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  1. queendeborahbee

    Weight Loss Stall at 2 weeks Post-op

    I saw my surgeon for my 2nd post op visit and we were discussing weight loss. I I lose for 2 weeks and then plateau for two weeks. I average 20lbs a month. He said that is what most his patients say who are sleeved.
  2. queendeborahbee

    Breast Implants

    Mine have literally deflated, lol.
  3. queendeborahbee

    Debating if this is right for me

    I had the sleeve, it is a wonderful help with dieting! I too could lose weight easily but it always would come back. The sleeve is a tool that helps both reduce appetite and the amount you can eat. But you still need to the right food! I think those who are successful change their relationship with food and are ready to be healthy!
  4. queendeborahbee

    Protein bars

    Never, don't start!
  5. queendeborahbee

    Fairlife milk...low fat or skim??

    The amount of food isn't important, it's the amount of protein! Stay with fat free.
  6. queendeborahbee

    Torn to make a decision

    It's your life and your health! It will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself. My knees are destroyed from waiting till 56 to do this surgery. I have a huge regret, why did I not do this 10 years ago. Our lives are incredibly difficult being obese, prejudice, pain and unhealthy.
  7. queendeborahbee

    First post-op appt tomorrow

    Your surgeon will be happy.
  8. queendeborahbee

    Feeling discouraged...

    I was sleeved 4/17 and I eat between 400 and 600 calories a day. I am still only eating protein 65-90 a day. Water is still difficult but it seems my weight comes off easier when I drink all of it. Make sure you are getting your protein and water. Absolutely NO carbs. I saw my surgeon today and he was happy with my weight loss, discussed adding vegetables when I am able to get all protein in and he again stressed, no carbs. I feel best with at least 80gms of protein and with that amount I only eat protein, no room for anything else. Good luck.
  9. queendeborahbee

    Insure Nutrition

    That is great! Does anyone k ow if United Healthcare pays?
  10. My stomach feels normal, I just don't get hungry. At the beginning you may feel something that feels like you are hungry but it is acid. I was told to take Pepcid Complete twice a day. It works, the feeling goes away. My stomach only feels full after I finish a 1/4 cup of food, I'm two months out.
  11. I never had any pain at at all in my stomach or incision sites. I did not take any pain meds. Now the gas pain is horrible and it made nauseous so I did take anti nausea meds. I recommend walking, it really moves the gas out of you. I felt like I was giving birth through my mouth[emoji15]
  12. queendeborahbee

    pre-op diet help plz!

    I suggest buying some Bariatric soup too. You can add unflavored protein to get more than 15 grams of protein. After surgery you may crave savory after all the sweet! Also, premier protein is fine but it is not the best whey protein. Look at bluebonnet and unjury. Good luck to all of you!!! HW 362 SW 310 4/17/17 CW 276
  13. queendeborahbee

    Breaking down

    Wow, 20 years old and smart enough to get healthy for the rest of your life. Your parents must be so proud of you! The liquid diet is difficult but not impossible, when you feel like cheating, just get out of the kitchen, take a walk, call a girl friend. We all have to find new activities that don't involve eating. After surgery you will still have brain hunger but for me, it has gotten easier! As the weight drops off and clothes fall off your interest in food evaporates. I now eat to live and not live to eat. My brain has changed. Best of luck, you have so got this!! HW 362 SW 310. 4/17/17 CW 276
  14. queendeborahbee

    2 days to surgery and I cheated

    I think it will be fine, but you need to seriously think about why you cheated. For the next year you will be following your surgeon's plan and you will find success. Don't sabotage yourself! Best of luck, this is your chance to become healthy.[emoji4]
  15. queendeborahbee

    Endoscopic Sleeve

    Do they pull the stomach out of your mouth? Most stomachs are quite large.