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  1. Happy 39th Birthday Matt_Sydney!

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  3. Sure. With regards to nutrition a typical day would see me start the day with a Protein shake upon waking. I would then go to work and ensure that within 2 hours of rising I had drunk at least 1.5litres of Water before having anything else. The water would provide satiety but i could feel I needed something to eat so I would have a small tub of yoghurt and throw into the yoghurt tub a handful of raw unsalted mixed nuts. Between the yoghurt and lunch i'd try for another 2 litres of water. Lunch would be a tin of tuna. Maybe a banana for afternoon tea. I would then to go training and finish my day with lean chicken breast or fish with salad such as cucumber, lettuce, tomato, capsicum and almonds. I'd pretty much do this daily. Exercise : I'd spend an hour a day after work, between 5pm and 6pm doing Cardio Intervals, Full Body Workouts, Interval Sessions on the Treadmill, Recumbant Bike, Rowing Machine and do core strength work such as medicine ball crunches. I'd take Sunday off.
  4. "Dream the Ridiculous, then make it happen" Matt Quinten had a dream to become lean. Obese all his adult life, Matt was the guy at school who would forge permission slips to get out of PE, having never competed in a Sports Carnival or a Swimming Carnival. Throughout his life he would break toilet seats under his weight, would be scared outdoor furniture would snap, and had to source clothes in his size from the Internet. Matt had tried diets, tried to exercise, tried shakes. The lot. Nothing worked long term. Matt even tried to lift weights as early as 12yrs of age, played junior rugby to try to find something enjoyable and run around, tried gym memberships, training with friends, walking as soon as he wakes up, diet after diet to lose weight but it just wouldn't shift. No he has gone from a size 54" waist to a size 32" waist. Even his shoe size has become smaller. At 34yrs old he has found life is all about smiling and being positive. He is enjoying a life didn't know existed. Matt is training regularly and can now even enjoy trips to go swimming the beach after an absence of over 20 years. After researching the lapband procedure and committing to lifelong change Matt found he could lose his excess weight. November of 2007 Matt weighed in at 170kgs/ 375lbs. In December 2007 Matt decided to change his lifestyle and commit to weightloss. After attending a Seminar in December '07 Matt decided the Lapband procudure could be beneficial. Operated on January 30th 2008 with only one week liquid pre-op, Matt was operated on at 156kgs/ 343lbs. Matt had managed to achieve a weightloss, without the band, in the weeks leading up to the pre-op liquid diet, of 8kg/18lbs. Then after going on the liquid diet for one week pre-op Matt lost another 6kg/ 13lbs. Total weightloss from November 2007 to operation on January 30th : 14kg/30lbs. Matt knew a complete Lifestyle Overhaul was required and the Lapband was the catalyst for this. Since having his lapband over 12 months ago Matt has only had 3 adjustments. First adjustment was March 2008, and another in June 2008. The most recent adjustment, February 2009 was to remove some tension so that he can eat to obtain a nutrition level equal to his energy outputs at exercise. Through nutritious food, hydration, positivity, self belief, discipline and doing exercise he enjoys, Matt has found supremacy over that part of himself that was destructive. With support from fantastic family and great friends he has moved from Morbidly Obese to lean. Matt has successfully completed several fun runs in 2008 and has been a guest speaker at a Weightloss Seminar. Matt would like to extend a gracious thanks to his family and all his friends that have supported him by believing in his spirit. Matt is now 85kg/187lbs. Matts current weight is equal to the weight reduction he has had. He is literally half the man he was after losing 50% of his bodyweight. Matt achieved this goal in January 2009 and has kept it off, and will keep it off for life. :thumbdown: ================== This was actually written by me, Matt. I just found it easier to look at it from the third person when telling my story. Thanks for reading.
  5. I'd like to know more so I can record my journey and possibly contribute, I was banded in Sydney on January 30th and have dropped 22kg. I am a 6'3" 34yo male. Email me at mattquinten@hotmail.com with more info
  6. Banded 30th January so nearly made it for this thread, lost 48lbs
  7. Matt_Sydney

    Your lap-band story...

    Went to a Seminar, liked it. Had an appointment with a Surgeon, was operated on the very next week. Only had 6 days pre-op, surgery on the 7th day. Have dropped 30 pounds in 3 weeks.