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    Hate bypass

    I had the RNY about 7 months ago for the same exact reason, the GERD was unbarable. I also gained a little weight back from eating carbs to try and stop the burning. I lost about 25 lbs pretty quickly after surgery, but havent lost a lb in the last 3 months. I am happy with my loss and am about the same weight i was at lowest with sleeve. Sometimes I miss me sleeve because the full feeling just isnt the same. Sometimes I think i eat a bit more because I dont have it. But in reality I think im eating about the same.
  2. frozengrapes

    Hate bypass

    Diabetes, blood pressure, and a couple of other health issues. So, they do, just not as common.
  3. frozengrapes

    Hate bypass

    That was my weight loss about the 6 month post sleeve weight, which is when I stopped posting. I lost another 10 lbs , then gained about 10 back in the last year once my GERD got really bad. Almost 55 lbs, gained back 10, now lost 15. So, all and all 5 lbs less then before GERD. Original BMI 35.5
  4. frozengrapes

    Hate bypass

    Same surgery date and have only lost 15! I do not have a lot to lose so I get it, I just thought it would be more when eating 750 high protein, low fat, low sugar diet. And If I cant lose on a post diet, diet, then what? And yes I exercise. On a positive note I have had normal blood sugar and off all meds since my first surgery. In 4 years with the sleeve was able to keep most of the weight off.
  5. frozengrapes

    Hate bypass

    They both change your metabolism so I do not know what else there could be?
  6. frozengrapes

    Hate bypass

    I agree, not having the restriction makes it a lot more difficult. I'm eating less, excercising more, and the weight isn't coming off at all like it did. My metabolism hasn't change, and im more hungry than I was after sleeve. Self control isn't a problem right now, but I know if I do not lose weight it will become a problem.
  7. frozengrapes

    Hate bypass

    The bypass does alot more than the sleeve ever could... Please explain what exactly more does it do?
  8. frozengrapes


    I have used the vitamin patch since my sleeve 4 years ago, and have continued them since my bypass.
  9. So far, so good with the GERD issues. However my GERD didn't start for about 2 years after my sleeve. I feel very different. With the sleeve I felt full and it was very high up in the midchest area, not quite a pain but an uncomfortable feeling. It was very obvious when I was full. Now I do not have that at all. I was worried about it. It seems now I do not get any fell feeling in my chest. I just kind of don't feel hungry after a bit of food. No pain, no discomfort, just lose that hungry feeling. I do have EXTREME gas almost every evening, sometimes very very painful. I had not had that at all with the sleeve. I am at week 9 just starting on a regular diet again. I have had no issues with any of the foods I have tried. Just bloating and gas most evenings. Good luck with your surgery and if you have any questions please let me know.
  10. frozengrapes

    Forced to do Bypass

    I have an excercise routine the same one ive been doing the last 3 years, Ive been following a diet for the last 3 years, so obviously I can, but thanks. My comment was about feeling different and how that might affect me. Thanks for your help.
  11. frozengrapes


    I have slacked on my exercise since surgery, I was going to pilates 3 days a week, but that is gone for now. I have done some walking, but I need a class setting to push me. Plus the weather has been shitty!
  12. frozengrapes

    Forced to do Bypass

    I also feel much less restriction, and that is part of my worry.
  13. frozengrapes


    My surgeon has be checking in with me by phone. I am grateful that things for the most part have been going well and ive had no majors issues. Im having a LOT of gas pains in the evening, but other that that I'm doing ok. How about you? I am not happy that I haven't been losing any weight. Where in LI? I have family in Patchogue and surrounding areas.
  14. I hope things get better for you. Let me know if something changes for you, or any issues come up.
  15. frozengrapes

    Forced to do Bypass

    I am taking 40 mg 1x per day. I will be taking it for 6 months. I was taking it 2x a day before surgery. I didn't expect to lose like the first time, but I did expect to lose something on 700 calories mostly protein. If I gain I do not know how I would mentally handle that!!
  16. frozengrapes


    You are doing better than me! I lost 13 the 1st 3 and 1 -2 the next 3 weeks! so, 7 weeks out and only 14 lb loss!
  17. frozengrapes


    I had my surgery on 3/9, the same day the hospital had their 1st 2 virus patients. One my 2nd day, they stopped allowing visitors. If I had known what was to happen, I would have postponed. No one should be in a hospital now unless they virus. The surgery also makes you high risk for virus. It's way too scary. I have not been able to have any post op visits, since my Drs office is in hospital. I live very close to Manhattan, and in a hotspot. I'm 6.5 weeks out and haven't seen a dr since.
  18. I had surgery a few days after you , for similar reasons. I am also having some symptoms I take the meds and they help but WTF?
  19. frozengrapes

    Forced to do Bypass

    I just had a revision on 3/9 I had a sleeve 8/2016. I lost 50 lbs. I had GERD before the sleeve but not too bad. The first 2 years after sleeve my GERD was nearly gone. BUT then it came back with a vengeance. It was awful, waking from sleep with bile in my throat, burning all day everyday, and the tightness in my chest. Top that off with a hernia and a fold in my sleeve. I started gaining weight back because crackers and bread were the only thing that made me feel better.My Dr gave me 2 choices, live with it, or do revision. I lived with it for about 8 more months and could no longer do it. I was honestly afraid to do another surgery. I am in week 6.5 post surgery, and am very disappointed at my weight loss so far. I lost 13 lbs, the first 3 weeks and only 1-3 the next 3 weeks. I'm only eating 700 cal a day an losing nothing. AND I have had days where I have some GERD. I am taking my meds and they help but I thought I would have none. The biggest issue I have is the fear that I feel totally different. With my sleeve I felt full really quickly and knew when I was full. So far I feel like I can eat more, I haven't, but I feel like I will be able to. I don't get the same feeling. My thought was that at least I'll lost weight after doing this again, but it doesn't seem like that will be happening.
  20. frozengrapes

    I hate water!

    I hope so, it was one of the only habits I had!
  21. I do not understand. I am 8 weeks post op. I have lost almost 30 lbs!!!! Before surgery I loved Water, I drank it all day, at least 640z. Now I hate it. I can not drink more than 80z or so. What is going on? I drink sugar free juice, tea, etc. but I can not get the water down. I just have no desire for it. Can anyone explain/
  22. frozengrapes

    BEST protien shake option

    pure protein is my favorite by far premier protein is my backup
  23. frozengrapes

    Calories per day

    700-900 calories a day 8 weeks out
  24. frozengrapes

    First lie!

    A few people know. My husband and 1 of my children, a handful of friends, and 1 co worker, and 1 sister. My father, other sisters and 2 of my kids do not know. Everyone else thinks it was hernia surgery (which I did have on my diaphragm) The diet I am on is for my hernia as far as they are concerned.