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  1. Happy Bandiversary to Me!

    What a good year! to see the scale go down...not up! Many of my friends and family have done the opposite To all my June Bugs! Happy Birthday! This has been a very happy year! And the next year will be great also!

    Thanks to all of you for being such wonderful support! Keep in touch!:thumbup:

    Happy Bandiversary! Mine is coming up this week. Gosh, its been FOREVER since I have been here. I have not had the success that I expected. :thumbup: I let old stresses (and several new ones!) and whatnot take my focus away from me being a priority. But, I hope to turn things around. Certainly, seeing all the successes here helps! Great job everyone!

  2. Me too! I miss everyone not coming here, I've been doing it for so many years.

    I'm just checking in too! Sorry I have been so quiet on here. I think I just needed a break from LB. The LB process has consumed me this year and I had hoped for a better outcome. Not giving up, but I needed a break from thinking about it. Back to reality....:confused:

  3. Kat: Great news about your daughter! I'm so happy that things now have a better outlook!

    Diane: I'm lurking a little. Not too much to add. I go for a checkup this week with my band. Not looking for much success to show. Actually, I've been stuck more time these past few days than I ever have. Awful feeling!

    I am spending more time on Facebook because I can update with family and friends more quickly. I don't say anything about the lapband though...I save that for private messaging on there. PM me with your email address and I'll send you an invite.

    Betty: Yes, I guess the monkeys should be let loose.

    Everyone else.... hello!

  4. I am very new to this -

    I have gone to 2 seminars and my first consult. I am 5' tall and 211 with a BMI of 41 -

    My insurance will cover the Banding due to my thyroid disease and history of depression. Not to mention diabetes and heart issues run in my family.

    The only dilemma I have is do I do it or not? I am more afraid of not being able to eat after surgery than I am about the dumb surgery - go figure! I am a chef by trade and love to eat. I am so afraid of falling deeper into depression if I cannot eat.

    I know that I will love the results because being 34 seeing myself in pictures with my 3 year old is disgusting. Besides, my husband wants me to have at least one more child. If I get pregnant...oh boy...watch out...I'll be even more huge. The funny thing is....I work at a Curves gym and gained 7 pounds in a year. LOL:lol:

    Please...someone share good news with me to calm my eating addiction fears.

    You will surely be able to eat. The band helps control the amount you eat, but in my experience I can eat anything. So, there will always be alot of attention that you must give to not letting the head hunger or eating addiction continue to rule you. THAT's the hard part...not the restriction.

    The positive...if you let the band do its job, you will still be able to eat the things you like, but in moderation. Weight loss in this way is slow, but if I was a person who could follow all of the healthy eating rules, I wouldn't have needed a band! Make sense?

  5. OMG Kat, {{{{{Super Big Hug}}}}}

    I am so sorry to hear all that is happening. I am glad your Kinsey is doing better. Prayers, good thoughts and healing for your daughter.

    Please stay strong and keep us informed.

    Hello everyone else. Yes, I've been hanging out in Facebook lately...it is quite addicting! Lots of fun and nonsense--just my speed and a great escape from everyday stress! Come sneak a peak at FB Diane and Betty and other LB buddies!

  6. sounds like everyone is in the winter's blue mode huh? It's not easy to get out of it, that's for sure!

    I'm eating things I shouldn't, and not eating things I should. Man....I really really need a band for my head :thumbup:

    SAME here. I did get my fill last week. I have 5ccs in a 10 cc Lapband APS band. I swear it makes a tremendous difference for oh, about, 2 days! I really have to work on the head hunger.


  7. Hi Everyone

    I'm bandana. I just found this thread. I want to share with e3veryone today is my Bandaversary. Wow - I can't believe it's a year. I've lost 86 lbs from my 250 high before banding. I'm very happy about the weight loss, but I'm also in a funk, not diong what I'm supposed to and at a plateau. Some way to start an anniversary. Thanks for listening.

    Hi Bandana! Happy Bandiversary! What an awesome accomplishment....86 lb loss! We're a little quiet here lately, but join in...we'll be getting back on track and so will you.:thumbup:

  8. obviously I haven't been much for posting lately. Have been having a case of the blues, I guess.

    Sherry, I'm sorry to hear about your DH's lay-off....and you are so right, one day at a time.

    Wishing you all a great week ahead!

    Sounds as if we all have had a few things that have gotten us off track...at least as it pertains to posting!

    I've just been a little more stressed than usual...this week work was extra, extra busy; my Mom had to have a Pacemaker put in (dr told her she needed it on Tues and it was put in on Thurs. Apparently a 24 hr holter monitor revealed that for several hundred times her heart rate averaged 20-30 beats per minute. THAT's bad!); I refinanced my mortgage on Tuesday (that was good news, rate dropped 2 points to 4.875!) and then the nice long weekend I was looking forward to started out with one son with 102+ fever (he's just starting to feel better, that means his twin or I will get it next!) Oh well...I shouldn't whine!

    My fill is coming up on Wednesday afternoon. I am thinking that the scale will be up a few pounds when I check in. :huh2:

    This week will be another busy one! Then next week I will start teaching again 2 nights a week. (I'm trying to get some extra funds together to help me plan a vacation for my 50th this summer. I'm trying to put a positive spin on it!)

    Oh well, hope everyone has a good week! Please post when you are able!


  9. Well, I had a long overdue short girls' weekend escape this weekend and ate waaay too much! It was in Lancaster, PA (Amish PA Dutch country) and we saw a concert (an imitation ABBA group from Sweden...excellent job!), shopped and ate, ate, ate! Smorgasboard dinner on Friday night (I did fine with dinner, but overindulged on dessert!) and of course, had to bring home cinnamon rolls, shoo-fly pie and whoopie pies (they are like hostess devil dogs) for the family. Ugh!! It's hard to visit that area and not eat!

  10. You'll do great, Sherry!

    I finally gave in and made an appointment for my 3rd fill. I haven't had one since mid-September and I don't think I've ever hit that "sweet spot" that everyone mentions. I was hoping to do this by myself and hold out the major band tightening for "maintainence", but that's not happening. I had success the first 6 weeks after surgery and it has been at a standstill ever since. There is definitely no restriction if I can eat a 6 in subway sub and regularly eat most of a restaurant meal. Steak...no problem! So, this has got to change. This surgery was a big commitment and I need to see the success! So, fill coming up in 2 weeks and I'm going to start participating more in follow-up group meetings and regular office visits. There, I said it!:thumbs_up:

  11. Did my 5 flights up, was panting~~then did 5 back down, and my knee was hurting by the bottom!

    Grandson is adorable. We ignored SOL completely. New grandson was born at 8:20 this morning, 8 lbs. 12 oz. 21.5" long, and is named Corvin Brock. He has light brown hair and kind of hazel eyes, already has a double chin! And his certificates, where they have room for foot prints, his toes go above the top of the box, and his heel extends below it as well! BIG feet!! Hard to say who he looks like at this point, SOL kept saying he looks like my baby pics, we ignored him!

    But we are not in jail!

    Will face tomorrows exercise tomorrow, but will do something....I promise!


    Congratulations Kat!!! (on the new grandson! LOL!)

    Okay, congrats, on making it up and down that stairs too and promising that you'll do even more!

    Oh, one more thing, tremendous restraint with the SIL that you are showing. Deep breaths and ignore...that's the best approach!

  12. You guys are doing such a great job! I'm pretty good about walking 25 minutes each morning, and another 10-15 with my kids at recess. The biggest problem is when the weather is bad. This morning it is pouring, so I didn't walk. I need suggestions for working out inside. I do not have any equipment or a wii, but I am very open to other suggestions. I seem to have more energy when I get my exercise in each morning.

    Keep up the good work. :thumbup:


    hi Donna! By chance, are you a Comcast customer? A friend just told me about how exercise videos are free in the "on demand" section. I checked it out this weekend and tried it out. If you don't have this company, maybe your cable has something similar?

  13. Doesn't it just crack you up when you step on the Wii board and it say OHHH and then you weigh yourself on it and it's "That's obese". Umm ya thanks there Wii board you're lucky I don't choke ya hahaha

    Gosh, this makes me crazy too! Does it really have to say OHHH every time I start a different activity and step on the board? I still remember the first time I set up my Mii and the character grew fat!!! :thumbup:

  14. Hey gals!

    Well, hubby won, we're still in Ft Lauderdale, it's supposed to be 82 here today, but it looks like we're in for some rain tomorrow. I looked at the forecast for our area on Sunday and decided I'd give in and stay for a few more days, WTH you only live once, LOL.

    I had the most awesome hunk of fish last night, Grouper, I had the rest of it for Breakfast this AM. As one of my incentives to move the scales, I had vowed NOT to eat anymore ranch dressing or white sauces, oops, had to have tartar sauce or it would never have gone down. I figured I needed the Protein.

    Speaking of Protein, GNC has a special on their liquid 42gr protein, buy one get one half off, along with the gold card is a great deal. I've missed my protein this past 10 days, and I can tell I've gotten out of the habit again. It's a little pricey, but it's easy to use and I don't even have to mix it with fruit anymore, I just take little sips until it's gone.

    Later gals

    BUMMER having to stay in 82 degree weather Pat. NOT!!!

    Enjoy the escape from winter!

    Are you referring to the large test tubes of protein that GNC sells? I have bought them and still have a supply of grape. They do pack a wallup of protein. Taste like liquid, thick Jello though. yum.:thumbup:

  15. Hello Ladies,

    .....its Patty from California, and its been a lonnnngggg time.

    I have missed you all Sooo much and I want to come play with you all again.

    I celebrated my 1 year anniversary with the band in May of 2008.

    Hi Patty! I joined this great group of gals earlier this year. Welcome back! Hope to hear more from you!

    BTW, in your signature I see that you are a mom of twins and younger siblings. I am a single mom of twin boys (14). I always like to see fellow survivors of the teenage years LOL!:thumbup:

  16. Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

    My name is Theresa I have been a member on this site for a lil over a year now. I started the whole journey on 12/28/2007. I live in Riverside NJ in Burlington county. I am going thru South Jersey Bariatrics Group in Willingboro, Dr. Samuel Wasser is my wonderful surgeon. It took a year fighting with my insurance company, medicaid and Horizon NJ Health being denied once in March of 08. i resubmitted the paperwork on Dec 17 2008 and I am happy to say the next day not even 24 hrs later they finally approved me!!!!!!!!! They set my surgery date for January 13th next Tuesday! I am soooooo excited to start this New Year off the right way!

    At times I still feel it is all a dream and cannot wait to see the person that has been stuck inside this fat suit all this time! :thumbup: Right now I am on this preop diet and about to pull my hair out! I thought wow milkshakes all day wow i can do that! Well I am tired of it all ready they taste awful and the sweet flavor all day is driving me crazy. But i keep thinking in the end this will be worth all this! I go for all my preops tomorrow morning at 9am! I cant wait for the 13th, I feel like a little kid on Christmas.

    This website has been a big help thru my whole journey you guys are wonderful! So has anyone one here went thru Dr. Wasser? Or is about to have there surgery with them? I look forward to meeting chatting with all of you, Happy 2009!!!!!!!!!!:thumbup:

    Hi Theresa, and welcome! Best wishes with your surgery. Before you know it you'll be post-op and tasting success! The road is not always easy, but you are on your way. I live in south jersey...used to live in Burlington County so I know exactly where you are. I had surgery through the Hospital of the Univ of Penn in Philly.

  17. Happy New Year everyone! Been extra busy today taking down tree and getting things back to normal. Wanted to do the Wii tonight but I'm exhausted!

    The taco Soup sounds good. I made a recipe of taco lasagne about a month ago and my boys are begging me to make it again. It goes down real easy...too easily actually! But yummy and filling.

    Well, I'm afraid I'm off to bed soon. I'm pooped!

  18. Sherry I made the following:

    chocolate chip

    Peanut Butter

    Chocolate chunk and peanut butter

    Pecan cups

    white balls

    Oriole balls dipped in white chocolate

    Peanut butter crackers dipped in chocolate

    Carrot cake Cookies w/cream cheese frosting (disappointed)

    Hmmm can't think of anymore, I posted this once and then instead of hitting the post button I hit the back button and lost it all!

    I also made some rice crispy squares (triple batch) and a triple batch of peanut brittle.

    :) OMG, I'm catching up here and reading back posts... You BETTY CROCKER You.... Oh my!

    I am a chocolate chip girl and never an oatmeal raisin chickee. HOWEVER, I tried this cookie that was Oatmeal with heath bar chips and craisins. It was AMAZINGLY good. Too good actually and I indulged way too much. But, I WILL make them again!:)

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