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    ivorythomascina got a reaction from Crafty-in-Carolina in (NSV) Gasp! I bought WHITE pants!!!   
    You look wonderful! I can relate to no belts or tucking tops into skirts/pants. Fantastic job!

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    ivorythomascina reacted to vikkii19 in 7 months post op....best decision ever made   
    Highest weight : 337 lbs
    Starting weight: 306.5 lbs
    Surgery date : June 8, 2016
    Current weight: 209 lbs
    2.5 pounds away from 100 lbs since surgery! But I'm not frowning
    Progress pics....so far
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    ivorythomascina reacted to SusieT in 10/5 surgery AND Split pea soup is AWESOME   
    I had RnY on 6/20. Turned 64 a month later. Only stayed one night in the hospital. Had no nausea, but did have pervasive back pain. Asked for a heating pad when I got to my room and they brought a water-filled one that was marvelous. Did not use the PCA pump at all, but did use the liquid Tylenol with hydrocodone script once or twice at home to be able to sleep comfortably in my recliner, due to all the distention in my gut due to the gas. Use your phone as a timer for your 1 oz liquids every 15 min. I kept bottled Water, SF tea, Protein shots in a small cooler by my chair and Decaf coffee in a thermos. Used a jigger to measure the 1 oz. That first 10 days ain't no picnic, but mine was made worse by the fact that my father died 5 days after my surgery and I had to deal with his funeral planning and service. You do what you gotta do. I will tell you, nothing tasted as good as that first scrambled egg I had on Stage 3! I took 30 min to eat it and it was cold by then, but, oh, man! I have been off Metformin since I started the pre-surgery liquid diet, and am off one of my 2 blood pressure meds totally. My BP is in the normal range and resting heart rate is in the 60s now. Best thing I ever did for myself! 75 lbs down from HW, 40 from SW. You may have weight loss "stalls" at about 3 weeks and 6 wks, but everyone is different. Best of luck to you!
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    ivorythomascina reacted to Havasumoma in 10/5 surgery AND Split pea soup is AWESOME   
    Thank you for responding. I have health issues as well and your story has given me more confidence in the recovery process.
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    ivorythomascina reacted to Mary Burdick in 10/5 surgery AND Split pea soup is AWESOME   
    You'll do great just remember to stay as active as you can. I had my surgery in May and I'm getting stronger get and better and skinnier everyday. And I'm 62 I wieghed 377 pounds when i started my journey i wiegh 300 pounds last visit. I had several health issues when I began this journey, in fact pre l.p. I was still in a wheelchair but now I'm walking on my own, still going to physical therapy and getting stronger everyday. I have COPD and even that is getting better, when I first began I was on oxygen 24/7 now I'm only on it in the evening and as needed. I have psoriatic arthritis and that is still outta control, but thier changing my medication and that is supposed to help. Having the surgery was the best decision I ever made, wish I did it sooner. Sent from my SM-J100VPP using the BariatricPal App
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    ivorythomascina reacted to Vikki53 in 10/5 surgery AND Split pea soup is AWESOME   
    Im 63 and 5 wks out, i feel better than ever!
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    ivorythomascina got a reaction from Havasumoma in 10/5 surgery AND Split pea soup is AWESOME   
    Hi, I'm 63, had surgery 6/30. Did great, feel GREAT!! Follow instructions, take your supplements and exercise (when it's time). You will be fine????
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    ivorythomascina got a reaction from Havasumoma in 10/5 surgery AND Split pea soup is AWESOME   
    Hi, I'm 63, had surgery 6/30. Did great, feel GREAT!! Follow instructions, take your supplements and exercise (when it's time). You will be fine????
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    ivorythomascina reacted to Havasumoma in 10/5 surgery AND Split pea soup is AWESOME   
    Mind if I ask how old you are? I'm 61 and wondering how I will bounce back. Sent from my LGLS992 using the BariatricPal App
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    ivorythomascina reacted to sheldopp in Surgery in few hours.... nervous!   
    I am out. Surgery was completed at 11:30 yesterday morning. I was in a lot of pain immediately when I woke up but that's slowly subsided. I do do have a drain but it is not bugging you too much. I have been up to walk a few times and that has been the hardest part so far as it feels like my muscles need to stretch and that hurts. My few hours I'll be able to do the barium swallow test and hopefully then be able to drink some Water. Fingers crossed. Thank you all for your positive comments and thoughts and you guys are the best.
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    ivorythomascina got a reaction from Slimliz in Surgery in few hours.... nervous!   
    By the time you see this, your surgery will be over and you will be on a path to a better, happier, healthier way of life. Being nervous is normal, but focus on being excited and ready. It won't always be easy-but it WILL BE OK and well worth it! Praying for you and all taking this life changing journey. At age 63 I'm 3 months post op, 50lbs lighter and thankful I made this decision. Keep us posted on progress ????
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    ivorythomascina reacted to Bufflehead in Urgent question!   
    Honestly that sounds to me like a broken scale, I really don't think there is any way you could gain 15 lbs in 2 weeks so soon after sleeve surgery, I guess the other possibility is some sort of medical problem that is making you retain Water like crazy. Maybe your surgeon or PCP has a scale you can drop in to use?
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    ivorythomascina reacted to kmorri in Urgent question!   
    That would not be normal at all. Are you sure you recorded your weight correctly before?.....are you weighing today on the same scale as you weighed the last time?..........make sure your not comparing your home scale with your doctor's scale as they could be very different.
    I agree with what they other posters have said.....if I were in your shoes I'd be contacting the surgeon's office and asking if I can come in and weigh on their scale. They should have your previous weight recorded so you can make sure you're comparing apples to apples.
    Good luck!!!
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    ivorythomascina reacted to Babbs in Weekly weight loss.   
    There are so many variables, it's hard to even get an average amount of weight lost each week. People are different, and lose weight at different paces. Age, gender, starting weight can all have an effect on how much weight is lost each week.
    I do know people tend to lose faster and the most in the early weeks and months, but once again not always. Then it slows down to more 'average' weight losses of 2-4 pounds a week, once again depending on many factors.
    Weight loss is never steady. Some weeks you'll lose 5 pounds, some weeks 1, some weeks (sometimes many) you'll lose nothing at all.
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    ivorythomascina reacted to sheldopp in Surgery in few hours.... nervous!   
    Today is the day. I wish I could say I am as calm as a cucumber but that is not the case.
    I have been preparing since Feb for this and am so ready for it. I just have that looming page of risks I had to initial in the back of my head now since last week which I always knew were the risks, but as it got close and I had to formally acknowledge them its got my nerves going crazy today.
    Praying for my peace of mind and guidance for my surgeon and anesthesiologist today. Also praying for everyone else going through surgery today too.
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    ivorythomascina reacted to 4MRB4PHOTO in Creamy Tomato Soup from Panera   
    I am so glad you told us you were eating soup!

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    ivorythomascina reacted to iamjohnbamber in Creamy Tomato Soup from Panera   
    It's heavenly good... So good I had to take a selfie... Genuine reaction after the first bite.

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    ivorythomascina reacted to karen091866 in having a hard time..   
    So sorry to hear that you're having these issues post-op.
    I'm right @ 8 months out--and truly was fortunate, in that my only issue was that my IV infiltrated (went bad, the vein collapsed and the Fluid was collecting in my hand, not flowing through the vein, as intended)
    The gas pains can be terrible after any surgery...try warm fluids, if you haven't already.
    Make sure that you're doing your incentive spirometry, especially since you're taking narcotics..."Splint" your abdomen each and every time you have to get up from your "recovery nest" (bed, couch, recliner...wherever it is you're set up during your down-time)...You do this by "hugging a pillow" close to your tender belly, to offer a great deal of supprt as you get up from being seated/ laying down.
    You mention diarrhea...I had this issue directly post-op and quickly found out that it was the Protein powder causing it.
    powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury and I don't work and play well together..so I switched to IsoPure--and the problem immediately resolved.
    In regards to getting all of your liquids and Protein, when you're early on in your recovery, why not kill 2 birds with one stone---a Protein shake is BOTH! Manage things that way until you get your other issues ironed out...That is how I did things...because all of the sip-sip-sip, no fluids with solids, etc..etc....is a huge learning curve...and you need that protein to heal. Protein shakes covers it for you!
    Make sure that you're taking your Prilosec (or whatever acid-reducer med your surgeon prescribed)--skipping that can cause issues, too....Don't hesitate to take your Zofran (or whichever anti-nausea med your surgeon ordered)---those can work wonders when diarrhea is an issue.
    I'm by no means a VSG expert...I am; however, more than happy to offer up what I've learned and found to work since starting this journey back in November of last year.
    Hope you're feeling better soon...Try not to let a few bumps in the road cause buyer's remorse...I'm willing to bet that you're gonna be beyond thrilled with your results and life-changing choice once things get smoothed out.
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    ivorythomascina reacted to Red_lips_and_confidence in What was your favorite puréed food?   
    I start puréed food tomorrow, suggestions appreciated !
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    ivorythomascina reacted to Cervidae in Premier Protein...   
    @@mmazzo I did a bit in the beginning, so I would dilute it with milk. Helped a lot and increased my liquid/protein intake.
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    ivorythomascina reacted to mmazzo in Premier Protein...   
    The strawberry is ok, but the chocolate is definitely my favorite. Now, after surgery, has anyone had issues with drinking the Protein shakes? When I do, they feel like a lead balloon in my stomach and it takes me FOREVER to get through one...if I can. It's been harder for me to get through those than my puréed food.
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    ivorythomascina reacted to Caribear in Syntrax/Nectar Protein Shakes   
    I am still pre-op, but I use and love the nectar powders. I also have an issue with mixing, especially if the Water I use is very cold. I use this shaker bottle, it has blades in the lid instead of having the little spring ball that other shaker bottles use. I find it works much better than the others. Plus it has a screw-on compartment on the bottom for a second serving of Protein powder, some nuts, or whatever you would like to put in there.
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    ivorythomascina reacted to rebecca wills in How are you guys getting all your liquids and proteins in?!   
    I hear yah! But I've gotten some easy high Protein items like the yogurt called triple zero that has 27 grams for vanilla. It goes down good! And I'm drinking at every pee break at night. Two shakes and yogurt gets you well over 60. So add your Protein meals your gold.
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    ivorythomascina reacted to SilentBotts in How are you guys getting all your liquids and proteins in?!   
    For the first few weeks I was just drinking constantly almost all day. It would take me about a half hour to finish a Protein shake, I just kept taking sips until it was done. I continued to use Protein shakes as my primary source of Protein until almost month three when I could eat enough food at one time to get my 60g of protein without them.
    Premier Protein is great only 11oz with 30g of protein so two of them should be enough to reach goal for most people.
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    ivorythomascina reacted to Red_lips_and_confidence in How are you guys getting all your liquids and proteins in?!   
    It's no joke a full time job, I'm 2 & 1/2 weeks weeks out and I have to set alarms on my phone to remind me to get Protein in and drink. It was hard for me the first two weeks although I managed but it's getting a lot easier! My stomach is handling more liquids. Then it was before . Don't get me wrong it's still a chore but it's getting easier. Just aim for high protein. I usually do a scoop of 30 gm Protein Drink with 5oz Water in the morning and night.. 4 oz cottage cheese 13 gm protein , zero calorie ice cold Vitamin water made with trivia is a life saver..I love the strawberry lemonade one. It's not acidic tasting . I carry water with me 24 hour and drink. Drink drink even if I'm not thirsty I make myself go through a 20oz vit water, 16 oz water, plus whatever I mix in to my Protein Drinks , posix le and more after before bed. It's literally a full time job....it'll pay off