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  1. fiveholts714

    Jeez I feel fantastic!

    Now that is a motivating post! I am so happy for you. If your dreams can come true, maybe mine can too.
  2. I use the Costco brand of protein shake. It has 10 gm. Sometimes I add a scoop of unflavored Unjury to it for another 20 grams. I use a hand blender and it mixes well.
  3. Let me start off by saying that I was banded on 2/22/06. My first fill will be next month. As of last week I had lost 20 pounds. I have been eating about 1000-1200 calories per day and exercising my rear off. I go to the gym 3 times a week. I do circuit training for about 25 minutes, walk a half mile and then swim laps. I have little restriction, but have been careful about what I eat. I get at least 60 grams of Protein a day. I have slipped a couple of times, but I usually suffer enough that I don't do it again! Plus I am more active in my daily life. I decided that my goal is to either maintain my weight or loose a couple of pounds a week until I get my fill. I was sure I had lost weight this week. But I get on the scale and I am up almost 2 pounds. TWO POUNDS! Even my husband is surprised. I don't eat near what I used to and I am exercising. No, I don't think I am gaining muscle. Or if I am, it is in an area that I can't see. Anyway, I am discouraged. This is hard work, especially before a fill. It makes it doubly hard that people know I have had this surgery and for some reason they feel that I am obligated to report my weight loss to them each week. Well, they are in for a surprise on Monday when I announce that I will not be reporting my weight loss/gain or otherwise anymore because that is my personal business. I have had this secret fear that this surgery won't work. Probably because I have been heavy all my life and am now 40 years old. I ended up having to pay cash for this surgery and have some guilt that I took this money away from my kids and it is wasted. I know I'm not filled yet and things will be different, but if I was eating and exercising like this without a band I would still expect to lose weight. I feel like this is my once in a lifetime chance to not be morbidly obese. I don't even want to be thin - just not such a huge size that I can't fit in any clothes or an airplane seat. Please say nice things to me.:faint:
  4. fiveholts714

    Bread and Cake?

    I don't have a fill yet and there's not much resstriction. I CANNOT eat bread and cake. Man, they would get stuck in 2 seconds. NO way, no how.
  5. fiveholts714

    It works

    That post makes me feel a lot of hope.
  6. fiveholts714

    I have learned to cheat the band...

    Do you have a counselor? It's hard to do this alone - food is your friend but is acting like your enemy. Get someone to talk to.
  7. fiveholts714

    I'm In A Bind (not a band)

    Hi again! In all of my research on the band, one of the key considerations was experience. It was best to have a surgeon who had done at least 500 bands (or as many as you can get). Surgeons who have done fewer bands get more complications like erosion and slippage. Converting 3 people to a RNY is a lot if he has banded so few people. I am a nurse and am pretty familiar with how health care providers behave. If your surgeon friend was giving you a warning without the details, and he is a trusted friend, then I would pause and listen. He has a ethical obligation to not bad mouth another doc or release confidential details, but he sounded pretty insistent. I would take his comments to heart. I have asked surgeons I know in confidence about which doc I should see within a specialty and they are more than willing to steer me away from someone without any details. And I listen. While most everyone else wants to roast your husband, I would also pause and think about this. I am pretty headstrong so this is a lesson I had to learn. You and your husband are partners. You will need his 100% support to do this. He isn't saying that he doesn't support you, but wants you to consider another option. You are his mate and you are undergoing a major surgery. It would against your marriage vows and pretty darn inconsiderate to have a surgery he didn't agree with. How would you feel is he chose to have major surgery by a physician you've just been warned against? Switch roles and then think about it. With that said, I'm also not saying that you shouldn't continue with your current plans. But it is awful easy to tell someone else to disregard their husband's opinion and continue with a surgery with a surgeon he doesn't approve of. Be more cautious than that! I'm all for women's rights but I think a wife should honor her husband and husband should honor his wife. In his own way your husband is honoring you by expressing concern that you are using an inferior surgeon. You should honor him by listening and not being impulsive. I suppose I am unpopular now. :cry
  8. fiveholts714

    Young adults getting banded or already banded

    You are a smart girl for doing this when you are young. I have been heavy all my life and have just been banded at 40. I probably don't need to tell you the social agony of being overweight as a teen - it just continues into adulthood so you go for it girl!
  9. I think you should do it, but it will be hard not to have the support of your hubby. Have you had a heart to heart with him and told him how you are feeling mentally and physically? If you are going to do it anyway, I'd tell him outright that you expect his love and support.
  10. fiveholts714

    I Cant Stop Eating!!!

    Each day is a start over. Today you were weak (join the club) but tomorrow you can be strong again. I had a major pig out a red lobster the other night and ate more than 2 people could. But I put it behind me and decided it was over and all I can do is go on. Try doing some dep breathing exercises to releive the anxiety you are feeling. Try asking God to relieve you of your anxiety. That's what causes emotional eating.
  11. fiveholts714

    Fish-oil supplements for LapBanders?

    Both flax and fish have a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids that have many positive effects on the body due to their antii-nflammatory effects. They also help with brain function since Omega 3's are concentrated there. The best flax oil I know of is Barleans. You can read lots on flax at www.barleans.com. They even have info on weight loss and flax oil. It comes in capsules or liquid. They also have a fish oil in liquid. I bought one today that is lemon/lime flavored, so pray that I can take it ok! And my kiddos too! I take the flax that is unfiltered (has lignans in it) because lignans help prevent breast and colon cancer and supress tumor growth. :paranoid
  12. fiveholts714

    Can Liquids Stretch Pouch?

    One overdoing it with fluids is not going to stretch your pouch. You are just learning your body signals, that's all.
  13. fiveholts714

    1st fill today - no anesthetic - EASY!

    That's a relief to hear. I am getting my first fill on 4/11 and am a bit nervous.
  14. fiveholts714

    hi from uk

    Wow, 6 pounds. That is marvelous.
  15. fiveholts714

    Star Jones

    I think she looks creepy. That is mean to say, but true. I can see not wanting to tell people, but not if you are oging to do interviews about your weight loss and sell books. Then she makes it look like a joke. She is ridiculous.
  16. fiveholts714

    surgery tomorrow - started period today

    Most surgeon's won't let you wear a tampon. And most peope are cathed. I can't imagine someone not being cathed - they give you a lot fo Fluid in surgery and your bladder could literally explode or you would be incontinent all over the table. They take it out before you are awake, though. Most places will let you wear a pad but you have to wear their awful mesh panties which are never big enough. The staff are used to it, though. Once you get up to use the bathroom the first time, put in a tampon and put on your undies and you will feel much better.
  17. fiveholts714

    Sunta, and others recently banded...

    I was banded one month ago today. I feel fine, but I really, really need a ill. I am scheduled for one April 11th.
  18. fiveholts714

    awesome NSV, we should all consider!

    Wow. It is even more satisfying when the NSV comes from someone else!
  19. fiveholts714

    ..I've decided to stop.....

    Wow. You are my hero. I will be satisfied if I am half as successful as you are. What an amazing story. Hey, you could probably sell your story to a magazine and make enough to pay for your surgery.
  20. fiveholts714

    I've only been banded 2.5 weeks?!

    Oh yeah. Me too. I am one month tomorrow and I am ready for a fill! Or a big pizza if I can't have that.
  21. fiveholts714

    On My Way To ER Possible Gangrene

    OH NO! I remember that your toe nail was bothering you before. Hopefull this will be a quick fix and recovery. Toe nails can be so painful. I will pray that this doesn't interfere with your surgery.:faint:
  22. fiveholts714

    How do you DO this?!

    That's probably why you need the band in the first place, so i wouldn't worry about it. I was the same way. The band wil let you know when you dont chew enough and you are not likely to repeat the behavior any time soon!
  23. fiveholts714

    I have a date!

    I also told people I had a hiatal hernia repair. Congrats on getting your date. That is such a feeling of satisfaction.
  24. fiveholts714

    200 pounds

    I am GREEN with jealousy!
  25. fiveholts714

    Surgery Gas Pains

    One way to know is to take extra strength gas x. If that doesn't get rid of the pain you need to call the doc.

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