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  1. The pre op diet is super important so the liver can shrink. That one thing I like about Methodist, it's only one week and you can eat solid Proteins and vegetables. I don't know why they are different. Everyone else once talked to is two week liquids only. I'm having a sleeve gastrectomy one week from today. I'm super excited and ready to change my lifestyle. What procedure are you thinking of having?

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    I'm so excited to find this thread !!!!! Made my day :) I too am in Omaha and will be having the sleeve done by Dr. Cronk next Wednesday. I had originally went to Dr Whites seminar at Immanuel and met with his office once and decided it just wasn't the right fit for me. So far I'm highly impressed with Dr Cronk and his office.

    How is everyone doing post op?

    I did the exact same thing! I was approved at Immanuel with Dr. White and everything and decided to meet Dr. Cronk and just felt like it was a much more personable staff and doctor. Glad to find this thread and hope everyone is doing well. I just have my EGD on Aug 1 and then we will schedule the surgery...hopefully end of Aug.

  2. I had trouble with my Blue Shield of CA and asked to speak to a manager and then they confirmed what I have already found online...only need to meet BMI requirement, psych eval and a suggested 3 month waiting period. I was approved twice (changed doctors) without waiting 3 months. Good luck!

  3. Good luck to you too! I went to my first appointment on 6/9 and went to my psych eval on Thur. I don't know when I will have surgery as originally they said I had to wait 1 year after giving birth which is mid-October. They have are starting to back off this requirement though as this is NOT pregnancy weight...so...more to come, but hoping for a mid-August or early Sept date.

  4. I finally waited on hold long enough to speak to a supervisor and they agreed that the documents that their agents were using were outdated and the requirements had changed. BS of CA no longer require 6 months supervised diet -- only the recommended 3 month wait.

  5. I have the same insurance & I was told I don't have to meet any specific diet requirements except that i meet the bmi requirements & have documented other weightloss attempts. I did ask to see my benefit plan documents & I was directed to where i can find it & it just give the pay schedule & that I'm covered. The place I'm going to confirmed the insurance didn't have any specific requirements so they said they'll have me do the 3mths. My 1st appoint is Wed & I collected all documents i can find of weightloss attempts I've had in the past. All wellness initiatives I've participated in at work etc.. I also wrote a summary of all the diets I've tried , loss & gain table with dates. I want to be as prepared as possible. Btw, just to confirm, I called my insurance multiple times different days & times & all reps said the same thing & just get pre-authorization first.

    We'll see!


    Do you have BS CA P P O or H M O? I have P P O but I am nervous that the 3 month requirement is only for the H M O, but hopefully not!

  6. See the link for more details but the expert below is from Blue Shield of California's website stating the requirements for bariatric surgery are:

    "Patients should have documented failure to respond to conservative measures for weight reduction prior to consideration of bariatric surgery, and these attempts should be reviewed by the practitioner prior to seeking approval for the surgical procedure (e.g., Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Optifast, MediFast). The timing, intensity and duration of the preoperative timeframe should be individualized and left to the discretion of the patient and provider. However, given the elective and life changing nature of these procedures, and the necessity of proper education and instruction in the lifestyle changes inherent in both the immediate and long term postoperative management, it is recommended that three months elapse between the initial bariatric consultation and the date of surgery. "

    But when I called the number from my insurance card I was told that the requirements were still 6 months supervised diet. I am assuming the website is right and not some random person that answers a call....or am I crazy???


  7. First....thank you to all of you wonderful people out there! I have been a "lurker" for quite some time and reading everything I can on this topic. You have educated me, made me laugh, and most importantly gave me the confidence that this can work for me.

    Second...I have officially started my journey. I met yesterday with the surgeon and the dietitian. I have my psych appt next week and the official consultation on the 20th. I am really lucky as I believe my insurance (Blue Shield of CA) does not really require anything other than the surgeon to sign off that I am ready and have tried in the past to lose weight. They do recommend 3 months waiting so we will see if my surgeon enforces that or not.

    I am excited...scared...nervous...you name it, but I also feel prepared and ready to start!

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