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  1. Hi, I just had my conversion to bypass from sleeve two days ago and today I had my first vowel movement. Great I thought! Now, rather than passing gas I run to the bathroom just in case it’s not. I’ve had about 3-4 small bouts of loose stools today. Is this normal at all?
  2. Moe2175

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Just checking up on you to see how you are feeling? I have my conversion tomorrow morning. How would you compare your recovery from when you had the sleeve? Hope you are well!
  3. Moe2175

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Thank you!!
  4. Moe2175

    Anyone for September 2020?

    My surgery is tomorrow. Waiting for that call to let me know what time to check-in. Conversion to a bypass from vsg and this time around I’m a lot more nervous!
  5. Moe2175

    Anyone for September 2020?

    I start my pre-op diet next week but it’s not full liquid.. two protein shakes and a meal 7 days prior. I believe that’s how it was for my sleeve. I totally hear you on the GERD! Can’t wait for that to pass! I don’t know why I’m so nervous about the surgery this time around!
  6. Moe2175

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Wow same! I had my sleeve in 2017 and due to GERD I am now scheduled for a bypass on 9/23. It really didn’t feel real at all for me until my final follow up yesterday which is when I got freaked out.
  7. Moe2175

    Anyone for September 2020?

    Hi everyone!! I’m having a conversion done from a sleeve to bypass and scheduled on 9/23. Didn’t feel real until I had my final follow-up appointment yesterday!