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  1. Hi BioTeacher! I have felt all of the same feelings you are talking about and I am exausted. I have a 4cc band and I have had several fills and one unfill and even if I feel like there is restriction for awhile it doesn't last. I very easily get back into my old habits, I am an emotional eater and I too thought I would get a feeling of when to stop eating but I don't. I now have 3 1/2 cc in and the only time I felt like I was in control was when they put in 4cc but I had heartburn so bad and got sick almost every day. I would have put up with it if it wasn't so bad for my health I am a diabetic for 24 years so I feel like it is now or never. I got banded July 21, 2007 and had lost 60 pounds but I have gained back 10. I went for a fill last Wed. and I only had shakes for 2 1/2 days I'm not sure it's going to work this time either. You know if I could have done it without the band I would already be thin. I needed something that would help me feel when to stop and help me as I thought the "TOOL" would. It did for5 months, now why is it not helping? My doc is not too hard on me but I have gotten the you are expecting too much from the band lecture, you need to do the work. If I could have done the work I wouldn't be on this web site right now!! At this moment I'm not helping you at all and I'm not being positive but I want you to know you are not alone in your feelings and thoughts. I am bound and determined that I will make this work with my help because I feel it is my last chance, I've tried everything else!! Take care and good luck!!

  2. I was banded on July 21, 2008 and it went very well and I was so motivated I lost 50 pounds by November. I also feel so often that I can eat anything I want and what ever amount. It is disappointing not to feel the restriction we need to help us not to overeat. I have a 4cc band and have had 4 band fills and had to have 1 cc taken out because I had such heartburn and was throwing up after many meals of only two or three bites. Now I feel it is not restrictive enough again and need to go back in for at least 1/2 cc fill. I know I need to use more will power but that was a big part of my having this band because I needed a signal that I had had enough to eat and stop. I still think it is the best thing I've done for myself and my health being a diabetic but I need to get serious again and it seems more difficult right now. Would like to hear from others who have slipped off the road and how they got back on!! If we do what we were told and taught to do from the Dr. and nutritionist I know it works and slowely and surely we will get there!! Noel

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