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  1. Who's up for a small exercise challenge this week? I am going to walk for at least a 1/2 hour for 3 of the next 5 days. (Need to get back to the simplest of exercise). Who will meet this challenge with me? Report back on Friday!
  2. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    I'm just checking in too! Sorry I have been so quiet on here. I think I just needed a break from LB. The LB process has consumed me this year and I had hoped for a better outcome. Not giving up, but I needed a break from thinking about it. Back to reality....:confused:
  3. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    Hi Bandana! Happy Bandiversary! What an awesome accomplishment....86 lb loss! We're a little quiet here lately, but join in...we'll be getting back on track and so will you.:thumbup:
  4. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    Sounds as if we all have had a few things that have gotten us off track...at least as it pertains to posting! I've just been a little more stressed than usual...this week work was extra, extra busy; my Mom had to have a Pacemaker put in (dr told her she needed it on Tues and it was put in on Thurs. Apparently a 24 hr holter monitor revealed that for several hundred times her heart rate averaged 20-30 beats per minute. THAT's bad!); I refinanced my mortgage on Tuesday (that was good news, rate dropped 2 points to 4.875!) and then the nice long weekend I was looking forward to started out with one son with 102+ fever (he's just starting to feel better, that means his twin or I will get it next!) Oh well...I shouldn't whine! My fill is coming up on Wednesday afternoon. I am thinking that the scale will be up a few pounds when I check in. :huh2: This week will be another busy one! Then next week I will start teaching again 2 nights a week. (I'm trying to get some extra funds together to help me plan a vacation for my 50th this summer. I'm trying to put a positive spin on it!) Oh well, hope everyone has a good week! Please post when you are able! Trish
  5. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    BUMMER having to stay in 82 degree weather Pat. NOT!!! Enjoy the escape from winter! Are you referring to the large test tubes of protein that GNC sells? I have bought them and still have a supply of grape. They do pack a wallup of protein. Taste like liquid, thick Jello though. yum.:thumbup:
  6. TOMORROW, Friday, 1/2, I vow to do at least a 20-30 minute walk and 30 minutes on Wii Fit. (I have to start somewhere and this doesn't seem too intimidating!) I'll be back to report in that its DONE.
  7. Trishadish

    NJ (& Others) Nov/Dec 2008 Chat

    Hi Ladies! I have been meaning to check in, but the holidays have been slipping by so quickly! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you SO MUCH to all who sent cards. I planned to send cards as well…really…still have the unopened box in front of me. I was trying to think of something witty to send for the New Year instead but it looks like I’ve missed that deadline too! I bought my sons laptops for Christmas. I gave it with a list of conditions that would allow me to take it away (i.e. grades, behavior, etc)….that probably sounds mean…a conditional gift…but, hey, it works! Now that they don’t need their desktops, I’m trying to use one as my computer. I think mine is the oldest in the house so one of theirs has got to be better than mine memory wise. What a pain though trying to copy files and pictures and stuff. I treated myself to a few things in December as my Christmas present to me! (Camera, Crocs, expensive handbag). I don’t do that too often, but it came easy this year, LOL! I did get one of those old time popcorn carts for my family room as a gift and also the Mama Mia DVD. Yay! I’m actually off work until next Monday but I’m not accomplishing the things at home that I had planned to. I’ve been under the weather with a chest cold, it looked like my Mom was going in the hospital again (but I think we dodged that bullet yesterday). On top of this, I made the decision to refinance my home with the record rates that are out there. One big pain though…the “appraisal” process which used to mean the lender would get comparable sales, drive by your house, take a picture, etc, now requires that they come into your home and do a thorough walk-through inspection. Heck, I was cleaning at 6:00 am this morning, awaiting the appraiser to arrive at 10. Nerve wracking! He was even sketching in a pad as he walked around the house. I told him not to sketch in the clutter! I have absolutely avoided the scale this week. Now, I’m afraid, very afraid. I’ll face the music, but not looking forward to it. I’m ready to get the scale moving downward again and to “look divine in 2009!”. So, where's that exercise challenge?
  8. Trishadish

    NJ September 2008 Chat

    KAT: It is so scary to hear all that you've gone through. Emotionally, you sound VERY strong and that's such a good thing. I'll keep positive thoughts for you! You'll get through this, you are doing all the right things. Thank goodness for IVs when you need them! Darcy: Welcome! This is a great group and I'm so glad I found them! Pat: A POGO queen, eh? I overtook my son's account last year and visit it from time to time when I need to de-stress!
  9. Trishadish

    Any locals?

    Thanks for sharing this. I may just check them out. I had my surgery in Phila at HUP but the evening meetings are very difficult for me to get to (living in Salem County NJ and not wanting to travel to downtown Philly during rush hour). So, sounds like you would recommend them. How easy is it to get to St. Francis and park, etc?
  10. Trishadish

    NJ September 2008 Chat

    Awww.... you have two goldens? I have one. He's a big lug named Cooper. Such a sweet heart. I keep him shaved down like a yellow lab (Okay, so he has an identity crisis goin on...) just because of the hair. He looks like a giant beige bear. His weight is my dream goal weight - 126 - ain't gonna happen! :smile: I've often thought of getting another so that, god forbid, when he goes to the big kennel in the sky, it would be easier on my sons. I swore I'd never have a big dog, extra hairy dog or male dog. But, when I went to visit the puppies and he sat at my feet while the other dogs ran around all spazzy and whatnot, I knew he was the one! Actually, my son had been quite ill at the time where we would have to regularly visit the National Institute of Health in DC (he's fine now!) and I PROMISED him a dog when things were looking up. A Golden was his choice. So, that's the story of Cooper the wonder dog!
  11. Trishadish

    NJ September 2008 Chat

    Hi Diane! Glad to see your post. I've been sort of MIA lately too. Just burning the candle at both ends with not much time to post. Glad to hear that Hannah was more of a dud for everyone. Thank goodness! Actually, it was great to be housebound yesterday afternoon and get caught up on projects. I'm in need of a fill...weight loss has stopped, but, to be fair, exercise has fallen victim to my busy schedule and I haven't fit it in. So, tomorrow is another day and hopefully I'll get back on track. Take care everyone.
  12. Good: Losing 31 lbs within 2 months of surgery. Losing more than 10% of your body weight really makes a difference right away. Feeling great now, not noticing the band and just letting it do its job. Knowing that one year from now, with hard work, I will to be down 100 lbs. Bad: At 49, feeling like I was hit by a Mack Truck for the first few days after surgery. Ugly: Knew this, but dealing with plateau’s and the reality that this is not a magic bullet that it takes hard work and exercise. It is just a tool.
  13. Trishadish

    New Jersey August Chat

    LOL Actually that was wishful thinking, out loud, on my part. I'm lonely for adult company when the boys are with me...I'm not sure I'd survive alone! After this last trip, one of the girls in my department at work said that she and a few others were going to make me go on a girls weekend. So, maybe it will happen after all. I can wish, right? Right now I'm still dealing with issues at home. My Mom had her medical procedure on Monday and has been in intensive care since. Good news is maybe not cancer after all, bad news is that she's had major cardiac issues since the procedure and some significant internal bleeding. Trying to keep positive thoughts here though!
  14. Trishadish

    NJ July 2008 Chat

    Pat, Diane & Donna: You girls look great! Sounds like you had a blast of an afternoon. I'm jealous. Donna, so you really are a Jersey girl! I am very familiar with the areas you mentioned. Before I moved down here, I was working at a college in Trenton and commuted from Burlington County. My sister is a real estate agent in Moorestown where your brother lives. I miss Burlington County but am getting used to it here. New Jersey is such a small state but it is very regional in nature. You made me laugh with the picnic! I bought a funny cookbook a few years ago with the same title of your picnic... :biggrin2: Sherry: How's the reflux? Any better? I miss your updates! It's been challenging here at home. I have my parents (83 & 80) living with me along with my soon to be 14 yo twin boys. My Mom has had some health issues and may possibly be dealing with cancer. A final test/surgical procedure will confirm or dismiss this in early August. Add to that the fact that they had investments in that failed bank (Indymac) and the stress level has been over the top at my house. :drool: So.... it's been fun. Not! I'm still plugging away with maintaining 1200 calories a day. Today, though, I definitely over did it. I went with some girls from work to Bennigan's and ordered from the appetizer menu. BUT...when I tried to look up the calories it was WAY HIGH. Ugh. Anyway, one day of failure and I feel really yucky. This was the feeling in the past that would make me throw in the towel. Obviously I can't and won't this time, but its hard to break old habits and responses. :thumbup: Tomorrow is a new day!
  15. Trishadish

    Southern Jersey...Anybody?

    I'm from Salem County, formerly from Burlington County. Traveled to Hosp. Univ of Penn for surgery. (actually <25 miles from my home)
  16. Trishadish

    Daily News!

    You all are making me want to jump right on my bike! I am going to pump up those tires tomorrow. Hopefully, they won't flatten out! LOL
  17. Trishadish

    June line up

    I had my lapband on the 10th. "Home on the couch" as Cathy C would say! Good luck everyone, keep positive!
  18. Trishadish

    NJ June 2008 Chat

    I'm 2 days away from being banded. MAJOR Jitters. But at peace with the need for this surgery. Can't help a girl from being nervous though! It is blazing hot this weekend. I figured I'd get my first dip of the season in the pool today since I probably will be banned until incisions heal. I HATED stepping outside in my swimsuit especially since the neighbors had company on their back deck. Deciding it would be best to jump in rather than stand there to be gawked at, I jumped right it! Unfortunately, I did it mid-way where the bottom slants down. My legs went right down on it and I screwed up my knee. This should make ambulation after surgery even more fun! I caught such grief from my family because the only reason I jumped in so quickly was to hide from being noticed! Boy, I hope moments like that will be HISTORY! Keep cool all! I'll be back in touch after surgery! Keep positive thoughts and energy for me on Tuesday! -Trishadish
  19. Well, I got my approval earlier this week and a surgery date. NEXT TUESDAY! I'm a June bandster now! Best wishes all! :wink2: -Trishadish
  20. Trishadish

    Any locals?

    Hi Delaware folks! I live about 10 mi from the DE Mem Bridge. I am anxiously awaiting pre-cert so I can finally get a surgery date. Been through all the testing, 6 months of weight management visits required by my insurance. Now just need that final blessing. My Dr. is at the Hosp. Univ Penn in Phila. Dr. Wynn was on my short-list but I visited Dr. Williams practice first. This process has been so agonizing. I just want the procedure done and to move on. Been reading through your posts. Thanks for the protein shake ideas that were posted in April. I think they'll come in handy. You all sound like you are doing just terrific. Keep up the great work!
  21. Trishadish

    NJ May 2008 Chat

    Hi all, here is my first post! As a Jersey Girl, I thought I check out the local board. And, yes, it is a little quiet here. I am waiting for insurance pre-cert right now. All testing done and 6 month supervised program too (although my lack of success with that was almost predictable). Looking forward to a summer banding. I hope so anyway! -Trish

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