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    Don’t drink.
  2. john925

    Male Plastics

    I was off work for a little under three weeks. This was all out of pocket and had to use vacation time. I was fine going back to work and I have a very physical job at times,
  3. john925

    Male Plastics

    The recovery was pretty easy I thought it would be more painful, just took Percocet for a few days. The drains were annoying but other than that it wasn’t bad.
  4. john925

    Anyone in their 20's have vsg

    I had mine when I was 26... 28 now and maintaining 150 lb loss with normal BMI of 23. Only regret was not doing it sooner.
  5. Wondering what that means . Got an email from one of the coordinators stating good news your pre cert will be sent in to your insurance tomorrow... Does that mean that is when they will approve/I get a date? Or does it just mean they will agree or not if I'm a candidate? Kind of confused. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. john925

    Male Plastics

    I lost all my excess weight really fast. I maintained for 4 months then had it done. I went to the top PS in my area. The results look even better now... I paid 14k total including one night stay for pain control in hospital
  7. One week post op from my tummy tuck and excess chest skin removal surgery! So thrilled with results so far.
  8. john925

    Male Plastics

    Recovery was not bad . Pain/uncomfortable for first day or two then just tired . Pubic area wasn't that bad but it looks better now with the skin tightening during tummy tuck. Very happy with results. Had lipo of flanks/love handles as well.
  9. Yes pre op. Never used it or know where it is tho lol. Nothing on kids menu is usually WLS friendly IMHO besides portion size *sometimes*
  10. john925

    Excess skin removal!

    It went great! recovery was a breeze after the first and second day post op just like my vsg surgery . So relieved for it to be done! Was expecting a long rough recovery.
  11. john925

    Excess skin removal!

    It has been super good so far! I knew it would be worse than the sleeve and was very nervous but really after the first day or two just some soreness and really tired easily. Definitely worth doing for me, no regrets.
  12. My doctor doesn't even want us using protein shakes and bars . Try to get it all from "real" food is my recommendation and supplement with something tolerable as needed. Real animal protein is significantly less calories and much more filling in my opinion than "candy bar" inspired protein bars.
  13. Hi everyone who has had plastic surgery after significant weight loss! Please if you would be so kind to give me your advice. Im currently day 3 post op from full tummy tuck/lipo and bilateral lateral chest wall excision to tighten my chest and back from losing all this weight. I am obviously still focusing on mainly protein but was wondering what your diet looked like after having any type of plastic surgery? I am so so scared to gain any weight since my activity levels and all that is extremely restricted for the time being. Any diet plans, menu examples, regimens, recommendations, etc would be greatly greatly greatly appreciated! Thank you and have a nice day everyone!
  14. john925

    Male Plastics

    im a male and am 3 days post op TT and chest reduction/tightening. What questions do you have?
  15. No judgement here! But you need to try to postpone or use someone else's. Yes it is stored in fat and as you burn off fat it gets released into your system rapidly and excreted in urine.... so if your still losing and burning a lot of Cals I would steer clear of testing. My only advice is till now until test be as sedentary as possible and eat high protein high fat foods to temporarily inhibit your body from burning off the thc in your fat cells
  16. I generally have the same mind set as you. But unlike you I don't have a family to provide meals for! If i didn't have surgery and lived at home and my mom had it and the role was reversed I definitely would be voicing the same issues as your family. I think it's great you have changed your mentality with food that is key to success long term but I don't think it's fair to have them adjust their routines and what they're used to because you don't eat like a normal person. I would still provide food and meals like you did prior and then choose when, what, how much etc you want to eat.
  17. john925

    No support from home

    My mom and whole family was against it the entire time. It was so frustrating. However I did it for me and only me and made up my mind. Had a friend take me to the hospital the day of surgery and sure enough my mom showed up as well to be there and has been supportive since.
  18. john925

    Endoscopy Biopsy

    It's for h pylori . If you have it they'll typically treat with triple therapy( two antibiotics and a PPI )
  19. john925

    How Many Fat Grams

    I don't see a reason the be under that amount unless you have certain comorbidites that you need to be on a low fat diet in general.
  20. Hi everyone, Just wondering about people that are fairly far out and how things are going? Have you maintained most/all of weight lost? Regained? If so what did you do different from the beginning that caused regain?Still feel restriction? I just keep reading horror stories of regain and pray I can continue to maintain long term.
  21. john925

    Post your progress pics

    Before and after (so far!)
  22. john925

    Any nurses who got sleeved?

    Hi I'm a RN in the ICU. I took the whole 6 weeks off. I could've probably gone back at 3 but was extremely wiped out for the first couple of weeks halfway through the day I couldn't of imagined workings 12s after a week or two. Why don't you apply for fmla if your eligible? You don't have to disclose any info to anyone
  23. good to hear! thanks yes I have convinced myself I have a variety of things ugh hope it resolves soon,
  24. I know this is years old but @mbmoore2518 did you ever recover? how long? I have developed a foot drop and am hoping it is from losing over 120 lbs in the past 8 months and my bad habit of crossing my legs. Neurologist thinks so but wants to send me for EMG test. Any advice would be appreciated!