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  1. fiveholts714

    Surgery in Mexico

    I noticed in the poll on whether or not people would do the band again many said not to do it in Mexico. Was this becuse of personal experience? I am about positive I am going to do it in Mexico. Thanks.
  2. fiveholts714

    Those of you who are banded, do you exercise?

    I'm not banded yet, but I joined a fancy-dancy club with my husband. I am so weak and out of shape that it is pitiful. I feel like I need to do something before I get me band so I can recover faster. I can't take a lot of time off of work.
  3. fiveholts714

    Flu Question

    I don't know, but the real name is influenza. And you should probably look up gastritis or vomiting since there's really no such thing as the stomach flu. Influenza is a respiratory disease. Most people who throw up say they have the stomach flu but there's no such thing.
  4. fiveholts714

    Why do you have a scar???

    I'd be tempted to say that it's none of your d$%* business! I swear, people are so rude. I have twins and the first thing most people ask me is whether or not I took fertility. I have started telling people that I can't believe they would ask such a rude question. They should be embarressed, not me. Or, you could tell them you had surgery and then ask to see their scars so you can question them!
  5. fiveholts714

    awful RNY story...

    Didn't she get any preop teaching? Wasn't he hospital staff watching out for her? I am a nurse and I guarantee that we notice when outside food is delivered to a room and we check to see who is eating it and what it is!That's a sad story.
  6. That is just awful. I hope she gets better QUICK! My MIL and BIl have the same thing. I am staying far away (I'm not baded yet but have 3 little kids). That's one thing I worry about - having the band and the stomach flu at the same time.
  7. fiveholts714

    Weird question about surgery

    Tell the pre op n urse right away and they will give you a mesh panty to wear and you can put your pad in it. No tampons! You could sneak one in (in to surgery, I mean), but you may forget you are wearing it after surgery and may not be able to contort your body to remove it. The mesh panties are not inn "our" size, so be prepared for a tight fit. The pads they put underneath you are called "chux".
  8. I read a lot about gas pains from he**. I've decided to avoid that at all costs! Did anyone do a bowel prep before surgery? I know that some do a special diet before surgery, but how about a big ol' emptying? Also, I wonder if it would help to start taking Gas X several days before the surgery so your bowel is coated the stuff so the gas doesn't have a chance to make bubbles?
  9. fiveholts714

    Back and banded!

    Congrats. I plan on being banded in January and really appreciate the first hand news of your experience. Congrats to your mom, too.
  10. fiveholts714

    Oh Happy Day!!!!!!

    You are so funny! Congrats. I hope I will be like you some day. I didn't see any hair, either.
  11. I'm not baded yet but am a little discouraged by the number of people saying not to get baded in Mexico. I wonder if this is due to personal experience? It doesn't seem that way, but I may be wrong.
  12. fiveholts714

    is my band still there/.

    It may be due to swelling- which sounds like good thing.,
  13. fiveholts714

    milk and dairy - good or bad for weight loss?

    The thought is that the calcium in dairy makes you lose weight, not just the dairy. So if you get a good intake of calcium it should help.
  14. fiveholts714

    Lap banded 12/13/2005

    Great! I'm not banded yet. I hope I do as well as you.
  15. fiveholts714

    Mini-gripe session!

    She's jealous. Just stay wawy from her. Some people go through their lives so miserable the only way they can feel good is to make others unhappy. Feel sorry for her, if anything.
  16. fiveholts714

    Well, I'm off to Vegas...

    How lovely. I live near Vegas and almost got married there, but we'd already put a lot of $$ into our wedding. The geekiest I've seen is being married by an Elvis impersonator.
  17. fiveholts714

    Blabber Mouth at Preferred one!!!!

    Heck, I know why you're mad! I'm mad for you! It's HIPAA, by the way. I would definately follow up. This is a great example of how people who have never been overweight don't understand the sensitivity to it. They figure it's just about fat, so why should they have to respect that! But if you;d e-amiled and said that you had a tumor (God forbid) or some trauma that needed tro be repaired, they wouldn't even consider telling anyone else. they really should know better. Once you've calmed down a little bit (I would be mad for months), use this an as opportunity to educate this person on why it was inappropriate to forward this message. Make it a learning opportunity for her so she doesn't do it to anyone else. I'm using FLEX dollars, too.
  18. fiveholts714

    Tax Deductible? Qualify for FLEX

    I plan on using my FLEX dollars to pay for my surgery in Mexico. All it says is that treatment for boesity is covered - it doesn't say that it has to be in the US
  19. fiveholts714

    Do you take ibuprofen?

    I read something about NSAID's increasing the risk of slippage. Don't ask me why, because I don't know! I have a lot of stiffness and arthritis pain. I am hoping that the weight loss will lessen this so i will just have to suffer since I can't afford to mess up my band. (not banded yet).
  20. fiveholts714

    Why did you choose the band over GB?

    I know lots of people who have out eaten their RNY and other bypasses. As a nurse I have also watched them die from surgical complications and be ill the rest of their lives because of malnutrition. Having said that, I really wanted a GBP for a while. But my insurance won't cover it and I have to be self pay. I am planning on a band in Mexico. I can see why people would chose a GBP. There are lots who have had great results. Your choice isn't a personal statement about you or anyone else - it's just chosing one option. Why be so aggressive about it and make comments about losing the band in 3 years and getting fat? Especially on a supportive board for banders? This isn't a competition. I hope every overweight person who tries to lose weight does well, whether they chose GBP (ANY KIND), banding, weight watchers, etc.
  21. fiveholts714

    MY first NSV and SV

    How wonderful! I haven't been able to sit in a restaurant booth for a couple of years. That's one of my goals as well. Your weight loss is terrific.
  22. But I am not bended yet and I want to know. Did anyone use baby food when they got to mushies? It seems an easier way to get nutrition than mushing your own. Of course, my kids were on babyfood not that long ago andit tasted icky to me.
  23. fiveholts714

    I'm scared....

    I'm filling out the paperwork to get my band done in January in Mexico. I have enough $$ to pay for the surgery and that is all (I can pay for my transportation for fills). What do i do if I erode or slip? What have other self pay people done? Thanks,.
  24. fiveholts714


    Sorry but you will just have to live with the weight gain until you are off steroids. There's nothing you can do to avoid it. I am so sorry. I would be so frustrated if I were you! But the good news is that once you are off the prednisone, the weight will fall off pretty quickly. Predisone will also m ess seriously with your moods and the condition of your skin. So be careful. Right now just work on getting good nutrition.
  25. fiveholts714

    Found out I need gall bladder surgery!

    I am not banded yet. I have seen lots of web pages of docs who will do both at the same time. If your gall bladder removal is uncomplicated, why not? I had my gall baldder out laparoscopically in 1998. I took one week off of work but needed 2. If time off is a factor, then you may want o consider combinign them. It also means having general anesthesia only one time.

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