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  1. Txblue_eyedqt

    Any Baytown, Tx Bandsters?

    I am in Deer Park, would be interested in meeting some new people too. Baytown isnt far from me at all. Cynthia
  2. Sorry to hear about this. It is unfortunate, but when I learned of the lapband procedure I was told there were many risks and that it hadnt been out long enough to know the side effects it could possibly have. Its all case by case, you never know what could happen with anything. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as they try and solve this issue for you. Good job on the weightloss too. Cynthia
  3. Txblue_eyedqt

    Last Supper Mentality??

    I think I had the "last meal" syndrome the whole last week before my surgery!! I too used Dr. Spivak and besides my weight I was very healthy as well, I didnt have to do a pre-op diet either.
  4. Txblue_eyedqt

    Any grazers out there?

    well...grazer, thats me!!! I feel like I was just banded, because of the behavior Im trying to relearn. the first year was great, but regardless in my opinion you still have to retrain your self to eat better. I didnt and know Im having to learn the good eats from the bad eats. Even being banded I still crave and want to eat the ugly foods, but I cant some of them, and then again some days I can...so for me its a struggle still dealing with.
  5. Txblue_eyedqt

    Sex before marriage?

    Its so amazing to read about everyone and how different we all are. For me, I grew up in church and had beliefs and my parents also taught me values, etc. One of those was sex before marriage. They never shoved it down are throat about it being bad, against religion, but they did share with us that GOD didnt approve of it. Now I never had to worry about it in highschool or anything, but I also didnt talk about it with my parents, which I defintily will do different with my kids one day. I felt very strongly about waiting till I was married, but It didnt happen. I fell in love with someone and we decided to share that with one another. We did part our seperate ways at one point and we moved on with our lives. I did have one other partner whom I dated, and I dont feel bad about sharing that with either people. I feel its all a personal decision and if it is something you want to do, than so be it. Amazingly enough me and my first love are back together and planning our future. Its wierd how the world turns, but its the way life is. Wow, and Im not the most educated when it comes to sex, so I did also learn some new words form Wheetsin! LOL. Noone should ever be judged for thier opinions, that is why its called opinioin... Im jumping around here, but IMO being ...hmm its hard to say what makes you a virgin or not, I mean I know medically you would have to have penetration, but I guess if you are doing other things..mmm...I dont know I would considere a "virgin", but thats me...
  6. Txblue_eyedqt

    Is this normal, do I need a fill?

    well im not a doctor, but I think the saline eventually dissapates(is that the word im looking for??) LOL.....and i also believe our stomachs stretch...but i believe that is how you know its time when you start eating more and can eat things like bread, pasta, etc... hope this helps....
  7. Txblue_eyedqt

    Gone For Good Club - September 2006

    guess i should post my weight... H&S 296/G145/C221
  8. Txblue_eyedqt

    Gone For Good Club - September 2006

    Hi all, well its been forever since I have visited or posted, and as I see ALOT has changed...Im finally back on track, got another fill yesterday...im now at 3.0 ccs...yeahh i have restriction.....so im back on board and need support..... my current weight went back up to 221lbs...so that is where im starting....
  9. Txblue_eyedqt

    Gone for Good Club - June 2006

    Hello everyone....just wanted to check in and let everyone know they are doing a wonderful job!! Kristin....love your dress, that is a beautiful pick.....im so excited for you... Heather....love nike shox...have a pair and they are wonderfullllll everyone else keep up the good work... im moving this coming up week and thursday I will FINALLY get a fill...yeahhhhh..im so excited i really need this fill. Maybe it will get my butt back in gear..... Have a good one.. cynthia
  10. Txblue_eyedqt

    Gone for Good Club - June 2006

    LOL.... yes, how could you tell......(laughing out loud at work..people staring) I meant to say mom......ooopppsssss.......
  11. Txblue_eyedqt

    Gone for Good Club - June 2006

    Thats great funnyduddie.....men can be sweet....Man, I was starting to think there is no such man like that out there...LOL Well I will keep you in my thoughts and hope the week with your money is not full of stress for you........ Keep up the good work....
  12. Txblue_eyedqt

    Gone for Good Club - June 2006

    goodmorning guys..... FINALLY....I have FINALLY dropped a pound!!!! I have been maintaining 210 for about a month, I need a fill, but no money right now to go and get one, fixing to move in a couple of weeks....sooooo.... Great Job, everyone.....keep up the good work Telly....... C 209 (-87lbs total -1lb for the week)
  13. Txblue_eyedqt

    Gone for Good Club - June 2006

    WAY TO GO! HEATHERGURL....skinny jeans always kick butt...... CONGRATULATIONS...Mychevygirl... well maybe if I feel the strength...im going to post my "challange card" and put my photo....I hate seeing my self in a bathing suit... Kristin: I like the tankinis....I actually bought several this year but havent gotten a chance to wear them yet.... look for my pictures to be posted soon.....
  14. Txblue_eyedqt

    Gone for Good Club - June 2006

    hey guys, hows it going...been in a slump lately....I cant get this stupid eating down ...I have been snacking like crazy...I think I need a fill, but cant afford one right now, fixing to move in a few weeks to new apartments, so saving for that! Hows everyone doing..... Heathergurl....How is your training/gym workout going? Are you loving it or what?? P'nut..thanks for emailing me...that was very thoughtful.....you do a great job with this site.... everyone: Keep up the good work.... Have a good evening.....
  15. Txblue_eyedqt

    The Honeymoon Phase

    NEW..NOT NEW....who cares, its about our journey and sharing the knowledge that you have ..... P'nut....to me it doesnt matter what date you were banded, you have good thoughts, and suggestions, and thats what we are all here on this board to do is share them with people.... I think even if you are 5 yrs banded, you could easily learn something new about the band life from someone 3 mths post......my opinion. You do a great job at supporting and sharing what you do with us...and for that I thank you...it keeps my head straight.....

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