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  1. Earthbul

    255 Starting Weight ?

    Now a little over a month out and this morning I weighed in at 218 lbs. My sleep apnea's gone and my blood pressure has normalized. Everyday is a new learning experience but it's so exiting to have all this new found energy. So happy I had the procedure !!!
  2. Hi, My name's Jerry. I live in NY. My wife and I are both getting sleeved. My wife's procedure is this Friday and mine is on Feb.10th. My current weight is 255 and I'm 6'0". I have many health problems which is why my insurance is covering it. I have high blood pressure, High cholesterol, sleep apnea and chronic back pain. My doctor said it doesn't help that I'm carrying around a 75 lb backpack lol Anyone else here start out at a relatively "low" weight ? Did it affect how fast you lost the weight ? any problems with loose skin etc ? Take care
  3. Earthbul

    Long Island Sleevers

    Hi, My name's Jerry. I'm not technically on the island but I'm pretty close. My wife and I live in Bayside Queens and we are both getting sleeved during the next two months. My wife is having her procedure this Friday and I'm getting mine on Feb. 14th. We're both very excited about starting this new phase of our lives and look forward to any support we can find. Was wondering if there were any other couples that have had this done on this forum. I'd love to hear some of your stories. Gotta run. Have a great day, everyone. Best, Jerry
  4. Earthbul

    Husband and wife team

    Hey, my wife and I are going to be taking the journey together as well. She's getting hers on January 13th and im getting mine on February 10th. We're in the NY area. I'd love to hear more about your situation.
  5. Earthbul

    February 2017 sleevers?

    Hi, I'm getting sleeved on Feb. 10th. I'm 5'11" and I weigh 250. I'm right on the border with a bmi of 35. I have 3 co-morbities so my insurance is going to cover it. My wife is having hers on Jan 13th. We live in Queens, NY
  6. Earthbul

    January 2017 Sleevers

    Cool, my wife is having hers on January 13th and im having mine on February 10th. We live in Queens.
  7. Earthbul

    What are you drinking?

    Try Mio. My nutritionist recommended it to me. Sent from my SM-G920T using the BariatricPal App
  8. Earthbul


    Hi, I'm new to this. My wife and I are in the process of being approved for gastric bypass surgery. My wife is classified as obese. I am 5'11" and hover around 250. My bmi hovers around the 35 range. Along with a number of health problems such as sleep apnea, high cholesterol, pain due to neck surgery and potential diabetes this makes me eligible for the procedure. Like an idiot I mentioned to a co-worker that I was thinking of having the procedure done and was immediately met with a lot of criticism. My weight has always fluctuated and I've always had a tough time keeping it off. Being that my wife is having it done I thought I would bite the bullet and go through it with her. I've seen many videos where folks are extremely obese but not many where the man weights 250. Because of my height people laugh at me when I say that I'm obese. Problem is that due to my weight I'm out of breath after climbing a set of stairs. Anyway, now I'm just babbling lol So if anyone has any thoughts on what I've had to say, please respond. Take care Jerry Sent from my SM-G920T using the BariatricPal App

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