB but some serious discomfort

    That's how I was when I was first banded. I had almost no restruction but certain foods got stuck. Like bread and eggs. And talk about pain! Man, that's the only time I have ever wanted to throw up. It seems like eggs should be the perfect soft food, but they aren't. They stick like mad.
  5. fiveholts714

    I need some encouragement...

    Thanks, everyone. I didn't get anything stuck or throw up today. I had lots of opportunities to eat naughty stuff but didn't. I decided it isn't worth the pain and I am afraid of slipping my band by throwing up. It was nice to go a day without feeling sick. I've done so well so far - I think I just had a freak out. I have a lot of stress and my mom will be here tomorrow for a week and I haven't seen her in 3 years. She is critical and I am nervous.
  6. fiveholts714

    Swallowing Air?

    Me too! I don't know what to do about it, though.
  7. fiveholts714

    Dr. Green in Utah

    Dr. Green in Payson, Utah did my fill on Tuesday and the man is wonderful. So was everyone at the hospital. I got the watch the fluroscopy and he was very attentive to how I felt. He charges $100 cash and the hospital charges $162.
  8. fiveholts714

    sorry but I need to ask this (New band)

    Normal. It will stop. You just had your guts fooled around with, so they are irritated. Good luck.
  9. fiveholts714

    Going Alone

    I went alone to Mexico and it was a mistake. Take someone with you.
  10. fiveholts714

    any experience with hccups?

    I get the hiccups whenever anything gets stuck in my band. Which is daily.
  11. fiveholts714

    My first NSV's

    That is a wonderful NSV! Congrats.
  12. fiveholts714

    Do you tan?

    Iam very fair and I burn. I already have had skin cancer in my late 30's, so i do not tan at all. I bought some of the Jergen's tannin lotion. A women's magazine rated it the best.
  13. This occured to me this weekend. I don't know why. But at 311 pounds I am feeling so much better than at 345. I hav a lot less pain, I think my feet are shrinking, I am much less tired, my skin is better, etc. But if you had asked me about all these things the last time I weighed 311, my answers woul dhave been different. I would have talked about how miserable I was and how much pain I was in and how my feet were expanding. I weighed the same then as I do now, but why do I feel so much better? I think it has to do something with begin on the way down and not on the way up. Body chemicals are different somehow and the exercise has helped a lot. It's a dumb thought...
  14. fiveholts714

    Is this my worst nightmare....YES!

    Didn't you just recently have surgery so no you are "nobellykelly"? I have heard others who have had surgery have problems with reflux, etc. So maybe you just need some heal time.
  15. fiveholts714

    My NSV At Dress Barn

    That is a dream come true...:nervous :nervous :nervous
  16. fiveholts714

    Hello All!!!

    Yes, it is worth it. Some people have all kinds of restriction after surgery and are full on clear liquids. Not me. I was starving before and right after surgery. I mean STARVING. Get your protein in. That helps. You can add unflavored protein powder (I use Unjury but there are others) to your clear liquids and it helps. Once you get to full liquids have protein shakes. That helps a lot, too.
  17. fiveholts714

    Omega 3's

    Barlean's Oil. Look them up on the internet. And fish oil that is lemon flavored.
  18. fiveholts714

    First NSV's for me

    That is HUGE news about your meds. Congrats. And being comfortable in the pants is such a motivator.:clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
  19. fiveholts714

    How I feel on the way down....

    Wow - that is so true with joints. My fingers used to hurt so much all the time and my hips would kill me! I was also starting to have knee problems which is one reason I was so alarmed at my weight. Now things are much better. I also have less extra fluid hanging around which really helped with my pain, too.
  20. fiveholts714

    NSV's for me!`

    I love NSV's. I have had to buy size 12 women's shoes in wide for some time now. My feet aren't that big but they are wide. I had all this extra space at the toe and I would frequently trip. I had to buy some shoes on Friday and I was able to get 11 wide. This is a big victory for me. The seond NSV is also about my feet. My dh pointed it out. I have not had swollen ankles since my surgery. Periodically they would swell so much that would have cankles and couldn't even wear shoes. It was bad and I am only 40. I have had normal ankles since my surgery. Hurray!
  21. fiveholts714

    Those of you who are banded, do you exercise?

    I go to the club about 3 times a week. I do the circuit weights and walk and sometimes swim. It's made all the difference in the world to me. I feel better and am stronger and more flexible.
  22. fiveholts714

    Yum! Which tastes the best?

    I hve had to crush anitbiotics twice for a bad respiratory infection. Honsestly, it was the worst, most bitter thing I have ever tasted. Nothing masked it. Not yogurt, not pudding.
  23. fiveholts714

    Is It Worth It??

    oh, yeah. It's worth it.
  24. fiveholts714

    Removing the tape from "wounds"

    You can probably take it off. Eventually they get dirty and such and are a risk for infection.
  25. fiveholts714

    Airplane Seats

    That is my biggest fear about flying, too. When you get to the airport to check in, ask if the flight is full. If not, then ask to have an empty seat next to you. As soon as you get on the plane (as in, as soon as your feet are in the door), ask the attendant for an extender. Then you'll be fine,

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