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    I rec'd my first denial from the insurance. Anyone have any input on an appeal? I am not quitting yet!!:tongue:
  2. Shadow08

    Goooaaaallll !!!!!!!!!!!

    Way to go!! You should be proud of yourself!
  3. Shadow08

    In memory of Denyell

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss! Please find comfort knowing that others are sharing your loss and have you in our prayers
  4. Shadow08


    What do I do? My main support system states they won't be there for the surgery if my insurance will approve it. I am told that " why do something to your body like that...just watch what you eat in lesser portions. You will have to change what you eat anyway so just do it now instead" I could cry. I have been overweight all my life and for once I would like a tool to help me loose weight and keep it off. I want to be able to bend over without loosing my breath, or walk a mile without my hips hurting........someone help!:thumbup:
  5. An ET is standard proceudre for any surgery that is rather intensive. It is YOUR life support while under anesthesia as that is the only way you are breathing and guarenteed not to inhale any vomit that you may produce. I have put these in in the field (I am an EMT) and if the patient starts to wake up, it is a simple gag reflex. You need to remain calm so that it can be safely removed although you are generally "just about awake" when it is taken out in surgery. I would be more scared if I was told they were NOT going to use an ET!!!
  6. Shadow08


    I guess I am looking for a place to vent. I am so frustrated as I am having trouble with my insurance. They are fully funded so I doubt if they will budge for an exception...but I am still trying. TO self pay....no way. I do not have that kind fo income to pay back the loan...if I could get one! With vehicle payments and home bills, it pretty much takes care of my check. I am really sick of being so heavy. I am trying to loose weight on my own, but as we all know, it doesn't work or we wouldn't be here. Thanks for listening.............
  7. It finally was warm enough to get the bike out yesterday here in Wisconsin....a balmy 58 degrees! It felt great to ride but had to be super careful due to the sand on the roadways that is there to help rid the snow. But it was wonderful .....now only if my insurance would budge so I could get banded....:regular_smile:
  8. Shadow08

    Finally!!! Spring is here!

    I thnk Spring is over....back to the 40's tomorrow and rain all week with a possiblity of snow! I am sooooooooooooo sick of winter already. Oh well, the warm weather will come...sooner or later! LOL
  9. Shadow08

    *cries* Denied... I feel so lost!

    Don't give up!! I,too, have been denied. But what I am doing, is getting the documentation ready and an appeal letter done. Most of the time, you will need several medically documented weight loss attempts. These can range from 6 mon-1 yr. I have had both my primary care and gyn wrtie letters stating it is MEDICALLY NECESSARY for me to have this procedure done. My surgeon will also write a letter and then I am writing an appeal letter. We will see what happens. You, too, can do this. Yes it is alot of work, but you are worth it! If all attempts fail, I have been saving money to put towards a self pay. If my insurance will approve, I have a start for a down payment for a crusie! Good Luck
  10. Shadow08

    Hello from Maine

    Portland is beautifull! I was there last Feb when a friend flew to Maine Medical Center for specialized surgery. She flew from Wisconsin...I came several days later...right in the middle of a Nor-easter!!!!!!!
  11. I have not had the banding done yet as I am fighting insurance. I will have it done in green Bay with Dr. Kemmerling at St. Vincent's
  12. Shadow08

    Wisconsin: Where are you??

    I am from west of Manitowoc. I am still working with insurance, doctor letters, etc in hopes of being approved soon. Then, I will be a bandster as well!! Can't wait!. I am working with Dr. Kemmerling from Green Bay. He and his staff are great to work with and very understanding.
  13. First of all, smart girl to move to warmer climate. I am from eastern Wisconsin. You will find a ton of info here on the lap band and lots of support as the people are great. Any questions, just ask someone as someone will have an answer for you. Good luck and welcome!
  14. Heck.....it's better today! End of March and 10 inches of snow just south of us by 20 miles! God, I love Wisconsin winters!
  15. Shadow08

    How long??

    For those already banded, how long after surgery until you were able to be back on the bike? Riding season is just about here in Wisconsin and I want to be able to ride as much as possible. I am still waiting for my insurance to go thru but just so I have an idea of time off the bike. Also, after you were able to bike again, does the port hurt? Any other issues on the bike?
  16. I consider myself a newbie too even tho I have had my license for 20+ years. I did not have a bike for about 15 years until I bought my new one last year. One month after I had it, a bicycle pulled out in front of me and I had to lay it down........I did not get hurt to badly but had lots of damage on the bike! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to getting the bike out...it is a balmy 33 today here in Wisconsin!! lol
  17. I drive a 2007 Suzuki Boulevard S50. It is a crusier...803 cc. It is a smooth riding bike. Only downfall is it does not have a stereo....I like to ride to music. So I use my IPOD with head phones......nice bike. I can see myelf going bigger in a few years, but for now it is great
  18. call back to the facility and request to speak to her supervisor. I use to work in a medical facility and there is NO excuse for this type of customer service!!
  19. Exactly...this is what happened to me! We switched August 1st and the 'new and improved' plan does not cover the band (or any other weight loss surgery) but our old plan did. GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! I am still gathering my letters from dr's to submit my appeal. Either way, I will have the band done...just when I don't know
  20. Shadow08

    Anthem Blue Cross Hints

    Thanks for this info! I too was told NO by Anthem but, they haven't met Shadow...I am NOT a quitter until I get the answers that I want!! lol I will be on the phone with them again tomorrow!
  21. :smile2:Any info good or bad on doctors in Wisconsin???
  22. Shadow08

    Going public - I did it! Pics to prove it!

    Catheters are usually placed after falling asleep and removed prior to waking up...even if it is just a straight cath...they need to monitor kidney function during surgery
  23. GRRRRRRRRR!! Nursing students!! I am one too :smile: Actually, I have been in the medical field for 25+ years. Your friend is right...there are risks BUT are they greater than the risks we have every day for being overweight?? This is YOUR life and decision. I too have some issues with negative feedback from my best friend but she is scared about the surgery for me as I have a blood disorder. If you are BMI 40, you are seriously overweight, just like me. We have all tried diets, exercise, etc.,etc. but we all know we have failed. This is NOT a quick fix, but rather a tool to help us maintain our ability to reduce the amounts of food that we eat. i say, go for it girl!! Stay in touch....I think we both could use some support!!
  24. Shadow08

    Blood thinners and the lap band surgery

    I too am on coumadin. I will need to have a 'cage filter' implaned in my vena cave prior to surgery. this will "catch" any loose clots prior to heading to the lungs. I too had trouble with pulmonary emboli so this is one area that needs to be done before the lap band is done
  25. Shadow08

    Discouraged by Family

    I can understand your frustrations. I, too, encountered some of the same comments. What I found out was that those persons were not well informed and in fact, one of my family members was afraid that I may die in surgery! Well, that can happen, but so could it if I fell down the steps. I have not been banded as of yet as I am fighting my insurance but I do believe it will happen eventually. Hang in there and remember, it is YOUR decision. It helps to have their support, but you will always have us. good luck and keep us informed.