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  1. Bumped into a casual friend this past weekend that I hadn't seen since May (I had my surgery in September and I'm down 80lbs) in the parking lot of a local store. I waved. He stared at me blankly. I walked over to him and his eyes were masks of confusion with not even the slightest bit of recognition. "Matt... it's Rob, you f-ckin' drunk!" "HOLY SHIT! MATE, WHAT THE F-CK HAPPENED TO YOU?" Best reaction I've had. I'll never tire of that kind of thing.
  2. Ha! Thanks! Happy holidays!
  3. I had both and didn't notice anything really that strange or odd. I had a bit more discomfort when lying down on my back, but I think that was mainly heartburn/reflux.
  4. TheRev

    40lbs down! (Pics)

    Kick ass, sea bass!
  5. TheRev

    August Sleever!

    Recovery si always tough - especially for such a drastic surgery as we've had. BUT... it gets easier! I'm 3 months out, down 80lbs (EIGHTY!!!), and it's smooth sailing. I still eat one bite too much now and then, but you learn to listen to your body and slow down.
  6. Right there with ya, mate! 3 months and a handful of days and I'm down 80lbs. Amazing journey so far!
  7. Babbs with the bucket of ice water!
  8. When other people notice and mention how different you look, it's a powerful intoxicating feeling. Totally get it!
  9. Trader Joe's was mentioned above as a good source. Honestly, most good grocery chains will have a solid selection
  10. Kim Kim sauce is one of my addictions. It's a Korean hot sauce that's sweet and spicy (like Sriracha but not as spicy). Enjoy!
  11. I had no problems with it, but I didn't touch it for like a week after surgery and then only used it sparingly until I was 4 weeks out.
  12. TheRev

    I'm devastated

    It took me a year to fight through the insurance douchebaggery and actually go under the knife. I even had to switch surgeons because my original surgeon's office staff was so completely incompetent that they screwed up not just my paperwork but dozens of other sets as well. The office manager was even fired and when all of this was explained to my insurance company they said: "Oh... wow. Ok, look me just need 5 minutes on the phone with the surgeon to verify that." He refused. He. f**king. Refused. So, yeah, I ended up having my surgery 9 months later than I wanted, but I'm incredibly pleased with the surgeon I went with, his staff, and the facility where I had my surgery. Getting denied can be crushing, but stick with it. Stay on the diet, keep doing everything you're doing in preparation for the surgery. If nothing else, you'll just lose MORE weight and be closer to your goal! You got this, lady! Oh, and all said and done, the bill was like $45,000 or so. I paid $2500. Insurance! Wootwoot!
  13. TheRev

    Under 300...

    I'm within a healthy spitting distance of being under 300. With any luck I can be there before the end of the year. Which will mean I'll have dropped ~85lbs since August 26th.
  14. Cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and skyr. Skyr is Icelandic yogurt and it's amazing. Tangier than Greek and so so rich. I freaking love the stuff!
  15. Look for boxed soups. I strolled into a Wegman's and found a bunch of soup and broth cartons that made me weep with joy. Potato leek, Thai Chicken Broth, Roasted Bone stock (I know that sounds awful, but oh my sweet baby Jesus, add a dash of hot sauce and it was MAGICAL), etc etc etc. Make sure it's smooth, not too loaded with sugar or carbs, and go to town!
  16. I'll chime in even though I'm not going to say anything really all that different! I took off roughly two weeks. I manage an IT department for a company, so my job is primarily behind a desk. I actually came back in a couple of days early, took a day off, and then was back full time (I'd been keeping up with email from home, but not doing any actual work-work). Dude... those first few days... They were exhausting. Even sitting behind a desk and pounding a keyboard, I found myself worn the fuck down. I guess engaging the noggin in a meaningful way coupled with being around people (who kept asking how my "vacation" was). I'd be in bed by 8pm every night. It took a week or so to be mostly back to normal, but I had to set reminders on my phone to drink, eat, walk, etc. That's key and that's why most surgeons would rather you take 4-6 weeks off - you NEED to develop the habit of drinking Water regularly and moving around. I cannot stress enough how important those habits are when you go back to work. So, make sure you're ready. And if you have even a remotely stressful job or you're on your feet a lot throughout the day, TAKE AS LONG AS YOU CAN OFF FROM WORK. Don't muck about with trying to go back early because you think you feel back to normal. You don't. Trust me.
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    Oh to be close to a state with recreational...
  18. TheRev


    From what I understand, most topicals are primarily for anti-inflammation purposes. I don't know that they would do a whole lot of good for an issue like you described above. I'd think you'd need to go for straight up pain relief in the form of edibles or inhalants. Again, not a doctor. Just a headie guy with some keen abdomen scars.
  19. TheRev

    Open letter to my body

    *slow clap* Sent from my SM-N920V using the BariatricPal App
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    You folks in progressive states make me insanely jealous. Stay green, brothers and sisters!
  21. TheRev


    I had a pretty frank discussion with my surgeon's assistant about herb. I'm in a state where it's not legal and she couldn't legally make any recommendations (also, it was a Catholic hospital so they're pretty restrictive about discussing a lot of topics to begin with). We talked around it and in a lot of hypotheticals. The gist: smoking is bad. Look, I'm a fan of the green. But it's STILL smoke that's going into your lungs. If you do it regularly, it's not great for that soft pink tissue, people. Vape it - spend the money on a volcano or some type of vape pen that works with dried herbs. Eat it - I got lucky to get a bunch of edibles from a friend out west and the lozenges... well, they kind of taste like cherry cough syrup and bong Water, but the dosage is dependable and they act fast. Also, don't partake and sit. Partake and go for a walk, do yard work, something, anything. There is nothing inherently dangerous about marijuana and being post-op with the sleeve, but what you do AFTER you partake is what matters.
  22. TheRev

    Spicing up broth.

    I kept the crushed and powdered spices out of my broth for the first few weeks just to be on the safe side, but I DID use a bottle of Sriracha. I found that Wegman's had a number of great boxed broths and soups that fit into the restrictions of the post-op diet and LOVED the spicy Thai broth. I lived off of that stuff!
  23. Jammies are the best way to spend the day!
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  25. TheRev

    Premier Protein shakes

    They do, yeah, but most protein shakes I've tried have the same chalkiness to some degree. I tend to really dig the PP shakes, though. Chocolate is my go-to, but the banana? Maaaaaaaaaan... the banana is the bomb. If you can track those down, snag 'em. I've heard good things about the Caramel, too.

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