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  1. aggie

    excercise question

    Hi Guys, I hope someone can answer my question I have reached my goal weight but I have been going to the gym since last Nov but I started doing a body pump class 3 times a week plus pilates I had 7 1/4mils in but al of a sudden my band gets tight so I had 1 mil taken out, then 2 weeks later still going to the gym, for three days I couldnt keep anything down had another 1 mil taken out, has anyone else had this problem with doing weights and I have since put on 2 kgs. Hope someone can shed some light is it the body pump class. talk soon Aggie
  2. excercise is all I think of and eating healthy aggie
  3. Hi guys today I have banded 9months and have lost 20 kgs or 44lbs and 61cm off my body and I feel great except for heartburn doctor gave me tablets 3 months ago now they dont work at all. I have heartburn all the time I have a doctors appt on the 13 nov. I have also woken up and I have vomit in my mouth yuk I know. I havent had a fill in 3 months so I know that Im not tight anyone else have this problem. Talk to you soon Regards Aggie
  4. aggie

    heartburn and reflux

    have you read the book and has it worked for you. aggie
  5. I cant believe that it is nearly a year since banding, which for me it will be on the 22 feb. I have 1 kg to goal and I would have lost 23 kgs gone from 90kg to 67kg which is the doc goal but I would like to lose another 5 kg in the coming year and keep it off. I would have to say that it wasnt an easy year but a very challenging and rewarding one for me all my health issues are nearly all resolved and I have never felt better. I hope that your journey has also been rewarding. all the success to you all this coming year. talk soon. aggie
  6. aggie

    Shoulder Pain

    I too am having this shoulder pain on the left side its been happening since I had an unfill back in november. I also have back pain at the back of the shoulder. I have the pain all the time now thinking of going to the doctor also. I am 10 months out. talk soon aggie
  7. aggie

    heartburn and reflux

    Hi everyone, I also saw the doctor last week and he took 1/2 mil out and I feel great within 2 days heartburn gone dont have it all day long but I still have it every now and then,meds can get rid of it but so much relief I still have restriction but not as good as before will have to watch weight I am 2 kgs of doctors goal. I dont need to see my doctor again for 1 year now he told me to come back if I am ill or want another fill but from now on yearly visits only aggie
  8. aggie

    heartburn and reflux

    Hi Guys, went to the doctor on Thursday and I told him about the heart burn and reflux so he advised that he would take some fluid out he took out 1/2 mil and I feel great no more heart burn. Doctor was so please with my progress I am 2 kgs from his goal which is 67 kg I would like to get to 60kg, so I only have to see the doctor once a year now or if i need another fill. talk to you soon aggie
  9. Hi Guys I havent posted for a while just wanted to know how everyone is going. I am just over 71/2 month mark. I have lost 16kgs or 35.2lbs and i have lost 40cm all over. I still excercise every day I would have like to have lost a bit more weight at this stage but am a very slow looser. I have had 4 fills and I dont eat very much get a bit of heart burn doc gave me tablets for that but they stopped working after my last fill. I dont go back to the doctor until 16 nov for a tiny fill if I need it. Hope you are all well and would love to hear from you guys on this forum. aggie
  10. aggie

    whats happening out there

    I go to curves 5 times a week and I am just about to start swimming as well. do people who have had the lapband still try to do diets like shakes and all the other ones we used to do, because I dont I eat normal food I never want to be on a diet again. I have 8 kilos or 17lb to go to the goal weight that the doctor wants be to be which will make me 67kg but I would like to be 60kg that depends on what I look like at 67kg. have a great day, talk to you soon aggie
  11. Hi Bernette123, Are you losing inches, do you need another fill, I seem to lose a couple of kgs then I stop but I lose cm every month. just watch what you eat and keep excercising. Talk to your doc and the dietitian they will keep you on track. talk soon aggie
  12. I am from Australia aggie
  13. Hi Del30, I think it is the norm Im just a slow looser I have to work very hard for the weight to come off that is why I have started cardio 3 times a week as well as going to curves 5 days a week. the main thing is not to give up hope and keep going I have gone from a size 20 to size 14 who cares if the scales move slowly. I think by loosing more inches the skin is getting tighter. Talk to you soon aggie
  14. I was also banded on 22-08-08 and I also lost more cm than weight I have lost 30cm off my body and 14kgs which is 30lb I will be having my 4th fill on the 21-08-08 doctor said that he will put in 1/2 to 1cc. I have good restriction at the moment and he said that I should be right then I loose between 1/4 to 1/2 kilo a week doctor would like me to loose 1/2 to 1 kilo a week but I go to curves 5 days a week and have just stared doing cardio with weights 3 times a week. dont give up you are doing well. keep excercising and getting fills. talk to you soon. aggie
  15. sorry guys i didnt know that you couldnt see anything i dont know what happened because i can see the picture. i thought it was a bit strange with the 2 replys i got. aggie
  16. guys this is supposed to be a joke she is lying on her back balancing the scales i thought it was funny sorry no one saw the funny side. aggie
  17. aggie

    Feb Social Group

    I had my second fill last week and I only had restriction for a week. i still have not lost any weight but I have lost 21cm off my body spoke with dietitian and he advised to start walking as well as curves so that is the plan for this month. I go for my third fill on the 25th of june doctor thinks that the next one should do the trick I have 5 and 1/2 cc in there. I get so frustrated with it all. aggie
  18. aggie

    In a slump and in the dumps...

    I know what you are going thru i was banded on 22-02-08 have lost 11kgs but have not lost any more weight. i go to curves 5 to 6 times a week but i have lost 10cm off my body. I go for my 2nd fill this thursday. hang in there and keep exercising. aggie
  19. my first fill was 4cc and my doctor only puts in 1cc there after. the first week I felt restriction and I also feel a bit tight in the morning but as the days wears on i have to watch how much i eat a bit of a head game as well. talk to you soon. aggie
  20. Thanks guys for your support I went to curves yesterday and I have lost 10cm from my body and 1% of body fat and 1.6kg in a month so Im pleased with that. maybe if your loosing cm off your body, your not loosing much weight. I dont know i will just hang in their like you guys. talk to you later. aggie
  21. aggie

    Feb Social Group

    I dont count calories, i dont eat bread, white potatoes, pasta, or rice. i eat a lot of fish, tuna for lunch. I also eat a lot of veges, dont get me wrong Im no angel I have eaten things that Im not supposed to eat but most of the time Im pretty good. i just feel that since by first fill I can eat a lot more. good news i went to curves and i got measured I have lost 10 cm off my body mainly from the upper body and 1% of body fat, so I was please with that. aggie
  22. Hi I was banded 22-02-08 and I have lost 11 kgs but I havent lost anymore weight since 02-04-08 and I go to curves 5 times per week and I do eat healthy I am getting frustrated because I am doing all the right things. need advice
  23. aggie

    Feb Social Group

    hi everyone I was banded 22-02-08 i have lost 11 kgs which is really great but I have been sitting on 79kg since the 02/02/08 and I eat really healthy and I go to curves 5 times aweek I had my first fill on 17-04-08 and had 4cc put in and the only difference i feel is that i am a bit tight in the mornings and thats it. I go for my second fill on the 15-05-08 and the doctor will put 1cc in. Need some advise on how to get the weight moving again. aggie
  24. Hi Kylie, I was also banded on the 22-02-08 and I have lost 11kgs also, was 90kg now 79kg doctors goal is 67kg mine is 60kg. I am supposed to have my first fill tomorrow but i ended up in hospital a couple of weeks ago and doctor had to empty my stomach so he said he doesnt know if he will do my first fill. I hope he does will let you know tomorrow. Aggie (Darwin) AUS